Oswalt Worked Out For Phillies, Red Sox

8:14pm: Scott Miller of CBSSports.com hears that Oswalt already has several "very nice offers" on the table, though it's unclear which teams presented them.

3:53pm: The Angels haven't had anyone watch Oswalt throw near his Mississippi home recently, Alden Gonzalez of MLB.com tweets.

11:48am: Rosenthal reports (on Twitter) that neither the Yankees or Tigers are in the mix for Oswalt at this time. The righty intends to sign soon, possibly within the week, and pitch in MLB by mid or late June, Rosenthal tweets.

11:19am: The Phillies and Red Sox occupy last place in their respective divisions, but both teams are eyeing midseason reinforcements. Free agent right-hander Roy Oswalt threw a bullpen session for the Phillies last week and worked out for the Red Sox this week, Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports reports (all Twitter links).

Oswalt is also throwing for two unknown teams, Rosenthal reports. Jon Heyman of CBSSports.com hears from someone who expects Oswalt to return within a month (Twitter link).

The Phillies, winners of five consecutive games, are familiar to Oswalt, who pitched for Philadelphia in 2010 and 2011. The Red Sox, who have won six of their last seven games, expressed interest in Oswalt last offseason after the Phillies declined his 2012 option. The 34-year-old appeared to be in good shape during his workouts but was not yet in midseason form, Rosenthal reports. Bob Garber of Select Sports Group represents Oswalt.

Mike Axisa contributed to this post.

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  1. EarlyMorningBoxscore 3 years ago

    I would really love for the Sox to sign him….I wonder if they really would though..and who would they take out of the rotation..

    • MaineSox 3 years ago

      Presumably they will take one of Bard or Doubront out of the rotation when Daisuke is ready, and then would take the other one out when Oswalt was ready.

      I don’t know how they would work it exactly, but personally I would take Doubront out of the rotation when Daisuke is ready and Bard out once Oswalt was ready.  That would give Bard extra time to work on becoming a starter and, assuming Oswalt was ready the last week of June, I figure it would put him at 85-90 innings as a starter, and assuming normal reliever innings after that he would be somewhere around 120-130 innings at the end of the season (maybe 140 if they make the playoffs), which would be a pretty good amount for a guy in his first year of starting.

      • chris_synan1 3 years ago

        So your saying you would rather have Dice-K than Oswalt, honestly if we get Oswalt it would be a nice piece, then Dice-K and Bailey comes back (eventually) this pitching staff could be a luxury, having potential starters in the bullpen, so it would be a win-win and this team is turning it around, we still have Crawford, Ellsbury, Youk coming back…

        • MaineSox 3 years ago

          Where did I even come close to saying I would rather have Daisuke than Oswalt?

      • RedSoxDynasty 3 years ago

        Doubront’s been their most consistent starter all year and isn’t getting bumped out right now by anybody. Bard should go back to the pen and Youk should fetch either a couple of good relievers or a top prospect like Carlos Beltran commanded last year!

        • MaineSox 3 years ago

          Doubront has been consistent, but he doesn’t have anywhere near the potential that Bard does (Doubront’s ceiling is a #4-5 starter, Bard’s is a #2 starter), so if you’re going to take one of them out right now you take Doubront out to give Bard more time to get accustomed to starting because the long-term potential is so much higher with Bard (and also because Doubront has experience going back and forth between the ‘pen and the rotation and Bard does not, so once you move Bard you likely leave him there for the rest of the season – Doubront could go back to the rotation if needed).

          • I just think the difference between the two is vastly overblown.  Doubront is proving right now that his ceiling is higher than a #4/5 starter.  It is a very small sample size, but Bard had no sample size to suggest he can be heads and shoulders above him.  He had outstanding stuff as a high leverage reliever where people looked at him, looked at CJ Wilson and said “Hey, worked for him!”  I think they both can be very solid starters, don’t get me wrong.

