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The Rangers have anxiously awaited MLB's ruling on the signing of Dominican prospect Jairo Beras and the club could have an answer as soon as next week, according to Jeff Wilson of the Star-Telegram.  The league launched an investigation in late March to determine if Beras is in fact 17-years-old and that the $4.5MM contract is legal.

Until late February, Beras presented himself as a 16-year-old, which would have made him eligible to sign on July 2nd and subject to the new CBA's restrictions on international amateur spending.  While team officials won't talk about the situation, sources tell Ben Badler of Baseball America their assertion is that they simply outworked other clubs. 

While the Rangers want to stress that they did nothing wrong, the greater focus will be on the 6'5" outfielder and why he previously claimed a different date of birth.  However, sources told Badler that they would not be surprised if MLB allowed Beras to sign without any sanctions.

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