Zack Greinke Rumors: Thursday

The Brewers are looking to sell and, based on his most recent start, Zack Greinke is healthy. The right-hander figures to continue drawing heavy interest in the days leading up to the July 31st non-waiver trade deadline. He’s clearly the top arm available with Cole Hamels locked up to an extension in Philadelphia. The Rangers, Angels, Braves and White Sox are interested in Greinke and the Red Sox and Nationals might be considered suitors too. Here are the latest rumors surrounding the Greinke with the most recent rumors up top…

  • Brewers GM Doug Melvin's comments this evening were measured compared to ones made earlier today where he sounded certain of a Greinke trade, writes Adam McCalvy of  "I just said there was that possibility," Melvin said. "I don't think there's any secret, with the Trade Deadline, that this is a possibility. Zack knows that. We know that. Other teams know that."  McCalvy writes that the Rangers, Angels, and Braves appear to be the most serious suitors for Greinke.
  • The Dodgers aren't pursuing Greinke at this point, sources tell Ken Rosenthal and Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports (via Twitter).
  • The White Sox seem completely focused on trying to get Greinke, Danny Knobler of reports (on Twitter).
  • Greinke will be traded before the July 31st deadline, GM Doug Melvin told Bob Nightengale of USA Today. Melvin said Greinke could handle pitching in a large market. "There are so many good things about him, it's going to be difficult when we trade him,'' Melvin said. GMs and executives agree Greinke is the prize pitcher available in trades, Nightengale reports.
  • One source believes Greinke will be traded before Ryan Dempster, Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports reports (on Twitter).
  • Brewers GM Doug Melvin confirmed on WTMJ radio that he's taking phone calls and acknowledged that Greinke could be traded before his next start (transcript via Tom Haudricourt). "At this point we have to listen to opportunities to improve the ball club for the future and still try to win ball games now," Melvin said.
  • Melvin added that the Brewers haven't had recent extension talks with Greinke.
  • The Brewers are taking calls from teams interested in acquiring Greinke, Tom Haudricourt of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports. "It sounds like he's as good as gone," one person told Haudricourt. 
  • Haudricourt offers a detailed look at which prospects interest the Brewers’ decision makers. Milwaukee would love to have Rangers shortstop prospect Jurickson Profar, but the Rangers consider him untouchable. The Brewers would be very interested in Rangers left-hander Martin Perez and have scouted right-hander Justin Grimm.
  • The Brewers are thought to rank Braves right-hander Julio Teheran ahead of Randall Delgado and Mike Minor, according to Haudricourt. The Brewers want pitchers who can contribute at the MLB level soon.
  • Milwaukee prefers Angels shortstop prospect Jean Segura to Garrett Richards, Haudricourt writes.
  • The White Sox also appear to have considerable interest in Greinke.

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  1. Clay Chason 3 years ago

    I’m not so much in favor of giving up Teheran for a handful of starts from Greinke, knowing that it’s almost impossible to sign him after the season is up.

    • jhawk1000 3 years ago

      I’d rather Teheran go for Greinke than Delgado. But only if we can sign Zachary to an extension first. I just have a feeling Delgado is going to be better than Julio in the long run.

      • Clay Chason 3 years ago

        Given what I have seen this year I would have to agree with you on that. I just don’t like the idea of giving up any of them for just a handful of starts.

        • Suh Girls One Cup 3 years ago

          Why do you think he’d be impossible to resign, Clay?

          • Jwick22 3 years ago

            Maybe a solid run through the playoffs would lead to the ted being sold out alot next year which would lead to a payroll increase making it where they could afford him. But thats alot of ifs. The owners already made it clear they will only spend what they make. And with a horrible tv deal attendence is really the only area to improve. 20 mil a year could badly hurt the braves

          • rundmc1981 3 years ago

            We stuck out $15M per year for the last few years with Lowe. We have a short window to benefit from the young Braves being “overproductive” before their salaries will level out through arbitration.

          • Clay Chason 3 years ago

            If he hits free agency in the off season the Braves would get outbid easily.