            The true part of this is that Doubront has experience moving back and forth and even the relevancy of that is debatable given the only time he moved back and forth mid-season in the MLB was in 2010, when started 3 games at MLB level in 2010 and 9 relief games that year.  He almost exclusively been a starter in the minors.  I would love Oswalt, but if anything I would rather they take a look at Clay to see if he is having injury issues that are hurting him.  Maybe shut him down for 15-day stint.  I assume when Dice-K comes up that someone like Padilla would be jettison’ed.

          • MaineSox 3 years ago

            I’m just quoting what people who get paid to know these thing have said, since I’m not a scout that’s really the best I can do with either one (because neither has a sufficient sample size as a starter in the majors to draw any conclusion from).  Goldstein has said that Doubront has the ‘stuff’ to stick as a #4-5 starter, and Ben Badler has said that Bard has the ability to be a #2 starter.

            I also know that Bard has has held his own while also figuring out exactly who he is as a starter; I also know that Doubront has pitched well, but has been a starter for the majority of his career so he isn’t dealing with all the “other stuff” that goes with what Bard is doing right now.  So it’s difficult to look at what they have done so far and just say “look, Doubront has been better than Bard” because there are a lot of other factors involved.

        • The only problem I see with the Beltran comparison is the potential lack of compensation draft picks due to no more A/B system.  A team that acquires a free agent mid-season gets *no* compensatory picks if they sign elsewhere at the end of the year.  Whereas I think (key word think) that when Beltran signed elsewhere the Giants got picks back.

      • johnsilver 3 years ago

         Bard.. His lack of velocity in the starting role, plus control issues have doomed the experiment in the rotation for at least now.

        Boston doesn’t need Oswalt either with Matsuzka about to get back, so why they even bothered with him is odd. I am curious why Bobby V keeps going with Padilla in high leverage situations late in the game and he keeps getting himself into hot water.. Yesterday another primo example.. Hill, Atch and Miller both work 1 batter, do great jobs and hand writing was on the wall for Padilla to botch it up.. Which he tried his level best to do and Aceves had to come bail him out of another mess.

        At least let Atch have a go at the 8th a couple of times. Then let Bard go back to high leverage situations, hopefully his control and velocity will return before they both go even further south.

        • MaineSox 3 years ago

          Matsuzaka isn’t someone who should keep you from adding a pitcher like Oswalt; neither are Bard, Doubront, or Buchholz right now either.  The Sox are interested in Oswalt because the rotation has been a problem all year and Oswalt is a very good pitcher (and they need another good pitcher).

          • johnsilver 3 years ago

             No arguments.. But problems with what to do with what you already have. That sits Bard for a FACT, then probably Doubrant (if not traded) to make way for Matsuzaka and Oswalt come July at the very latest.

            It’s something that of all the other issues surrounding the team? Rates like a 2 on a scale of 10 for least important needs. Pitching in general has not been bad, other than Bard, Beckett and Bucholz and Bucholz/Beckett have track records with the roles they occupy to show they will improve. I am very wary of Bard, who is regressing, rather than improving after each start.

            It’s not like they don’t have people at the Pawtucket level who do not deserve to be in Boston either.. Melencon, Mortenson and Tazawa all should be, slots permitting but the pen has done so well and now..Looking back at the turnaround after the 1st 7-8 games of the season??

            Have to question moving Wilson to the pen, though do realize at some point the move probably would have been made.

            Saw one of your posts earlier on aaron Cook.. Yes.. He will probably (hopefully) be just cut loose when he comes off of the DL and the mandatory rehab starts.. The team just has too many BP options to waste a roster spot on him, but probably prudent to hang onto him by making him go thru the maximum rehab starts in case 1 of the SP gets hurt and he is pressed into service.

          • MaineSox 3 years ago

            I don’t know what other problems you’re referring to?  Of all the problem surrounding the team I would put the starting pitching at the very top of the list.  You could argue (I would argue) that the starting pitching should be better than it has been, but the fact is that they just haven’t been getting it done.

