Angels Owner Outlines GM Criteria

Angels owner Arte Moreno told Bill Plunkett of the Orange County Register his decision to dismiss GM Tony Reagins was not an implusive one.  Moreno says the decision came about because "our baseball people made some decisions that did not work out on the baseball field," but suggesting that the January acquisition of Vernon Wells was the final straw for Reagins is "a complete overstatement."

Moreno, team president John Carpino, chairman Dennis Kuhl, former GM Bill Stoneman, and manager Mike Scioscia are currently putting a list together of GM candidates.  They have not contacted any teams for permission to interview anyone.  The criteria for the next Angels GM, according to Moreno:

  • The person does not necessarily need prior experience as a GM.  Plunkett does not expect the Angels to go after an established GM.
  • Moreno said, "I think you want a good baseball man – or I should say baseball person because there are some qualified women out there – because you want to be able to evaluate talent."  This statement doesn't tell us much, in my opinion.
  • "You also want him to be able to manage a (minor-league) system, so you have to look at someone who can evaluate how we're drafting and developing players," says Moreno. 
  • The Angels' owner also seeks someone with "good communication skills."  Plunkett notes that Moreno has had positive words for the analytical abilities of a couple of the remaining Angels front office members, so maybe that's something Moreno is also after.
  • Scioscia is seen as having more power than the average manager, but Moreno says he "has a voice but he's not making the call."   
  • Click here for MLBTR's list of GM candidates.

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  1. EdinsonPickle 4 years ago

    Hire that Tony Reagins guy! Oh…wait.

  2. notsureifsrs 4 years ago

    – must have alex anthopolous’s phone number blocked

  3. Just give Mike Scioscia the GM job so he can fill the team with 40yr old vets and little slap hitters. The Angels can’t beat Texas anyways.

    • rockfordone 4 years ago

      agree – a little pitching and no hitting spells a lot of third places

      • I like how they use the excuse that “the ball doesnt fly out of Angel stadium” so, that’s why they never get power hitters.. But every time a team with a power hitter comes to Anaheim they tend to hit bombs… The Angels lack of power will be the death of them

        • BK 4 years ago

          Hah!  You are 100% right if you discount the Rangers first 18 years.  

          Welcome to relevancy!

          Stay Golden,

          A Friendly Angels Fan

        • Mo Vaughn’s numbers went down as an Angel, even when he was healthy. Even Vladdy’s numbers went down. Tim Salmon probably hits 40 homers at a hitters ballpark. Edmonds’ numbers went way up going to Busch. The Big A is built for the Garrett Andersons of the world. The Angels need doubles hitters. That’s why they acquired Wells; he’s a doubles hitter, and his doubles are nearly split down the middle for his career between home and the road. The value of that trade (or lack there of) though is a whole other discussion. You could say though that at one time the Angels had a lineup with Carew, Reggie, Lynn, and Baylor all in a row. But aside from Reggie (who was past the days of being a good overall hitter), those guys were good overall hitters; lots of key base hits and doubles with some homeruns sandwiched in there. So yeah, the ball does not fly out of Angel Stadium; there’s quite a heavy marine layer at night. Ever notice how the Dodgers rarely have big offense, even when they were still winning pennants and championships? It was the pitching that did it. Same goes for the Angels. They need good gap hitters.

          • halo86 4 years ago

            Except that Wells had 15 doubles this year. 15!

        • bjsguess 4 years ago

          Park factors are easily calculated, widely available, and not in dispute. Angel stadium suppresses power numbers. It’s a fact. 

          Now as to whether that should deter the team from pursuing power hitters is another story. Personally, I think it has little to do with park factors and much more to do with philosophy. Historically the team has looked for people who can do it all (some power, some speed) to keep options for game management open for Sosh. Guys like Hunter, Crawford, Abreu fit that mold perfectly (as does a productive Wells). 

          I’d also point out that the Angels have made SUBSTANTIAL offers to power hitters. Just because you lose out to the Yankees (in the case of Teixeira) doesn’t mean that the team failed. The Angels set a value and made an offer up to their comfortable limit. It was hardly chump change.

          • And don’t forget Tim Salmon was at one time a guy who could give you 30 HR, 100 RBI, 100 R, and pushed for a batting title in just his third full season. Vladdy was almost a 40-40 guy. Like I said, the Garrett Andersons of the world are who the Angels should be going after; 29 HR and 56 2B’s in 2002 is one of the major reasons that offense flourished. It wasn’t the HR’s. Not even the team’s franchise record setting season in R’s was built on HR power. It was singles, doubles, with HR’s mixed in. That 2000 Angels team that was the first AL team in history with 4 players with 30+ HR’s also was 3 Salmon RBI’s away from having 5, that’s right FIVE players with 100 or more RBI’s. But here’s an interesting split: out of 236 HR’s the Angels hit that season, 130 were hit at home, and 106 were hit on the road. So the question I have is are the Angels capable of having big offense year after year, or was that just a big fluke because a bunch of guys had career years that season?