          • rundmc1981 3 years ago

            Maybe, but remember Greinke has been quoted as saying that he wishes every player were paid the same. He’s also stated that he’d love to play for ATL. When you factor in that NYY, BOS and maybe even a few others are put off by his “challenges” regarding pitching in a big market, ATL can make the winning bid without it being the highest bid, much like PHI did with Cliff Lee when they were outbid, LAA when they were outbid by MIA for Pujols, etc. There are things ATL can provide that other teams cannot; some of those are security, competition, professionalism, and assurances.

            I don’t think it’s about the highest bid with him, but money changes things quickly.

          • Clay Chason 3 years ago

            That’s very true. Best case scenario for now is he becomes a Braves and signs an extension.

          • vtadave 3 years ago

            “Maybe, but remember Greinke has been quoted as saying that he wishes every player were paid the same.”
            Wow, missed that quote. He’s a socialist then?

          • vtadave 3 years ago

            – The Dodgers

      • rundmc1981 3 years ago

        How do you know? ATL has never given Teheran more than a handful of spot starts. I watched his first game in PHI last year and he’s got incredible stuff. Now, if he had been in the rotation for a few months, like Delgado and Minor, and had the same numbers that he’s had in AAA this year – which don’t mean much to me based on his track record – I might agree with you, but I feel like this is similar to us trading Wainwright for Drew’s rental back in the day – never seeing what we had in Wainwright, and losing Drew in the end. And all we’re left with is what could have been.

      • gregdiehardbravesfan 3 years ago

        I second that…..delgado is looking like beachy did his first full year… he has a power sinker

      • esasc4 3 years ago

        I think jr graham is going to be better than both of them, he pitched today, 2 hits 0 run 1bb 8 strikeouts. 1.68 era. I have watch him in person about 4 or 5 times, man he sure is bringing it, maturing by the game. graham will be in the rotation by the allstar break next year. Matt kimbrel is going to be a flame thrower like his brother, like to see both of them closing games, matt the 8th,craig the 9th.

  2. Make it happen Wren!!! And get Cory Hart in the deal!!!

    • Clay Chason 3 years ago

      If Hart came with Greinke I might be on board. IF he can get back to the old Hart, you looked at his bb/k lately? It’s bad. But yeah having Hart in LF and letting Prado play SS/3B for now but then what do you do if Simmons comes back this year?

      • Jeff 3 years ago

        Give Prado games all over the place, Prado can do everything.

        • gothamgator 3 years ago

          agreed… and I also wouldn’t mind playing Prado at 2b for a bit and letting Uggla go down to aaa to work on some things… he’s really a black hole in the lineup right now.

          • Jwick22 3 years ago

            Yes move prado back to second,let uggla be the right handed bat off the bench and hope next year he can earn his keep. And let prado still cover for chipper on the days he needs rest

          • Clay Chason 3 years ago

            Have you interviewed for Fredi’s job yet? LOL

          • Jwick22 3 years ago

            No but i stayed at a holiday inn express once

          • Clay Chason 3 years ago

            YOU’RE HIRED!!

          • Jwick22 3 years ago

            If thats the case maybe i can fire roger mcdowell and get greg maddux as pitching coach. If our guys are going to lose speed on the fastball might as well have the best location pitcher of all time guiding them

          • Clay Chason 3 years ago

            Uggla won’t be going to AAA. Uggla is Uggla, he played like this before we had him too, he’s only had 3 seasons where he hit .260 or better. I have a buddy in Miami that’s a big Marlins fan and he was excited to see Uggla gone. He told me just wait, you’ll be cussing him eventually….

          • Suh Girls One Cup 3 years ago

            I’m just about ready to trade Uggla.
            From my fantasy team, that is.

      • tomymogo 3 years ago

        With the way Uggla is going, Prado could play 2B, Corey LF, Chipper 3B. Freeman struggles vs lefties, Corey could platoon at 1B, Heyward could use a few days off as well. It really gives ATL a WS caliber team, and solve LF for next season

    • Duder Steve Pettke 3 years ago

      Ha, You do realize thats going to take quite a bit of talent to get Hart and Greinke.

