Minor Moves: Zavada, DeWitt, Cubs, Diamondbacks

Today’s minor moves..

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  1. Why remove Winfree? Drew’s not ready to back yet? Is he?

  2. No, he’s not.  Probably still a month, maybe more. Another move on the horizon?

  3. Cardinals should try and sign DeWitt 

  4. Drew is FAR more than a week or two away.  Young is back sooner, barring incident. Direct from Kirk Gibson’s mouth.

  5. Memphis is a great place to see a Zavada moustache!

  6. Philley11 3 years ago

    I just don’t understand how DeWitt has cleared waivers twice now. As far as second basemen go, you can do a lot worse. Just with Philly alone he is better and younger then Luna and Orr. He must have a super contagious disease or something. 

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