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Agent Scott Boras told Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe that he expects trade deadline activity to decrease because the superpowers in baseball are going to save money on the luxury tax and can’t spend it in the draft.  Boras was in attendance for the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference in Boston and our own Tim Dierkes sat down for an interview with the super agent.  Here's more from Cafardo's Sunday column..

  • The Orioles' Adam Jones keeps popping up in trade discussions with the Nationals, but O's sources indicate that there’s very little chance he'll be dealt.  The Nats are trying to figure out center field, and for the moment they’re content with using Jayson Werth, Roger Bernadina, and Rick Ankiel.  However, they will be scouting Michael Bourn, B.J. Upton, Gerardo Parra, and Peter Bourjos in spring training.
  • White Sox right-hander Gavin Floyd could be in play for the Blue Jays or Red Sox.  The White Sox don’t appear eager to move Floyd, but GM Kenny Williams wouldn’t be shy if it brought him a decent bounty in return.
  • The Indians will try to fill in for Grady Sizemore with Michael Brantley, but their scouts are looking for a center field option in the trade market.
  • Free agent Adonis Garcia is drawing interest from several teams, but the Red Sox aren’t overly enamored, according to a team source.
  • Roy Oswalt is still in play and later in camp the Red Sox could put on a full-court press for him.
  • The Rays are looking for a catcher to back up Jose Molina and Boras may look to put Ivan Rodriguez in that spot.
  • There seems to be concern that the Astros are shooting themselves in the foot by moving starter Brett Myers into the closer role as he is one of the veterans they have been trying to deal.  Teams typically need innings-eaters over late-inning relievers.
  • Cafardo wonders aloud if Terry Francona will land with the Mets when he resumes his managerial career.

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  1. HalfSt 3 years ago

    I’m no longer sure that Adam Jones is the answer to the Nats’ CF hole. He has not maintained a good trajectory in his career. Do the Nats really want a CF who had a 0.314 OBP last year?


    • LazerTown 3 years ago

      i agree, but many people especially on here feel that jones is an all star calibre player.  someone with a .314 obp is not someone that i want hitting at the top half of my lineup unless they can hit 40 hr.  On top of that the O’s would want a bounty for him, i say pass or trade for someone that gets on base if you want aleadoff hitter.

    • Brad426 3 years ago

       Not to mention that as a CF he is sub-par defensively.

      • FS54 3 years ago

        really? I thought he was really good defensively. whenever I go to see Os, he has always played exceptional defense in CF.

        • Brad426 3 years ago

           I’m going strictly by his UZR (-8.7 last year and -13.9 career as a CF), although some O’s fans have pointed out the huge split between home/away UZR for O’s OF’s, suggesting a possible statistical error for the park. But hey, he IS a Gold Glove winner…

          • LazerTown 3 years ago

            so is jeter, but most peg him as average at best.  personally to me he makes it look good but he does an adequate job.

      • That’s not true.

        I assume you’re referencing his UZR.
        His home/road UZR splits suggest that he’s not a bad defender at all, likely league average in terms of range.  Nick Markakis also has the same splits suggesting the problem is with how UZR treats OPACY rather than Jones.

        • Brad426 3 years ago

           Yeah, like that.

          • I didn’t see your post before, I was trying to get the exact numbers from fangraphs but couldn’t get to the fielding splits.  I hit reply but it took me like 20 minutes before actually posting.

            Oh well.

          • Brad426 3 years ago

             I feel ya. And I don’t necessarily disagree that there may be some sort problem with UZR. I would be interested in seeing how that third OF position compares with the home/away splits (although not interested enough to actually look it up MYSELF).

          • The problem is that the revolving door in LF for the O’s results in sample sizes that are way too small to make any judgments on.

            Markakis and Jones are the only ones who have enough data to make a claim that UZR is doing something funky in OPACY

  2. johnsilver 3 years ago

    We knew Boras was a shark. Now we hear him fully crying the blues over the new CBA and his probably wallet-check losses as long as it is in force.. A trial lawyer wanna be after my own heart.

    As much as dislike the new CBA? Would rather the owners pocket that 50-60m he mentions than Boras personally pocket $5.00 extra myself. Same they couldn’t have just dropped agent % down to something like a maximum of 1% as well, then leeches like himself would have just gone away all together..

    • So you hate the players? Because agents represent players’ interests and make more money for them. I want amateur talent getting money. It encourages top athletes to choose baseball. Why do people hate Boras for being great at his job? That makes him greedy? How come no one calls the owners greedy for having a system that doesn’t allow players to choose where they want to work or make close to market value until they’ve been in the major leagues for six years, which is most often a decade or more into their professional life?