      • Clay Chason 3 years ago

        A lot of talent but at least you would have more than just a rental SP. Hart would solve the LF problem next season.

  3. Frank Wren: Your mission, which you will accept, is to get Zack Greinke on this team.

    • rundmc1981 3 years ago

      Now we’re giving up one of the best pitching prospects in baseball for a 2 month rental? No thanks. With Hamels gone, Greinke is the best available starter on the free agent market and I don’t like my odds of ATL re-signing him, if they were to acquire him via a trade. Why not just go after a lesser pitcher and make a competitive offer to him at the end of the season – which ATL has said they want to do.

      • orbrewer 3 years ago

        Because a lesser pitcher means a lesser chance at making the playoffs.

  4. tebow20 3 years ago

    Wren Wren Wren… times ticking.. lets do this!!!

  5. Chiburgh 3 years ago

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Kenny Williams pull off a deal. He may have to involve a 3rd team, the Blue Jays, but it could happen.

  6. rundmc1981 3 years ago

    “The Brewers are thought to rank Teheran ahead of Delgado and Minor”. MIL has the best scouts in the ‘biz.

    • Too bad Milwaukee’s “best scouts in the biz” now work for Seattle.

    • Sweet Tater 3 years ago

      Teheran has been stinking up AAA. When he’s bad he’s really bad. and I’m tired of telling myself “maybe he’s just working on specific pitches”

      • rundmc1981 3 years ago

        What’s his motivation? Seriously. Last year he absolutely killed AAA, and still didn’t win the spot in spring training. I’m not going to argue with that decision, but the best man didn’t necessarily win the spot. I think he’s toiling in AAA and at least deserves a short stint in the majors to know exactly where he stands in the organization. Doesn’t the top prospect in the organization for the last 2 years at least deserve that? Sure, if there’s not a spot available for him, I can understand, but to give up on the top arm in our organization based on year 2 results in AAA is insane. If they traded him away without giving him a shot I’d root for him to become an ace somewhere else, like Wainwright has in STL.

      • esasc4 3 years ago

        Dont be fooled!, i watch teheran on a weekly basis, he has the best stuff around, he now is working on his slider, He was told to work on his 4 pitches in and out up and down, AAA numbers arent important to the him or the braves. Right now they are just working on control of new pitches.

  7. twitter_wiscsportstalk 3 years ago

    Brewer’s fan here. I personally would like to deal with Atlanta. Melvin wants “ML ready talent” and the Brewers really aren’t in a rebuilding phase, more of a restocking. That being said I think the Braves match up best.

    Greinke to ATL for Pastornicky and Delgado
    Greinke and Maldanado to ATL for Pastornicky and Teheran
    Greinke and Hart to ATL for Pastornicky, Delgado/Teheran/Minor, and Mejia

    Pastornicky will probably be involved in any deal made for Greinke. Melvin is searching for SS and a ML ready arm. There is no way of landing Simmons, so Pastornicky is kind of in Minor league limbo.

    Personally, if there was any way to deal Greinke + Maldanado/B level prospect for J.R Graham and Eddie Salcedo sign me up for it.

    • Jay212033 3 years ago

      Greinke for Delgado and Pastornicky is a very good deal for both teams.

      • rundmc1981 3 years ago

        I would send Dempster an edible arrangement of gingerbread cookies as thanks.

        • amccoy12 3 years ago

          I’d drive up to Chicago and eat them while he uses his 10/5 rights to decide if he wants them.

      • Art Vandelay 3 years ago

        If by both teams you mean the Braves then sure.

      • Sal Tarantino 3 years ago

        give up moree like throw in Teheran if you want a true aace

    • tomymogo 3 years ago

      I like the Greinke and Hart proposal, Hart kills lefties, he can play LF/RF/1B and is signed for the 2013 season

      • twitter_wiscsportstalk 3 years ago

        I do too, I worry that the hull of Past. Teheran, and Mejia may be on the light side. Mejia doesn’t really scream ‘Major League Impact’ talent, but he’s killin’ it this year and the Brewers 1B is kind of in limbo right now.