          • johnsilver 3 years ago

             Other problem was alluding to (and should have named in the long post..apologies) is getting back the injured OF more or less and more directly..  Production period from ANY OF not named Cody Ross and Sweeney vs RH pitching until a couple of weeks back.

            We know Nava will slip back into his old self again, just like the outstanding start to his MLB career he had in 2010, but the OF is going to be an ongoing problem. Ross has really been the only person who has done anything if you look at it and his defense has not been solid. I blame that on the fact they keep throwing him from CF, to RF a few games..Then throw him to LF. Tho LF has been out since Nava was recalled.

            Utility IF has been a issue. Punto has shown to be exactly the awful bat figured he would be and they are stuck with him on a 2 year deal. yeah, his glove is fair, but his bat is beyond lethargic.

            The SP has done better the last 2+ weeks. Bucholz included. His game vs the Rays was good all along.. The start before that he was good until Valentine left him in 1 inning to long and he left with the bases full.. 7th inning as I recall without going to look and they all scored.. Also (not looking it up also) seems like his game before that he did decent and was left in 1 inning too long.

            The rotation is finally coming together. Lester has looked FAR better since his starts #2-4, Beckett was outstanding his last game. Doubrant has done the same thing as Bard, but is missing bats (some) along the way and he’s another lefty.. meaning he needs to be in the rotation so they have a pair if possible.

          • MaineSox 3 years ago

            Oh, yeah, but those other problems are just a matter of getting guys healthy; if you’re going to add anyone significant is almost has to be a starting pitcher.  The outfield will fix itself by simply getting healthy.  The bench could use an upgrade, but that’s a fairly minor problem really.

          • johnsilver 3 years ago

             Not sure you are also factoring in other issues..

            Oswalt.. Is he even going to want to sign with a team where they have people in the rotation ahead of him?

            Matsuzaka.. Boras isn’t going to let Boston bury him at Pawtucket forever and keep coming up with reasons to hide him beyond his initial rehab if possible. He’s looking for his next contract and wants him pitching. The team is going to be forcd within the next 30 days..Max as I see it, to call him up and stick him into the roatation and they SHOULD give him a chance, especially over Bard, cause they are not going to try and send Doubrant past waivers when he’s out of options and they already have 3 lefties in the pen.

            That takes care of 1 rotation slot and then they have the other slot in the possible one Oswalt would take up.. He also wouldn’t want to get buried at Pawtucket long and take?? 30 days to get ready. They would probably look for a team to just trade Doubrant to is how I see it and the playoff teams may not all be shaken out by then to get maximum value. That creates another problem as said above.. they cannot get him by waivers, nor Miller, Morales and no chance they send the best lefty specialist Hill down

            That scenario (to me) would almost have to have a precursor of BP moves.. One of the lefties moved, 1 of the righties as well.

          • MaineSox 3 years ago

            I don’t know, but I would assume that Oswalt would prefer to be in a rotation with other good pitchers, I couldn’t imagine him wanting to be on a team counting on him to be their Ace.  It’s also already pretty much been established that Oswalt would need to be in the minors to get ready until the middle to end of next month.

            There’s also room in the rotation for both of Oswalt and Daisuke: Lester, Beckett, Oswalt, Buchholz, Daisuke.  Bard would go back to the ‘pen as either the closer or set up man (probably closer) and Doubront would be the long man (likely replacing Padilla).

            The ‘pen is already facing crunch time with all of the out-of-option pitchers in it, so I would expect them to be looking to trade some guys out there anyway.

          • johnsilver 3 years ago

             Was hoping the middle reliever market would begin to open up already. Boston needs to move a couple already.. One of the lefties for sure and maybe Albers. Padilla if they could get anything, but Morales and Albers is probably the only 2 they could get low level people out of and thinking Rich Hill they could maybe get a tad better later on if he continues to show is healthy and dominates lefties.