  3. MedCubsFan 3 years ago

    Just curious.  Everyone knows that Marlin Byrd could be had in a trade but I never see his name come up in trade speculation surrounding available center fielders.  What is the consensus in the baseball community concerning his beaning last year?  Is he viewed as damaged goods?  Is it his age?  Only one year of control?  We’re told he lost weight and came to camp in great shape?

    • Natsfan89 3 years ago

      Rizzo keeps saying he wants a “long term solution” so I assume it has to do with his age and contract.

      • NorCalTribeFan 3 years ago

         The Indians would love to slot Byrd into Sizemore’s old slot, but they aren’t willing to add salary and won’t give up much.  Probably precludes a deal.  We’ll see how desperate they get before the end of spring training.

  4. PWNdroia 3 years ago

    Depending on how we pitch, we might not need Roy Oswalt.  We have an excess of starting pitchers: Beckett, Lester, Buccholz, Bard (that’s where he wants to be), Padilla, and any one of the minor signings.  Dice-K should also be back soon, and he would make a formidable #5.  I suppose you can never have enough pitching, true, but if you overpay for Roy Oswalt who was injured last year and who we can replace in the lower half of the rotation, I don’t see it as an agreeable solution (unless of course he comes cheap).

    • johnsilver 3 years ago

      A team never has a excess of SP as many teams have found out and you wrote and Boston has found out the hard way..

      Remember also that almost all of those retreads Boston signed on ML deals have early out dates (Cook, Silva, Padilla), or are out of minor league options in the case of people they already had (Miller, Doubrant) and they pretty much just control young Alex Wilson and Junichi Tazawa over the long term for the season and neither of them are ready for different reasons.. Wilson more seasoning and Tazawa, more time coming back from TJ surgery.

      This team is no really as deep with a #5 a it sounds, other than the hapless retread Duckworth who can’t even get people out at AAA. They might be able to go with Atchisson for a few emergency 3-4IP starts, or even Aceves down the line, but nobody else is really ready on the farm, other than those retreads with early out dates it seems.

      • PWNdroia 3 years ago

        I forgot about Doubront.  Personally, I’d be happy giving Doubront or Padilla a chance at the #5 spot, but I agree with the others.  Miller is a waste of a roster spot.  Point being however, the the Sox have pitchers, some of which can arguably be “ready.” Again, this is only for a #5 spot, so it really isn’t a significant challenge at hand.

      • Steve_in_MA 3 years ago

        I agree on many points, except Doubront “appears” to be ready and Alex Wilson may be very close to ready.  That said, we could always use more depth.  Roy Oswalt is not depth.  He’s far too expensive for a “depth” role.  We tried to get him at a lowball price for the 4th/5th spot and he didn’t bite.  He’s not a viable option anymore.

        • johnsilver 3 years ago

          Oh I am not asking , or implying the sox get Oswalt.. Am past that stage as it is clear he does not want to go to Boston.

          Was just trying to point out that the supposed depth the Sox have could evaporate very fast if the retreads the Sox signed all decided to use the out date options and the Sox, for some reason tried to sneak Doubrant and Miller by waivers.

          It would not surprise me to see both Doubrant and Miller on the staff come 4/1.. I would like to see Padilla as the #5 ATM, but realize for that to happen there is almost no chance Miller and Doubrant both could make the roster.

        • MaineSox 3 years ago

          Sure he is, they would just have to up their offer, and they wouldn’t be signing him for depth, and they wouldn’t have been signing him to be the #4-5 starter in their rotation any more than Hamels is the Phillies #3 (or any more than Oswalt was a #4 on the Phils last year).

          • johnsilver 3 years ago

            “they would just have to up their offer”

            Are you trying to get us die hard Sox fans to get our hopes up again on Old Roy? 😉

            As much as would like for him to ride into town as the #5 savior, Just don’t see it happening.. Especially after he already turned down that 10m from the Tigers.. Just how much does the guy want to come to town..6 guns blazing…

          • MaineSox 3 years ago

            No, I don’t either, but it’s more about the Sox unwillingness to pay him than it is about his unwillingness to pitch in Boston.

          • rockfordone 3 years ago

            Red Sox fans forget Oswalt and Floyd. Not going to happen. Think more of Dempster from the Cubs. Could be had for Bowden and pay half his salary. Remember Theo.

          • MaineSox 3 years ago

            Why?  You seem to be awfully certain but you don’t provide anything to back up your statement.

            They have shown a willingness in the past, and stated a willingness on numerous occasions this off season, to go and get the piece(s) to put them over the top at the deadline.  If they are in need of pitching, and Oswalt is still available, I fully expect them to make a competitive offer for him and/or make a serious attempt to trade for a pitcher (such as Floyd).

          • PWNdroia 3 years ago

            Oswalt is better than Floyd.  I’d rather invest in what we have than go after Gavin Floyd.