        • Jeff 3 years ago

          Most Braves fans would take that last deal.

          • James Smizek 3 years ago

            If JR Graham was added to that deal, it’d be hard to turn down. I’d expect the Brewers to add a low A prospect to get the four players haul. We’ll have to wait and seeee.

    • Jay212033 3 years ago

      Also J.R. Graham is a hidden gem most fans don’t know about but honestly i’d give up Teheran or Delgado before i’d give him up JMO.

      • twitter_wiscsportstalk 3 years ago

        From what I’ve studied from him he has looked phenomenal this year. Definitely under the radar but I bet his name will be throwing around in talks between Wren and Melvin.

      • esasc4 3 years ago

        I agree, both graham and gilmartin are going to horses, and schlosser isnt that far behind. We have about 5 young pitchers behind delgado,minor,teheran that are going to be top of rotation guys in a couple years. graham and gilmartin will be ready next year. And harper and buchler are relief guys who are lights out! also include gearrin with his 1.26 era.

    • Suh Girls One Cup 3 years ago

      You seem to know the Braves prospects quite well. Sweet!
      I don’t know who Maldanado is… care to elaborate a little?

      One of Delgado or Teheran will be in this deal. I love ’em both, but I guess I’m more excited to see what Julio will do, so I hope the Braves can keep him.

      Pitchers like Zeke Spruill and J.R. Graham are solid secondary pieces.

      Like you said, the Brewers need a shortstop who can contribute right away. Enter Pastornicky, who has struggled granted, but he deserves an opportunity to play everyday.

      I don’t know much about Ernesto Mejia but if you need a first baseman, go for it. Braves obviously don’t, haha.

      So I’d be happy with Delgado, Spruill, Pastornicky, Mejia for Greinke, contingent on extension talks in place.

      • James Smizek 3 years ago

        Maldonado is currently the Brewers full time catcher while Lucroy has been down. He’s been labeled a defensive catcher and it has definitely showed, but he brought a bat to the bigs. Currently has a 260 avg, 6hr, 20some rbi in around 40 games. I’m on my phone right now, so these numbers aren’t exact. He’s also only 24-25.

        I don’t know the Braves catching situation, but he is definitely a piece that could be added to a deal to bring in a little more value. Currently he’s a great backup with starting potential, clearly the Braves have McCann but depth is always necessary.

        IMO Greinke is on the cusp of bringing back three talented players, but I think he needs a piece added to the deal to get all three of them to be impact players in the next two years.

        • Suh Girls One Cup 3 years ago

          David Ross is one of the best backup catchers in the league, but admittedly, the Braves could use someone in the upper minors. JC Boscan doesn’t exactly pique my interest if/when the Braves need to bring someone up. Bethancourt is being groomed for the future, so I’m not entirely sure catcher would be a Braves asking piece.

          They need a right-hander off the bench, either in the middle infield or the corner outfield. So that could be somewhere to look for a second piece coming to Atllanta.

          Honestly, anything that brings Greinke to Atlanta that doesn’t involve both Teheran and Delgado, and I’m sure I’d be happy with it.

        • rundmc1981 3 years ago

          Lucroy was just activated and Kotteras designated for assignment. So it looks like Maldando might be the backup going forward.

    • bravesfansince1990 3 years ago

      I really hope you were joking(smoking) when you typed that half a year of Greinke and 1.5 years of Hart = 3 of the Braves top young pitchers. You can’t be serious..

      • Jeff 3 years ago

        I think he meant one of those three and the other pieces.

      • James Smizek 3 years ago

        Do you take me for a idiot? Ha. The ‘/’ represents one of them. They’re pretty equal in my mind. Teheran probably the most likely.

    • Sal Tarantino 3 years ago

      why would we give up Maldonado when we just DFA Kottaras today?

