Braves Avoid Arbitration With Martin Prado

The Braves have agreed to a one-year, $4.75MM contract with Martin Prado, avoiding arbitration with the infielder, reports's Mark Bowman (both Twitter links).  The $4.75MM figure was slightly higher than the $4.4MM projected by MLBTR contributor Matt Swartz as Prado's 2012 salary.  Prado, a client of Peter E. Greenberg & Associates, was going through the arb process for the second time.

Prado is coming off a disappointing .260/.302/.385 season for Atlanta, but he has been the subject of several trade rumors this winter, with the Rockies, Orioles, and Royals just a few of the clubs attached to the versatile 28-year-old.  Prado played mostly left field in 2011, but has experience all over the infield, particularly at second (before the Braves acquired Dan Uggla) and third (where Prado proved valuable as a fill-in for Chipper Jones last year).  Atlanta GM Frank Wren, however, said last week that he believed Prado would still be a Brave by the start of Spring Training.

With Prado's contract settled, the Braves still have three remaining arb-eligible players — Michael Bourn, Jair Jurrjens and Eric O'Flaherty.  You can track all of this winter's arb cases on the MLBTR Arbitration Tracker.

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  1. Hope the Twins trade for him, they need a decent second baseman.

    • bravesdude 3 years ago

      But do the Twins have anyone we would be interested in ?

      • The Twins have plenty of outfield prospects (if that’s what the Braves are looking for) that Atlanta may be interested in. 

  2. YES! Maybe this means no trade is coming?

  3. esasc4 3 years ago

    Good move wren, let prado up his value this year and get more for him at the break from an AL contender.

  4. thekoshow 3 years ago

    Good now trade him to Colorado.

    • bravesdude 3 years ago

      Sure . We’ll take Wheeler or Arenado back in return .

      • thekoshow 3 years ago

        eh, take out arenado, and you can try to acquire Aaron Cook from the Sox to take his spot.

  5. undocorkscrew 3 years ago

    Braves trade Martin Prado and Jair Jurrjens to the Rockies for Wheeler and Fowler. Braves then trade Wheeler and Vizcaino to the Orioles for Adam Jones, who they flip to the Rockies for Seth Smith.

    Braves need Seth Smith, it’s as simple as that folks.

    • HECK NO!!!!!!!!

    • bravesdude 3 years ago

      We need Seth Smith ? Who’s side are you on ?

    • thekoshow 3 years ago

      So the Rockies get Prado, Jurrjens, and Jones for Fowler, Wheeler, and Smith? I’m down.

    • coolstorybro222 3 years ago

      Adam Jones? We don’t need another jones in center.

    • esasc4 3 years ago

      hahaha, so we trade JJ, prado,wheeler and vizcaino for smith and fowler? what? you into the koo-aid today?.

      • undocorkscrew 3 years ago

        I forgot to include Michael Bourn to the Orioles. I’d also like to see Kimbrel, McCann, and Hanson to the Blue Jays for Yunel Escobar.

        • Kid Monkey 3 years ago

          I think you throw Delgado into that deal if you have to. If that makes it slightly unbalanced in the Jays favor, they can add in some fungo bats until you balance both sides. Four should do the trick.

    • esasc4 3 years ago

      So we get a lf bat who cant hit lf pitching, another words a platoon LF.

  6. bravesdude 3 years ago

    When I first read the title , I was actually hoping that we had signed him for a longer term . Though he may not be the perfect fit for LF , he would be a good replacement for Chipper beyond this year . I guess this means that a trade with him in it is still not out of the question .

  7. Matt Talbert 3 years ago

    Just send Dan Uggla to the Rockies for Nolan Arrenado and Tim Wheeler.  That gives them the 2b they need and it gives us legit OF prospect and replacement to Chipper then put in Prado at 2b where he belongs and send Jurrjens Delgado and Lipka to Baltimore for Adam Jones and Josh Bell :).

    • undocorkscrew 3 years ago

      Ok, I thought I laid my sarcasm on pretty thick up there…..

      You’re joking about the Jones bit, right?

    • esasc4 3 years ago

      Adam jones hasnt been offered arbitration yet, is there a trade in the works?

  8. Well if they were trading him, they would let him through arbitration so that teams would have to give us a higher return to balance the trade.

  9. bravesdude 3 years ago

    He can definitely help out . He bats in the 2 hole and on a normal year for him hits a at a good .290 average and decent OBP of around .340 . So if they do trade him , we had better get someone of no lesser value in return . But I don’t see him being traded if he is still with the ballclub by spring training .

  10. biffsniff 3 years ago

    Exactly. A lot of people are saying we can just trade Prado/JJ half way through the season, but no GM is gonna trade a big piece or two from their team if they are playoff bound. 

  11. Jeff 3 years ago

    If Pastornicky doesn’t pan out, I can see the Braves trading JJ or Hanson for a SS.

    Nevermind: they just re-signed Jack Wilson.

  12. adieuordie 3 years ago


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