  4. Everyone is going to call out Cherington’s name, and it wouldn’t be a bad spot for him. Lots of financial capacity and an owner who seems to really actively care about the success of the team. With Chicago’s open spot ,MacPhail possibly leaving Baltimore, and Ed Wade seeing his possible demise in Houston, there leaves a lot of opportunities this offseason.

  5. Omar Minaya seems like he would fill the void left by Reagins.

  6. I think Ben Cherington’s a good fit… he’s used to working in an organization that has money to spend, and has a history of making generally good trades, with a strong farm system to boot.  Some other names that come to mind are Damon Oppenheimer (Yankees), Thad Levine (Rangers), and Logan White (Dodgers).  I wouldn’t mind seeing the Angels at least take a look at Cashman if there is any chance he’ll leave the Yankees, but I don’t think it’ll happen.  

  7. sourbob 4 years ago

    Actually, I think the “good baseball man–or woman” bit DOES tell us something. It tells us Kim Ng might get a call to interview.

    • MikhelB 4 years ago

      YES! that’s the name i thought when i read that, you sir really know about baseball =)

      Kim Ng has been trying to be a GM since she joined the Yankees a few yars ago and then went to the Dodgers, tried it with the Padres and even when she was the most experienced candidate, Padres went with the recommendation of their former GM and hired Hoyer.

      • bjsguess 4 years ago

        What other females’s have interviewed for a GM position? I think Kim is the only one.

  8. sourbob 4 years ago

    Actually, I think the “good baseball man–or woman” bit DOES tell us something. It tells us Kim Ng might get a call to interview.

  9. Commander_Nate 4 years ago

    Kim Ng 2012?! Or steal Thad Levine…maybe he’ll bring Napoli back in his suitcase.

    • MikhelB 4 years ago

      Yup, i think Moreno was talking about Kim Ng.

    • The Rangers can keep Napoli. I’m not star struck by one big year out of 6. He needs other 2 in a row at least.

      • Considering the Angels situation at catcher, I don’t think dismissing Napoli for any reason is good. 

        • The Angels situation at catcher was partially created by Napoli. The job was his to lose and he lost it. I’m not concerned about that regardless of the media hype. What I’m concerned about is the fact that the Rangers have finally developed good starting pitching for the first time in their history. They’ve had plenty of Mike Napoli’s in their lineup over the years; but over the past 2 seasons they finally had the pitching. That’s what Angels fans should be worrying about.

      • bjsguess 4 years ago

        Ummm – he turned in some mighty fine years for us already. I would love to see him back … but only if they play him a catcher.

        • Mighty fine years playing only 75-90 games and one at 140. He couldn’t handle Scioscia’s instruction, and he pressed. He wasn’t happy here. That’s Napoli’s problem. Molina never had a problem, and he played his first full season under Scioscia. Napoli would have no role if he was back, other than platooning at DH and as emergency catcher. Napoli needed a kick in the @ss and he got it. Then, he stepped up his game. But it shouldn’t even matter because that isn’t even close to the reason the Rangers won the division and the Angels didn’t.  

  10. MikhelB 4 years ago

    I also think it could be Kim Ng, seeing how she has had lots of experience as assistant GM and tried to get the job in the NYY, Dodgers and Padres.Though from what Moreno said, the names: Gene Michaels, Kevin Towers, Oppenheimer (NYY), and even Cashman, come to mind, those are people heavily involved with the drafting proccess.

  11. Get a GM with some clout this time. That doesn’t necessarily mean he/she has to be experienced. Just a good baseball person who is well known and respected. Or let’s just snatch Cashman!

    • Jonathan Stone 4 years ago

      Cashman wouldn’t know what to do with a budget 40% of the size he’s used to working with. Besides, looking at his free agent signings (AJ) and extensions (ARoid, Jeter), I’m not sure he’s better than Reagins.

  12. I have the experience! I can do it!!!

  13. $7562574 4 years ago

    i finally agree with some fans that moreno doesn’t know “chit” about baseball. how can you include scoscia in that group of people that assemble possible candidates? you let him choose his boss? every time i read a news about the angels it gets worse and worse.

    • bjsguess 4 years ago

      It’s quite common in the business world for subordinates to participate in the interview process for their future boss. Not so that they can make a decision but instead the subordinates can offer insight as to how well the working relationship might pan out.

      • $7562574 4 years ago

        i agree. however in the angels case, scoscia’s influence in the personnel decisions has been quite disastrous.

  14. NYPOTENCE 4 years ago

    Angels should probably aim for someone who will not ruin their entire organization

  15. MadmanTX 4 years ago

    They forgot to mention that licking Scioscia’s shoes is required…

  16. Great article because once again no coverup i.e. Mike is still running things so good luck on any strong GM coming into this ‘rabbithole’

    • He’s not running things. Otherwise Reagins goes out and gets the offensive depth Scioscia was ranting about ever since last spring. 

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