      • James Smizek 3 years ago

        I clearly wrote this before that news broke.

    • esasc4 3 years ago

      jr graham pitched a 2 hitter 8 strikeouts with a 1.68 era today.

  8. Billy 3 years ago

    How about Tommy Hanson for Greinke straight up ?? 1) Greinke 2) Hudson 3) Sheets 4) Minor 5) Medlin maybe throw in Delgado for Corey Hart 2013 1) Prado LF 2) Simmons SS 3) Heyward CF 4) Hart RF 5) McCann C 6) Freeman 1B 7) Uggla 2B 8) Francisco 3B 9) Pitcher Greinke wants to be a Brave…we need an ace !! with Chippers $ off the books and not resigning Borne we can extend Greinke

    • YanksFanSince78 3 years ago

      Isn’t the point to improve the rotation from a 1-5 aspect and not just upgrade one slot?

      • Jeff 3 years ago

        I think Braves are ok on the back-end. Hudson’s good, Sheets is doing well for now, Delgado/Minor are perfectly fine 4/5 starters right now.

        Just don’t let JJ pitch for the Braves again.

      • Billy 3 years ago

        Actually I feel the point is to acquire an ace that can compete w/ other teams aces this year and maybe for years to come w/ an extension. Tim Hudson would be a great # 2. I feel this way because of the previous trade that fell thru of Dempster.

    • Jeff 3 years ago

      That’s not a bad idea. Gives MIL three years of a potential ace and doesn’t overmortgage the future.

      • Billy 3 years ago

        Hanson is only 25…but his velocity is down..his delivery is awkward and my grandmother can steal a base off of him. He is a good #3…but I don’t think he will ever be an ace of any staff

  9. “The White Sox also appear to have considerable interest in Greinke”

    I have considerable interest in Kate Upton, but I don’t really have anything to offer her. What are the White Sox going to give the Brewers for Greinke?

    • twitter_wiscsportstalk 3 years ago

      There is really nothing of young value that I can see the Brewers benefiting from. It will probably take Leesman, Simon Castro, Tyler Saladino. That is pretty underwhelming and nothing that can help the Brewers right now.

    • the_show 3 years ago

      Kenny Williams has been exploring three team trades among other options…clearly he knows what and what won’t get a deal done.

      • Yeah I read somewhere (probably here) that they might try to flip Gavin Floyd for some prospects in order to get him.

    • chi1313 3 years ago

      If Kenny Williams wants Greinke, he’ll get Greinke. One way or another. What makes me skeptical about this is how much has been written about how interested the Sox are in acquiring him. They usually are pretty tighted lipped about trades so it wouldnt surprise me at all to learn that Greinke interest is a smokescreen for another starter that nobody ever saw coming (welcome back Mr. Buehrle)

      • sdsuphilip 3 years ago

        no he won’t.

      • Jason_F 3 years ago

        Surely, it will take a top 100 prospect plus to land Grienke…how many of those are in the White Sox system?

        Hint: Addison Reed doesn’t count.

        • chi1313 3 years ago

          Clearly you’re not familiar with the concept of a three team trade. And I’m not sure why you’re dismissing Reed as a prospect. Why wouldnt he count? Just because he’s on the major league roster doesnt make him older or disqualify him as a candidate to be included in trades. Remember, the sox did just acquire a closer in Brett Myers that would fill the hole if Reed was included in a deal.
          So easy to jump on the notion that the sox have a bad farm system, last I checked at least 10 rookies have contributed on a first place team this year. Surprising that the worst farm system of all time could produce that amount of major league ready talent…

          • Jason_F 3 years ago

            Is the three team trade the kind where you don’t have to give up anything of value to get one of the better starting pitchers in the game? I am not dismissing Reed as a prospect. Rather, I am dismissing him as the centerpiece in a deal for Grienke. Relievers who are closers from (almost) the get go, tend to get expensive very quickly in the arbitration process, making them a bad return in trade down the line. They also don’t provide nearly as much value as a position player or starter.

            True or false? All but one of these rookies you speak of are relief pitchers.