        • mjlowe 3 years ago

          To be fair, I don’t understand why we give “established starters” a free ride in the rotation, Bard has been shaky & Doubront middling (though consistent), but regardless their results have been infinitely better than Bucholz. Bucholz through a no hitter as a rookie, and had one full strong season with them and no he gets no criticism in discussions like this about rotation shakeups. Look at his numbers, that one strong season is the only time he’s ever pitched more than 100 innings, and now he’s the new John Lackey at the moment (read: statistical worst starting pitcher in baseball).

      • I personally think taking Doubront out of the rotation for Dice-K is just a bad move.  He has a 9k/9inning K rate which is great for a guy his age, and once he gets a little better control has the potential to be a very solid starting pitcher.  Dice-K is gone after this year, and it is hard to argue that he will be better than Felix even now coming off TJ surgery.  Maybe limit Doubront’s innings at the end of the year, but now it would be premature.  I think he is better both long and short term.
        Also Go Maine!  I’m a fellow Mainer forced to live elsewhere.

        • I would also add on Doubront:  That his opponents have a .323 BABIP against him and he has a FIP of 3.42.  And he is 24…to me that is exactly the type of pitcher that should be in the rotation.  Bard moving back to the bullpen…that is another discussion which I think is premature.  Clay is worrying me right now where he is pitching poorly (save for a start or so) by every measure.

          I would also add that before the season, I was one of the biggest champions of getting Oswalt on this team.  And I would still add him even if it meant Bard moving to the bullpen (and getting rid of Padilla)

          • MaineSox 3 years ago

            They could get creative with a temporary six man rotation to give some guys a little extra rest, or they could stick Clay on the DL for a short time, but at some point once of Bard or Doubront is going to end up back in the ‘pen to make room for Dice-K.  If they can extend it out a while (between delaying Dice-K’s return, DLing Buchholz for a while, whatever else happens) it could work that Bard is the guy who goes back to the ‘pen because he is going to need to be back there at some later point in the season just to limit his innings total this year, but if Daisuke returns on time it would be earlier than they would like for him to go to the ‘pen, and I think if it comes down a choice between sending Bard back to the ‘pen too soon and moving Doubront there I think they move Doubront.  Because Bard has a lot more potential upside than Doubront does, and also because Doubront could still make a spot start when needed which they couldn’t really do with Bard once he’s back in the ‘pen.

    • Dice-K pitched in Durham last night and a bunch of my friends saw him. Said he was shaky still. His mechanics are still funky and he’s not ready for 6-7 innings yet. So he has a while to go before he’s back in Boston and “in the mix” as it were.

      Bard needs to go back to the ‘pen. That’s not an experiment that is gonna work long term. Were I doing it, I’d keep the first 3 as they are, then Dubront then Oswalt..and when Dice-K does come back, he’s 6. No biggie. Dubront’s OK. He was a little shaky last night but he did good work, more or less, last night. The home plate ump was having sight issues, it appeared. 

      I would imagine that is frustrating as a pitcher.

      I would love us to go after Oswalt…and land him. He’s good. The stronger our pitching…

    • Buckholtz

    • Bosoxylvania 3 years ago

      Pretty simple.  Put  Bard back in the ‘pen, where he is needed.  Or send Bucky down ’till he can find home plate again.  I like Felix The Cat.  Can’t wait to see him throw tonight.

  2. kräftig. entschieden 3 years ago

    Bank on the Nats being one of the mystery suitors. They need someone to step into the rotation once the innings limits on Stras/Detwiler/Zimmermann become an issue. And it’s not gonna be Chien-Ming Wang or John Lannan.

