Cafardo On Garza, Lowrie, Greinke, Red Sox, Liriano

The rest of the baseball world is waiting for the Yankees to get old, but so far that hasn't happened, writes Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe.  "They’ve been saying that ever since I’ve been around," said Yankees GM Brian Cashman. "They said it after 2001. They said it after we were reshuffling in 2003, and in 2004, my therapist said I wasn’t supposed to talk about it. After 2009, we can’t be winning with older guys…So I’ve always heard it. As long as we’re winning, people can keep saying it."  Here's more from today's column..

  • About six teams have been in contact with the Cubs consistently regarding Matt Garza: the Braves, Tigers, Cardinals, Red Sox, Jays, and Royals.  Epstein is looking for a great package to part with Garza as he is the club's biggest chip.  However, teams have some concern over whether the pitcher can control his emotions.
  • The Tigers could be heavily in the mix for Astros shortstop Jed Lowrie and Detroit would likely move him to second to fill a need.  Cafardo wouldn't be shocked if he is on the Phillies’ radar as well. Houston has a few other chips in Brett Myers, Brandon Lyon, and Wandy Rodriguez that could help contenders.
  • When teams ask about Zack Greinke's availability, they are getting "not yet" from the Brewers.  However, Cafardo writes that he'll be available as soon as they get the right offer because there doesn’t seem to be any chance of Milwaukee signing him long-term. 
  • There has been a lot of talk about Scott Podsednik being used as a trade chip but Cody Ross and Daniel Nava could also be made available by the Red Sox.
  • Francisco Liriano's recent pitching has made him a viable trade chip for the Twins.  It would still be hard for a contender to trust him, but that doesn’t mean he won’t be moved.
  • A National League talent evaluator thinks the Mets should give some thought to trading R.A. Dickey while his value is skyhigh.  The Mets don't have the money to make the deadline upgrades that they need, so they could instead continue with their three- or four-year plan by making the right-hander available.

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  1. Chiburgh 3 years ago

    “However, teams have some concern over whether the pitcher can control his emotions.” This is a new one to me in regards to Garza. Would someone elaborate?

    • Cosmo3 3 years ago

      Yeah, I don’t get this one either. Garza is an emotional player in a good way, and a very supportive teammate. 

      The only thing I can think of is sometimes, if he gives up a big hit or something, it can throw him off and he might get a little wild and need to get “zoned in” again. It hasn’t been too noticeable an issue in the games I’ve watched, but that’s all I can come up with. 

      • MaineSox 3 years ago

        That’s my guess too, that he can get upset about a bad call or a big hit, and his control get out of whack.  Lester has been like that at times this year as well, and it can lose a game for the team.

        • CubsFan5 3 years ago

          Yes, this is what happens to him. Good thing he doesn’t go all Zambrano and beat the crap out of the gatorade cooler. 

  2. stl_cards16 3 years ago

    I can’t see the Cardinals and Cubs matching up on a Garza deal.  The Cardinals could use another starter but I don’t see this happening.

    A name I haven’t heard much about but I think could be one of the better fits for the Cardinals would be Brandon McCarthy.

    • baseball52 3 years ago

      Oh please no. I want to replace Garza with him in the offseason!

      But, I agree. The price tag will go up too much for them to be a match.

    • burtonbball88 3 years ago

      Yeah unless the Cardinals unload Shelby Miller or Carlos Martinez, I don’t think the Cubs will give Garza to a divisional rival. Probably just talking and asking for a price on Garza.

  3. Ryan Cothran 3 years ago

    I would love for the Braves to land Garza, especially with the injury to Beachy, however, Garza is not an elite pitcher and should not be treated as such. One top prospect and a few mid-tier prospects should do it.  He’s not an ace.

    • Bucs666 3 years ago

       Funny how you would “love” to acquire him… and then immediately denigrate him.

      • notsureifsrs 3 years ago

        not that funny. a #3 with upside that has 2 years of control is desirable; he’d love to get him. but garza is talked about as if he’s something more than that and he absolutely is not

        there’s no insult, he’s just not going to pay $1500/oz for fool’s gold

        • johnsilver 3 years ago

           Use the word “pyrite” gold and it don’t get held up.. Imagine that post might have u made.. Have used that word u did in that post of yours above there.

          Just a little tip have learned here..

          • BooJays33 3 years ago

            john us no speaky what u talk.