            The one that isn’t a relief pitcher, Jose Quintana, is an unheralded rookie who has been rocked in 3 of his past 5 starts. It is highly unlikely that he will be the centerpiece of a Grienke trade. Are you suggesting that the White Sox will be subtracting from the Major League roster in a trade? Are you really strengthening the team then? The idea that the White Sox have a terrible farm system isn’t simply a notion. People who evaluate farm systems for a living almost unanimously agree that the system is terrible.

          • chi1313 3 years ago

            You’re dismissing one key point – Greinke is a rental. Yes, he’s truly an ace, but you’re only getting 10 starts from him then he’s going to the highest bidder in FA. There’s a reason it won’t take the greatest prospect package ever to get him. Josh Johnson? Felix Hernandez? Now those are guys who would demand a king’s ransom because they are under control beyond 2012. Greinke should go for ONE top prospect – something the sox could do – and a couple other 2nd tier guys.
            Eduardo Escobar is decent position player who was highly ranked in the sox system and has done well in a utility role this year. Jordan Danks is an outfielder with speed and has been heralded as the top defensive outfielder in the entire system. Dylan Axelrod, while not great, is a starter on a major league club, and yes, Quintana, although he has regressed a bit (hard not to when your ERA is 2.0) the last couple of starts, I believe would be considered a commodity still. “rocked” in 3 of his last 5starts is dramatically overstated. So truly, there are only 4 rookie relievers (Reed, Jones, Santiago, Septimo).
            Subtracting from the major league roster is fine – as long as the benefit Grienke brings is greater than the loss from the departing player. This is what general managers weigh when considering trades, if it doesnt improve the team, they wont do it. Not a difficult concept.
            Finally, those people that make their living evaluating farm systems can be wrong every once in a while. The greatest evidence of this is….this year’s White Sox. As I mentioned before, when farm systems evaluations took place last year, and prior to the start of this year – every one of those rookies we’re included in the evaluation. Somehow, these evaluators failed to realize that they were capable of contributing to a first place major league club. They may not be the deepest farm system – but to call them terrible, or the worst in the league, is dead wrong, and I think next year’s evaluations will prove that.

          • Jason_F 3 years ago

            If memory serves, the last two aces traded at the deadline as rental players were Cliff Lee in 2010 and CC Sabathia in 2008. Both netted top 50 prospects in Justin Smoak (#13 prior to 2010) and Matt LaPorta (#23 prior to 2008). A top prospect in the White Sox system simply isn’t anywhere near a top prospect in the game.
            The three guys you mentioned that you claim as the non-relievers (other than Quintana, whom I acknowledged), Eduardo Escobar,
            Jordan Danks &
            Dylan Axelrod have combined for a total of -0.1 WAR. I wouldn’t exactly call that contributing. It is especially humorous that the best thing you can say about Axelrod is that he “is a starter on a major league club.” You call Escobar “decent” while he has produced an OPS that is barely over .500. As for Quintana, I think it is safe to say that 15 ER in 17 1/3 innings is getting rocked. I don’t know how you could explain that otherwise. 13 rookies have combined for a total of 2.3 WAR this season. Take away Quintana and Reed, that figure plummets to -0.1 WAR. You are clearly suffering from a bout with homerism and your team’s rookies are not contributing nearly as much as you think they are. The White Sox have a quality major league roster. That is why they are succeeding this season.

          • chi1313 3 years ago

            right, a quality major league roster comprised of some of the worst farm system players in the league?

          • Jason_F 3 years ago

            Upside is what other teams value in prospects. That is what the White Sox rookies and farm system lack. Can you honestly say that you think any of their rookies will be impact starting pitchers, major league regular position players or anything other than a reliever?

      • Jason_F 3 years ago

        So, I guess he didn’t want him then, huh? It’s funny, all those reports that had Kenny Williams pushing so hard to acquire Grienke. I wonder what the holdup was…

    • Ausome7 3 years ago

      Ur gonna have to get through verlander bud

  10. Clay Chason 3 years ago

    Dude is from FL so Wren may be able to sign him to an extension.