    • Carter Semple 3 years ago

       Stras is the only one with inning limits…as of today that is, if they are still in the playoff hunt by august..i doubt they will hold him to it

  3. hawkny1 3 years ago

    The Red Sox starting five have pitched well in recent weeks.  In fact, during the month of May, the team’s combined ERA is slightly above 4.  The ERA numbers will improve too as the weather warms up during the weeks ahead.  Statistically, Morales and Padilla, two middle relievers, seem to be the biggest concern, so I cannot fathom why there would be serious interest in Oswalt, a starter, who is injury prone.  The club has Tazawa, for instance, waiting in the wings for a reliever’s spot, and Cooke, hoping to come back as a starter.

    • MaineSox 3 years ago

      Because a healthy Oswalt is better than at least two (most likely three) of their current starting pitchers (he’s also clearly better than Daisuke and Cook).

      • hawkny1 3 years ago

        Lower back problems never go away without (ultimately) surgery. Oswalt has chronic back problems and never has had surgery.  Yet, Oswalt wants $10M/yr. for his services.  And, as you point out, Oswalt acknowledges he is at the end of his career.  

        If this were September, say, and the Sox are in the the hunt for a playoff spot, Oswalt would be worth signing, for a prorated $10M.  Look at his experience with the Phillies in 2010. Spending an additional $2M to get into the playoffs would be justifiable. 

        But, this is May.  The Red Sox are 18-21 this morning. And, they already have $85M tied up with players on the DL.  I do not see them adding a prorated $10M to their payroll for a pitcher who, after 8 -10 starts is likely to break down.  I think it is a no go on Oswalt.  The timing isn’t right.  Plus, they have too many “stars” on the injury list who, if healthy, could impact the club’s fortunes.  

        If the Sox do anything to strengthen their starting pitching it will be through a trade, reordering their current roster for starters (they have Aceves and Miller in the BP) or bringing someone up from their minor league teams.   However, I don’t think they have given up on any of their starters, at least not yet…  Each has had their good moments.


        • MaineSox 3 years ago

          “Lower back problems never go away without (ultimately) surgery.”  That’s not true, and even if it were, Oswalt proved in the second half of last year that he can still pitch.  The problem with the team is the starting pitching, and the players on the DL are basically all position players (the only starting pitcher on the DL that’s coming back this year is Daisuke), so the fact that they are 18-21 and their biggest problem is pitching is a good reason to add a pitcher like Oswalt.

  4. Ahhhh, the mystery teams once again.
    With only 30 teams in the league, you’d think with all the “Spies” running around you would think they would know.

    How about the Astros as being one of those teams.

  5. bigpat 3 years ago

    I thought he wanted to go to a contender? 

    • mjlowe 3 years ago

      In divisions where the last place teams are .500 and 1 game below, anything goes.

  6. I put my money on the Sox signing him…but beware a pitcher going from the NL to the AL…it can have pitfalls.

    • Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

      That’s overblown… even if it wasn’t, a healthy Roy Oswalt isn’t posting an era much higher than 3.5 in the AL East… with Boston’s offense behind him, that’s fine.

  7. 0vercast 3 years ago

    The Twins should their hat in the ring and try to woo him with some extra dollars, to at least show their fans that they’re not OK with being one of the worst teams in professional sports.

    • I’m sure Oswalt doesn’t want to play in Minnesota, considering the way the team has played this season. If he did sign here, though, I wouldn’t complain at all. This team needs pitching, and with the way Walters and Diamond have been pitching lately, we could have a decent rotation. 

  8. a Blanton for Youk trade has been mentioned, and that would seem reasonable that the Phillies then signed Oswalt.

    • MaineSox 3 years ago

      That wouldn’t make any sense at all for Boston.

      • why wouldnt it lol? Blanton has done good this year they have Middlebrook to play 3B so where would youkillis play? trading youk for blanton isnt to bad. hell i wouldnt mind the yankees trading Arod for blanton if we had someone like middlebrook to take over at 3B

        • MaineSox 3 years ago

          Because, despite his good start this year (which is a tiny sample size, and in no way going to make everyone forget about the rest of his career) he has never been a very good pitcher – his career numbers in the NL aren’t any better than what the Sox are already getting out of the back of their rotation in the AL East, so even if he comes over and is every bit as good as he has been over there he wouldn’t be an upgrade at all over what they already have.