          • MaineSox 3 years ago

            Better and doesn’t cost talent to acquire.  If they’re going to get one it should be Oswalt.

          • BoSoXaddict 3 years ago

            I still don’t understand why you refuse to accept that Oswalt just doesn’t want to pitch in Boston. I would have liked him too but it’s just not gonna happen. Upping the offer is not going to convince someone who is content to sit out half the season because his preferred teams weren’t interested.

          • MaineSox 3 years ago

            Because he never said he was unwilling to pitch in Boston (like he did with Detroit, Toronto, and Cleveland).  Boston was still in the discussion until the day he decided to wait until mid-season, so if that means he’s unwilling to pitch in Boston he’s also unwilling to pitch in Texas or St Louis, which we know isn’t the case.

          • BoSoXaddict 3 years ago

            I’m pretty sure he never came out and actually SAID that he doesn’t want to pitch in Boston because he knows all too well that he could very well me “forced” in to playing for them or not playing at all. It would be stupid of him from a leverage position to come out and say that but if really did want to pitch there how come he decided to play wait-and-see instead?

    • MaineSox 3 years ago

      “Need” maybe not, but no matter who ends up in the #5 spot he would be a welcomed upgrade.  He’s by far a better pitcher than any of Padilla/Cook/Silva/Doubront et al.  Plus, even if Bard does work out as a starter (which I’m inclined to believe he will), there will likely come a point in the season when he needs to be shut down due to innings, so they could use him as a starter until Dice-K comes back or they trade for/sign a pitcher at mid-season and then move him back to the ‘pen to keep his innings total down, and then use him as a starter for a full year next year.

      • PWNdroia 3 years ago

        I can agree with that.  I just don’t believe in throwing millions of dollars at Oswalt.  Who knows… someone like Doubront could pan out.  That’s not to say I wouldn’t welcome Oswalt if we did get him, I just hope Cherington makes a smart investment.

  5. Poor Adam Jones must be living in a Motel 6 with his packed luggage by the door. He’s been in countless trade rumors since December. Send him to the Nats for Lannan and some prospects (pitching a priority).

  6. hawkny1 3 years ago

    Roy Oswalt has made it clear that he does not want to pitch in Boston.  Why does his name keep surfacing and why the speculation?  Not only is New England 1800 miles from his home in Texas but his entire career has been in the National League. From Boston’s point of view, they have no real need to go out and spend $10,000,000 for a #5 starter who has a history of chronic back problems.  The season has not yet begun yet the Red Sox have at least 4-5 viable options to fill that slot in camp, in the aggregate, available for considerably less additional money than would have to be shelled out for Mr. Oswalt’s services.  Today must be a slow news day at the sports desk…

    • Steve_in_MA 3 years ago

      Agreed.  Its early in camp, but the entire Sox coaching staff is salivating over Felix Doubront.  Last night, I saw why.  He’s down 20 lbs.  He’s pitching with downward angle and much more crispness, especially on his breaking ball. I would not be surprised if the lowball offer to Oswalt has already been taken off the table.  And I doubt Roy would be interested, even if it wasn’t.

      • johnsilver 3 years ago

        He did look good, then everyone one did vs 19-21YO college kids in that 25-0 thrashing…

        The BC Eagles put up a better game ad the ONLY pitcher in that game who wanted to see impress (Tazawa) looked flat..

        Lavarnway and Avilles were on top of their games.. Lets hope they keep it up. I am hoping Lavarnway breaks camp with the team, though it seems many still think he needs time with the paw Sox.

    • MaineSox 3 years ago

      Oswalt never “made it clear that he does not want to pitch in Boston.”  In fact, they were one of the few who remained a possibility right until the time he decided to wait until during the season to sign with anyone.

      • hawkny1 3 years ago

        Actions speak louder than words, Mainer….. link to

        • MaineSox 3 years ago

          Bleacher Report is a joke.

        • notsureifsrs 3 years ago

          another gem from bleacher report linked on that very page: anthony ranaudo and jose iglesias are untouchable prospects, but xander bogaerts is not

        • Brad426 3 years ago

           You posted that as proof that Oswalt “made it clear that he doesn’t want to pitch in Boston”? You realize that article is asking whether the Sox should really be interested in Oswalt, right?

  7. Brad426 3 years ago

    “There seems to be concern that the Astros are shooting themselves in the foot by moving starter Brett Myers into the closer role”

    Yeah, because if they hadn’t done THAT they were gonna be really good.

  8. Jesse 3 years ago

    Tigers should trade Austin Jackson to the Nats for Ian Desmond

    • Tyler Jedrzejak 3 years ago

      if im the nats i do this immediately, i saw somewhere that rendon may become a second baseman and he said he is comfortable with it. so if he is progressing like we hear he is stick him at second and then jackson in center. i dont think detroit bites but nats fans can dream.

