Baseball Blogs Weigh In: Greinke, Hamels, Upton

Six years ago today, the Nationals and Reds swung an eight-player trade that sent Austin Kearns, Felipe Lopez, and Ryan Wagner to Washington in exchange for Bill Bray, Daryl Thompson, Gary Majewski, Brendan Harris, and Royce Clayton. The Reds later filed a grievance claiming Majewski was "damaged goods" due to a shoulder injury, but it was eventually dropped. Here are this week's links…

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14 Comments on "Baseball Blogs Weigh In: Greinke, Hamels, Upton"

Michael Schwarz
3 years 1 month ago

I completely agree with Pirates Prospects on the Upton deal.  How about this for a three-way swap:

Texas gets OF Justin Upton and SS Stephen Drew.
Arizona gets 3B Mike Olt, SS Alen Hanson, OF Jose Tabata, OF Leonys Martin, and LHP Justin Wilson.
Pittsburgh gets SS Elvis Andrus.

Texas gets Upton and keeps top prospect SS Jurickson Profar, who replaces Andrus next season. Meanwhile, Stephen Drew plays SS and bats ninth. Plug in Upton between Kinsler and Hamilton. Yikes.
Arizona gets an elite 3B prospect with an ETA of 2013, a 19-year-old power-speed SS prospect, two major-league-ready OFs, and a 24-year-old LHP with a strikeout arm and #3 starter upside.
Pitsburgh gets a 23-year-old All-Star SS, a leadoff hitter with playoff experience, and an all-around upgrade at their weakest offensive position.


3 years 1 month ago

 Arizona is getting too much for what they’re giving up.  Texas won’t want to downdgrade at ss when they’re going for it all this year.  Pass.

3 years 1 month ago

I’m not too fond of giving up Elvis. He’ll be moved to 2B for Profar if need be.

3 years 1 month ago

And Kinsler goes where?

3 years 1 month ago


Jeff Snedden
3 years 1 month ago

 I would do this as a Pirates fan in a heartbeat.  Andrus would be our shortstop for the next five years while the rest of our incredible young players mature and this team becomes a force.  He is a perfect fit.  Pirates give up Justin Wilson, who probably has the most upside of the three SP prospects at AAA, Allen Hanson a top 50 prospect, Jose Tabata – who is probably out of a position in Pittsburgh now.  I would assume another player would need to be added or substituted for Tabata.

3 years 1 month ago

Really good blog from Pirates Prospects

3 years 1 month ago

Looks like it was a slow week for blogs

3 years 1 month ago

Man that looked like such a good trade when it happened.

3 years 1 month ago

I think the Pirates should make the deal for Upton. 

I don’t find Starling Marte that intriguing one bit, K’s too much, walks too little. I just see him as an average OF or maybe a 4th OF. I think McCutchen will bring out the best in Upton and Taillon could easily be a bust.

Cedric Lee
3 years 1 month ago

lol is an article on why the reds or any team for that matter would prefer Victorino over pierre actually necessary?

3 years 1 month ago

have you read some of the posts on this site??  I wonder what the Phils could get from Cincy for Victorino…. Lotzkar maybe? not too familiar with the Reds farm system..

3 years 1 month ago

The dodger article suggest that in order to get ham els we would give up:
Van Slyke
Are you kidding me, we will have to give up a lot more than that. Thsts not enough for even Dempster!!

Michael Schwarz
3 years 1 month ago

I wouldn’t think so either.  But I saw Texas linked to Upton and then read that they wouldn’t give up Profar.  So then…what?  Olt plus what?  Hence the third team with a (serious) need and more major-league-ready players.