Yankees Notes: Kuroda, Rodriguez, Sabathia, Cano

In the eyes of people like Derek Jeter, the season doesn't truly begin until the Yankees play their first home game. Here are some Yankees-related notes as the Bronx Bombers prepare to host their first game of the season…

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2 Comments on "Yankees Notes: Kuroda, Rodriguez, Sabathia, Cano"

3 years 4 months ago

The only 2 months aside from regular season october where his era is over 4.00

3 years 4 months ago

Give you a bit of advice so you won’t be too disappointed. Go to the dentist, have him extract a tooth you feel you don’t need. Place it under your pillow and make a wish. You have as much of a chance of that wish fulfilled as the Yanks dropping the ball on Cano.
There’s a better chance of Cano & Boras screwing up negotiations, by making crazy demands than NY not putting out a reasonable offer. Cano is the next ‘home grown star’ that will be the face of the franchise after the Jeter and A-Rod era is over.