Mike Gonzalez Declines Rangers Offer

Free agent reliever Mike Gonzalez turned down a non-roster offer from the Rangers, according to T.R. Sullivan of MLB.com.  The Rangers made the offer to the Scott Boras client last week.

Gonzalez registered a posted a 4.39 ERA with 8.6 K/9 and 3.5 BB/9 in 56 games for the Orioles and Rangers last season.  On Friday, Boras told Tim Dierkes that a lot of teams are still in play for the left-hander and his availability late in the offseason doesn't reflect a lack of interest.

Texas might have freed a spot for Gonzalez with a trade of Koji Uehara, but GM Jon Daniels recently said that there were no deals in the works involving him.

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  1. Madman2TX 3 years ago

    No shocker that he didn’t accept. Gonzalez will land somewhere with a decent contract.

    • johnsilver 3 years ago

      I wouldn’t say he will get a decent contract, not with 2 sub par seasons and him being hurt over the last 2 seasons off and on, but Shaky WAS a very, very good set up man with the Braves and once again?? Boras is hurting a 2nd tier FA when a player should be in camp and probably would have been signed at least a month ago by any other agent around.

  2. boras strikes again

    • Brad426 3 years ago

       Yeah, that guy burns me up the way he is always trying to get the best possible deal for his clients and not doing what is best for the team.

      • redsx968 3 years ago

        Boras didn’t reject the offer. Gonzalez did. This has less to do with Boras than it does Gonzalez having a certain amount of self-respect and confidence in his abilities. With your logic, why doesn’t everyone just take a non-roster offer and play for chump change?

        • Brad426 3 years ago

           I agree. There may have been a touch of sarcasm in my post.

          • redsx968 3 years ago

            Whoops. My sarcasm detector is in the shop right now. They said it was gonna be ready four days ago.

      • evilhomer727 3 years ago

        Boras works for the player not the teams, that’s why he does what’s best for those players besides the player has final say not Boras

        • Brad426 3 years ago

          A longer, less funny way of saying what I said directed as a rebuttal?

      • bomberj11 3 years ago

        He should stop doing his job.

  3. JPSTEVEN47 3 years ago

    Non-roster offer? Guess the Rangers feel they’re pretty stacked, as there was zero chance he was gonna take this. Oswalt still lingering…

  4. hawkny1 3 years ago

    Gonzalez’s stats are fairly consistent throughout his career save and except his salary.  In MLB’s current fiscal climate, $6,000,000 or any amount broaching it, for a set up guy, is not very appealing.  Declining Texas’s offer was smart but where to next?  Back to Pittsburgh? Up to Minnesota? Chicago?  How about San diego?

  5. Tyler Jedrzejak 3 years ago

    wouldnt mind seeing the braves bring him back for the right price, never can have to much pitching

  6. Boras is trying to wrap a turd in a bow, and sell it at a marked-up price, here.

    • Brad426 3 years ago

       Well, a LH reliever will always have some value somewhere and if he can strike out 8.6/9 I would hardly call him a “turd in a bowtie” (although that image does make me chuckle).

      • Yea, but 8.6 so per 9 innings doesn’t tell the whole story.

        • Brad426 3 years ago

           Agreed, but I would be willing to wager that if all you told a GM was “LH reliever with an 8.6K/9″ that most would be willing to take a flyer on the guy sight unseen. And that doesn’t even factor in the fact that the 8.6 was the lowest in the last 4 seasons and that his career average is 10.3.

          Now I’m not saying that he is worth what he thinks he is, but is certainly an asset to a team.

          • He’s an asset at the right price. He was one of the only relievers on the Rangers last season that made me nervous every time he came into a game.

    • Rashomon 3 years ago

      It’s a turd in a box!

  7. baseballa11 3 years ago

    maybe he’ll end up with the yankees we need a lefty

  8. johnsilver 3 years ago

    “Boras works for the player not the teams, that’s why he does what’s best
    for those players besides the player has final say not Boras”

    Sure he does.. That’s why Boras declined 10m+ in arbitration back in the winter of 08-09 brom Boston for Varitek, knowing his client didn’t want to play anywhere else and had to come begging to Epstein to get that 2/5m deal.. Yeah.. The client always comes 1st.. I believe that crock…

  9. Wants to be paid this season for what he has not done the last 2.  Seems fair to me.

  10. Mike1L 3 years ago

    Realistically, there’s no upside for Gonzales to take that offer.  He can probably find something similar pretty much any time, and maybe a team will have a need emerge due to an unexpected injury.  I’m sure Boras is reminding him about  the V-Mart injury/Fielder signing.  I doubt every relief pitcher is going to get out of Spring Training unscathed, so expect Gonzales somewhere with a decent, not spectacular contract.     

  11. We’ll get one. I’m not worried. Having one sub-par lefty doesn’t make or break a bullpen.

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