      • Ryan Cothran 3 years ago

        Theo is pumping his price tag right now, and rightfully so, but Garza is not an ace.  If the price tag is one top prospect, I’d love to have him.  He solidifies the rotation for the next 1 1/2 years.

  4. notsureifsrs 3 years ago

    greinke is the prize here, not garza

    • stl_cards16 3 years ago

      Absolutely if you’re just talking about this season. With the extra year of control, I think Garza is just as valuable as Greinke to most teams.

      • the_show 3 years ago

        Garza may have an extra year of control but Greinke has been the better pitcher over his career

        • stl_cards16 3 years ago


        • baseball52 3 years ago

          And Greinke also won’t return you free agent compensation, where as, Garza will if he walks.

    • Dylan 3 years ago

      He’s not yet available. If all considered: it would be Hamels, Greinke, Garza.

      Id imagine the biggest name that could be out there if their struggles continue could be Josh Johnson. He could bring some really good prospects with another year of Control, as well as Sanchez

      • johnsilver 3 years ago

         Sanchez is a FA after the season also.

        • Dylan 3 years ago

          I know that. I was referring to JJ with the extra year.

          • johnsilver 3 years ago

             KK. Looked like Anibel in the post was available another year and if he was? he would be a very hot commodity also. LOL

            Still wish Loria would lock him up LT still..

            JJ just still cannot stay healthy more than 2 months straight.

      • Andrew Lujan 3 years ago

        Lol I think people keep forgetting that Wandy is better than garza

        • Dylan 3 years ago

          I don’t think the industry agrees with you. Garza is four years younger, cheaper, better k/9, better WHIP, and not to mention, can pitch in the AL East.

          I think there is a reason that people are calling for Garza and not for Wandy. They have been trying to trade Wandy for two years not. Theo could trade Garza yesterday if he wanted to. People view Garza as a nice 2/3. I think people see Wandy as a 3/4. Pretty big difference in my opinion.

  5. Manny Being Manny 3 years ago

    Trading RA Dickey right now would be a great move, actually. You could get some top prospects for an old guy who won’t help you win right now. But its one of those moves you know would never actually happen.

    • Kenny St John 3 years ago


    • calamityfrancis 3 years ago

      agreed, not gonna happen.  true ace that is cheap and controllable for another year.   not to mention he is a MASSIVE fan favorite and pretty much the heart of the team.  i’d rather trade wright.

    • metsman 3 years ago

       Anyone who would even mention trading Dickey sounds ten years late to the dance. Get a few facts and then speak on it.

      • BooJays33 3 years ago

        lol what does that even mean?  not a mets fan but the man’s opinion is dickey could fetch a haul on the trade market.  what does dancing 10 years ago have to do with anything?

    • Guest 3 years ago

      As someone who watches all Met games and Yankee games and hopes both make it to the world series the worst thing for the Mets this year was all this success, it makes them a little above average and afraid to trade away their best players. They need to trade Santana and RA Dicky for some young players with at least 1-2 very good pitching prospects or power hitters. They only have contact hitters in the minor leagues and will need more pitching and power players for their long term plans to work. Just like last year when they missed out on not trading Reyes

      • cman 3 years ago

        Twins will take Santana and RA Dicky back for Mauer!

  6. Dylan 3 years ago

    Why would Phillies want Lowrie? I wanted him in the offseason before Rollins, not now.

    • monty4aloha 3 years ago

      why would the Astros trade Lowrie?

      • Kevin Swords 3 years ago

        He’s aging (28) on a team that is getting younger and looking toward the future. He’s been prone to injury and his value may never be higher. The Astros have many needs and trading him (sell high) could help.

        • monty4aloha 3 years ago

          I am not sure teams would give very much for him. So why trade him? Just what would he bring back that would intest he Astros new GM.

          • Kevin Swords 3 years ago

            I’d imagine that they aren’t aggressively trying to move Lowrie, but if the right offer comes along it would behoove them not to explore their options. I’d also imagine that they would ask for quite a good return for him, as he plays a premium position and has put together a good season at the plate. He was once considered a top prospect but injuries have limited his playing time. He is team controlled through 2014 and is still young enough to help a team make a push to the postseason.

          • Andrew Lujan 3 years ago

            the guy is one of the best hitting shortstops in the league. They could easily get a top tier prospect and a mid-level for the kind of production he will bring to a contender. 