        • spareman7 3 years ago

          Don’t get to excited about Middlebrook yet. They are already starting to catch up with him. He needs more time in the minors.

        • Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

          If somebody offered to take his entire salary right now for a bag of balls, I’d take them up on that offer.

          Yes, he’s pitched well this year, but he’s not going to have a 2.96 ERA all season long.

          You don’t trade your former All Star third baseman for a #5 starter. A #5 starter plus prospects? Maybe… but unlikely.

        • Trading Youk for Blanton would be bad for the Sox.  Not only do the Red Sox not have room for him (even despite the struggles of some of their starters), but Dice-K would be arguably as good as Blanton if they have an injury or Bard moves to the pen (where they really don’t need him right now)

          Youk will be starting when he gets back this week, and if he hits well he will bring more back at the deadline IF the team is out of it.  And considering despite an extremely bad start, they are still only 3.5 games out of the wild card…the front office will likely think they are “in it” in July unless they are more than 7-8 games out.  That is not a reasonable deal at all.

    • chris_synan1 3 years ago

      I’ll give you Melancon for Blanton

  9. tomymogo 3 years ago

    Braves should sign him in my opinion. Great fit for Oswalt, and since Teheran, Minor, and Jurrjens are struggling it’s definitely a need for ATL. And since he’ll only make 15-20 starts, there’s good reason to think he will be effective and healthy.

  10. AlKelz 3 years ago

    I would so love the Orioles to sign him . It would be a nice gesture to us long suffering O’s fans if the owner and front office did everything they could to assist the first winnining O’s team in 14 years 😉

    I know Oswalt may not want to come here but enough money may change his mind ? At the very least the O’s should be the top bidder for him. If he takes less money to play elsewhere , fine ! But they have no excuse not to try. Adding a former ace pitcher with post season experience would cost a fortune in young talent , Oswalt only costs $ and only for half a season.

    The players are giving their all on the field , it is not to much to hold the owner and front office to the same standard off the field as we do the players on the field 😉

  11. He needs to suck up his pride and pitch for Detroit.

    • MaineSox 3 years ago

      He doesn’t really need to “suck up his pride” and do anything, he’s already made his millions.  And it’s not a matter of pride anyway, it’s a matter of pitching where he’s most comfortable toward the end of his career.

    • melonis_rex 3 years ago

       Detroit presents a much, much better chance at getting into and advancing in the playoffs than Boston or Philly, simply because of the sheer weakness of the AL Central–and division winners not having to play the 1 game playoff and going straight to the ALDS.

  12. dc21892 3 years ago

    I won’t freak out just because the Sox watched him, but this is a good sign I believe. Them watching him means they have money available (assuming they know what he’s going to command alread) and are willing to spend it ASAP to improve this ball club. The pen is where Bard belongs and I understand it’s his first season as a starter and he has time to improve but he has had constant success out of the bullpen and he can slide into the closers or set up roll until Bailey comes back and Aceves is eventually moved.

    • mjlowe 3 years ago

      Agreed and disagreed, yes Bard is probably better in the bullpen, but in the times where we saw him in the 9th last year, he blew up like crazy, he’s the perfect 8th inning man, but there’s a reason the long-fabled “let Papelbon walk and Bard becomes the closer” scenario didn’t come to pass, and it ain’t Bard’s sway over the management into becoming a closer. Aceves should have had Bard’s starting role, but as it is, he’s doing A-OK as the closer.

  13. MaineSox 3 years ago

    It might sound counter intuitive initially, but I wonder if the Phillies could trade Hamels and sign Oswalt to take his place?  It would presumably allow them to upgrade their offense (the place where they actually could use an upgrade) without losing much production out of their rotation.

    • Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

      I thought the same thing, but IMO, the Phillies would want prospects (a young third baseman would probably be the #1 target) back.

      I still can’t see them trading him, especially since he’s been arguably our best starter all year.

      In order to deal Cole Hamels, Ruben’s probably looking to get blown away. Even with Roy Oswalt (hypothetically) in the rotation.

      • MaineSox 3 years ago

        I’ve seen it mentioned a couple of times (I’m kind of on the fence about it my self) that it might make sense for the Red Sox to trade Middlebrooks instead of Youkilis.  The assumption is that Middlebrooks would have more value in a trade than Youkilis and would be used to bring back a top of the rotation starter.

        The likelihood that they would actually do it might be pretty low (he’s the “3B of the future” and a fan favorite right now), but I think I can see the rationale behind it.  Youkilis is likely the better play in the short term (this year and maybe next, which happens to be how long he is under team control) and three of their top 5-10 prospects are third baseman, so there are a few opportunities for guys to step into that spot in the future.

        • Guest 3 years ago

          Hamels for Middlebrooks, Kalish and Dounbront?

          • MaineSox 3 years ago

            No way, you don’t trade a potential all-star 3B, your #4 starter, and an above average regular in RF – all major leaguers, and all of whom have at least 5 years of team control left – for a couple months of a starting pitcher, no matter who that starting pitcher is.

          • johnsilver 3 years ago

             Wrong thread for this (so what’s new lol) but have been wanting to get your take on what believe has been Aviles new found range at SS, or maybe should say his range to his left.

            Early on this year? His movement to the left has been as good (to me) as anyone they have had at short since Gonzalez.. It’s been phenomenal. he doesn’t seem to move to his “off” or RH side nearly as good however, but him and Pedey cover nearly anything going up the middle, unless it’s a real bullet of a grounder it seems to me early on this season.

          • MaineSox 3 years ago

            Yeah, Aviles (particularly his defense) has been a pleasant surprise to me so far this year.

          • johnsilver 3 years ago

              Comedy central of the season so far.. How about Youk for Hamels and Roy
            Halladay? That would have a better chance of happening….

  14. chee1rs 3 years ago

    Oswalt is using the Sox for salary leverage , he doesn’t want to go to the Sox

  15. nm344 3 years ago

    Except they gave Oswalt the tryout before Worley got hurt.

  16. Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

    Ruben came out and said they were looking for pitching depth. Vance could always have a set back or one of the big 3 could go down at any moment… never hurts to do your due diligence.

  17. nm344 3 years ago

    Not to mention they revealed the results of Worley’s MRI already.

  18. MaineSox 3 years ago

    I know, that’s why I said “when Daisuke is ready,” and he will have to be added to the roster at some point – ready or not.  He’s only got two more starts on his 30 day rehab assignment before he is technically supposed to be added; if there is a physical setback they can shut him down for a week and, with approval, restart his rehab clock (giving them another 30 days) but even that would have him back at approximately the same time Oswalt would theoretically be ready (the end of June).

  19. MaineSox 3 years ago

    He might sign within the next week, but he’s not going to be ready to pitch for at least another month.  And even if the Red Sox rotation is completely “fixed” at this point he’d still be an upgrade over one of the back end guys (and he’s better than Daisuke).

    I’m not sure how serious they are about him either, but he would definitely still make sense for them.

  20. you cant necesarilly say its an upgrade. NL pitchers have not faired well moving over to the AL. especially to the AL East. yeah beckett had a couple good years, but he really is starting to fall off and although his last win was impressive you cant forget it was against the mariners. but to be honest oswalt makes sence for alot of teams in the AL right now, the Tigers could use him, the angels could use him since Santana and Haren are sucking, the indians could use him to try to stay atop the AL Central even the yankees.

  21. MaineSox 3 years ago

    You don’t think Oswalt would be an upgrade but you think Blanton would be enough of an upgrade to make it worth trading Youkilis for him?

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