  9. There seems to be concern that the Astros are shooting themselves in the foot by moving starter Brett Myers to the closer position. How is that possible? They won 54 games last year. They stunk! Also, I was watching 50 greatest finishes  in 2011 on the MLB Network yesterday and the Sillies comeback against the Stros on “Opening Day” was in the top 15. That game really caused a problem for the Astros. With Myers as closer it should solidify the bullpen, not shoot themselves in the foot!

    As for trading Adam Jones I think the Indians would be a better partner because I believe they have more MLB ready prospects than the Nats. The Nats traded most of theirs when they obtained Gio Gonzalez.  Plus, who is going to be our CF’er in Charm City if we trade Jones. We have no one! to taked his spot if AJ is traded. The bottom line is I would keep him!

    Roy Oswalt is still in play and later in camp the Red Sox could put on a full-court press for him. I wish the Red Sox all the happiness in the world if they sign Oswalt. They deserve each other!

    PS Mike Lupica had a great piece today on Ryan Braun on Sports Reporters! Mike, I couldn’t agree more with you! Also, Bob Ryan had a great line about Prince Fielder and Ndamukong Suh that had me in stitches when I was on the treadmill this morning.

    • $22264602 3 years ago

      Didn’t you read the whole point about Myers? It said they were shooting themselves in the foot because they’ve been trying to deal him , and teams usually want innings eaters as opposed to relief help.

  10. TB_Rays_Fan_Forever 3 years ago

    I wonder why the Rays are just NOW talking about Ivan Rodriguez? The guy has been consistent throughout his career. But a BACKUP to Molina? I just still don’t get why the Rays are choosing him as the starter. Defensively, he’s great, but there is a reason he hasn’t been a consistent starter anywhere else, right?

    • Clayton Wilson 3 years ago

       Same applies to Rodriguez, does it not? He simply can’t hit anymore, but probably still has defensive value.

  11. Clayton Wilson 3 years ago

    And what pieces are those? The Angels are pretty much set at every position and I don’t see the Angels trading Bourjos when they have a shot at contending and are having to compete against a very good Rangers club.

    It would take someone like Zimmermann or Rendon for the Angels to bite, and I don’t see the Nationals going for it after the haul they gave up for Gonzalez. With a relatively good potential FA class of center-fielders(Bourn, Upton, Hamilton) this off-season, it’s best to wait imo. Or they could try and pry away someone like Dexter Fowler mid-season if they feel they still need to upgrade. A lot of this depends on Harper’s development…..

  12. LazerTown 3 years ago

    the angels have too many players for their positions.  Assuming kendrys is healthy then i would put him at dh.  That leaves abreu, hunter, wells, bourjos, trumbo, trout for 3 spots.  Trumbo is listed as playing 3b but hasnt played it in the majors, if the angels stick him there that is 5 players for 3 spots.  I would keep trout in AAA for this year, so it makes sense to flip bourjos if you can get a return that is good.  and trout can come up if one of them gets injured.  It is pointless to have young players sitting on the bench using up service time.  Keep them in AAA or trade them for more prospects.

  13. You are advocating that if the angels use Morales at DH and Trumbo 3rd, they should trade Bourjos (who at this point is better and cheaper than Wells, Hunter and Abreau.)  They have a log jam no doubt yet their best outfield would consist of Bourjos and Trout regardless what happens. Trout has nothing left to prove at Triple A although he may end up back their due to that stupid trade for Wells (.248 obp). Trade Bourjos and then leave Trout at triple A. That’s absurd.

  14. LazerTown 3 years ago

    It depends, there is no point having talent sit on the bench especially when you can flip it for prospects.  Bourjos is a good player, but long term value i think they may be wise to trade him.  Trout seems like the long term bet at center, and bourjos’ value is diminished significantly if they play him in the corner, espesially when his card is speed.  Wells is one year removed from an .847 year, so while he had a down year he should be realistically expected to somewhat bounce back.  Bourjos has proven himself in the majors and if you can get back a nice haul of top prospects then it makes sense to go that route. 

    Maybe convince the nats that all they need is a cf to get to playoffs and you got yourself a vict…. trading partner.

    You can not be paying wells 21M AAV for 3 more years to sit on the bench.

  15. $7562574 3 years ago

    trout never played in aaa.

  16. Clayton Wilson 3 years ago

     “You can not be paying wells 21M AAV for 3 more years to sit on the bench.”

    While this is true in most cases, I absolutely despise the line of thinking. A manager and general manager’s job is to put the best possible club on the field. I don’t mind giving Wells the benefit of the doubt and see if he can return to a passable level for a month or so, but if he doesn’t they’d be crazy to keep Trout/Bourjos out of the mix in favor of Wells’ salary.

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