  7. First I’ve seen that the Cards are interested in Garza. They have a lot of good pieces like Miller, Jenkins, Martinez, Taveras, Rosenthal, Wong, even someone like Zach Cox, who’s struggled pretty badly this year. Miller has struggled too, but I’d be shocked if they traded him. Or Taveras. Maybe Martinez and Wong? Even that seems kinda steep.

    • baseball52 3 years ago

      For the Cards to get him, it will be INCREDIBLY steep.

  8. Dylan 3 years ago

    Can’t imagine Podsednik will bring back much.

    • MaineSox 3 years ago

      No, but a mid-level prospect or two does them more good than Podsednik once everyone is healthy.

    • CubHope 3 years ago

       maybe a six-pack and a bag of balls

  9. johnsilver 3 years ago

    I thought hope was eternal in NY and they were always competitive? Oh yeah.. That is the other team in NY isn’t it..

  10. BranchRickeysGhost 3 years ago

    As a Cardinals fan, I want absolutely nothing to do with Matt Garza.  Don’t do it Mo.

    • monty4aloha 3 years ago

      I agree, a Garza is not an ace. I would have Wandy before him.

  11. skandy1 3 years ago

    I was hoping to see something brewing with the Cubs – Tigers but not Garza. Barney to fill the 2B void…

  12. Vmmercan 3 years ago

    Mets should absolutely trade Dickey….In fact, they should trade Wright too while his value is sky high just like they should have traded Reyes. Getting stuck in the “maybe they’ll compete this year!” mode is how you get stuck. Right now fans wouldn’t want their best pieces traded away because the Mets are in second and competing, but they are nowhere near getting over the hump so they should build for a perennial future while the young guys head into their primes.

  13. $6101468 3 years ago

    OK…OK…OK….I have the real dirt well ahead of those faux reporters. I have a friend who has a sister who knows a hairdresser whose third cousin once saw Ben Cherrinton walking on Newbury Street. The Sox are right now involved in a 17 team and four nation trade. Youk will end up playing in South Korea and the Pirates will pay 7M of his payroll. This is really a complicated deal but I just wanted to chip in to give everyone a heads up.

  14. Garza + LaHair for Wil Myers + Odorizzi and a throw-in… 

  15. Hoosierdaddy92 3 years ago

    I would love for the Tigers to trade for both Lowrie and Wandy. I’d be ok with them parting with Turner and Porcello if it facilitated the deal too. Lowrie at 2b would be great offensively and defensively for a team that has had a huge hole at 2b all season. 

  16. Steve 3 years ago

    Lowrie to the Tigers makes too much sense.  He’s been really good this year, and still works cheap.  I wouldn’t go out of my way to move him, but I believe Luhnow would if some team was hard up, like the Tigers are. 

    In Houston, we seem to value Wandy for his consistent nature every year.  Nationally, he doesn’t get the same treatment. 

    For Lowrie alone, I’d assume Luhnow would at least ask for one of Turner or Castellanos.  Not to say Dombrowski would budge, but it would be Luhnow doing due diligence.  If Wandy were included, I’d say at least another top ten prospect would have to come our way, along with two more premium pieces, preferably pitching. 

  17. rickroscoe 3 years ago

    I like Garza (as a Cub fan) but I think the Cubs gave up too much to get him. I think he’s a good number 2 or great 3 in a rotation for a contender.  He’s very durable, has pitched in the AL East, and always seems to be near the top in Ks.  His big ‘knock’ is that he will give up a big inning and is prone to giving up HRs.  If you match him up in a pitchers park on a winning team, he’s much better than the 4.0+ ERA pitcher he is now with the worst team in baseball.

    With that in mind, Cubs Mgt knows how much former mgt gave up to get him and he’s their most attractive player to trade. I don’t think a trade is absolutely going to happen because the Cubs don’t need to trade him. He’s under control for another year and could very well trade him in the off season or before the trade deadline next year.  However, at this time of year you will always find a trade partner who is desperate for a good to sometimes great pitcher who is under club control after this year. 

    Personally, I think the Dodgers is probably the best fit for HIM because it is a pitchers park. But, I think the Tigers might be the best trade partner because they have some very nice, almost MLB ready prospects and an owner who has a ‘win now’ philosophy. I also think the Braves has some good prospects and could see him in Atlanta because of the Beachy injury. But the Braves have always been apprehensive to make a big trade by giving up big prospects with the exception of trading for Texeira, which I’m sure they now regret.

  18. baseball52 3 years ago

    The whole premise is that a team can afford to give up the big specs to get a guy because they can then replace them, and their trade value, in the next draft if the player walks.

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