    • However, the key word is “may”

      • Clay Chason 3 years ago

        I know but I don’t think Wren ponies up unless he knows that Greinke will sign an extension. If that happens though, he is guaranteed not to be able to extend Bourn.

        • rundmc1981 3 years ago

          Not true at all, we have the money to make highly competitive offers to both, though the offers won’t set any records. WSH has said that they will go hard after Bourn, which is scary because they’ve been looking for a CF for awhile and they have the money to make a winning offer – not to mention Bourn has stated that he would like to play there. The thing you have to remember though is that we will still have other areas to address, including LF/3B (wherever Prado isn’t), bench, and bullpen.

          • Braves Fan 85
            Braves2014Champs 3 years ago

            I’ not so sure Bourn is going to be worth what everybody thinks, he’s obiously having a career year in a contract year, but look at his career stats neither avg or OBP are very good and now hes in his 30s…

          • rundmc1981 3 years ago

            We can make a competitive offer, but I don’t think we will make the winning offer to Bourn, if we sign Greinke. As I’ve said in another post, I don’t think we should pay Bourn what he will demand on the market b/c of this career year. We’re in agreement on that. Although I love what he brings to the team, I’d rather allocate that somewhere else especially if it means the possibility of signing Greinke.

  11. gnats 3 years ago

    If the Brewers want Profar or Perez, JD should pass.

    • twitter_wiscsportstalk 3 years ago

      EVERYBODY wants Profar, but nobody is going to land him. I would take Greinke + Hart + Top 20 prospect to land Profar + Top 50 Prospect. No chance.

      • YanksFanSince78 3 years ago

        Wow…..can Profar walk on water, feed a village off of 2 fish and rock the hippy look like JC did too?

        • gnats 3 years ago

          It would be absolutely foolish – a fireable decision even – to trade away the #1 prospect in all of baseball for 3 months of Greinke.

          • vtadave 3 years ago

            Signed Wil Myers’ team.

          • Dylan 3 years ago

            Or Dylan Bundy. Those three are interchangable at this point. Some scouts will even argue that Oscar Tavares is the best prospect in baseball right now. It’s very subjective.

          • YanksFanSince78 3 years ago

            Don’t mistake what I said in saying that they should. Just making light of how he’s treated like a deity.

    • YanksFanSince78 3 years ago

      If you feel that the Braves can honestly make a real post season run with Greinke then Perez shouldn’t stand in their way. Also, I see them having a very, very good chance at signing Grenike after the season. Who else is going to go after him that have the ability to blow the Braves out the water? I don’t see the Yanks, Sox or Phillies doing it.

      • melonis_rex 3 years ago

        (Perez is a Rangers prospect, but sub out Braves and put in Rangers and your point still stands).

        • YanksFanSince78 3 years ago

          I’m sorry…..every time I think of “overrated pitching prospect” I tend to think Braves. Yeah, yeah….Joba and Hughes. Pot calling kettle.

          I just don’t understand. I absolutely know that Bans has done little to warrant being a top 50 prospect the last two seasons (despite his main problem being control last year and his inability to build up his IP this year) but why does Perez still get a pass? Yes, I see he’s only 21 and in the majors. Yes, I know he’s a lefty with a plus fastball and good off speed stuff. Yes, I realize that at that age you think projection. But dang…aside from 16 starts he made in AA in 2011 he’s been mediocre to awful since 2009 and his BB/KO rates have been awful in 2012 both in AAA and during his brief mlb debut.

          If the the Rangers have a chance to get Greinke using Perez as the main piece then they should jump at it because this guy can get exposed real quick at the mlb level.

          • crichar3 3 years ago

            That is pretty much my fears about Perez. Upside with at least some results better than mediocre makes this a huge risk for MKE.

        • crichar3 3 years ago

          What’s the attraction of Perez? I realize scouts love his stuff, but his numbers in the minors are pretty bland. Having never seen the guy I am genuinely perplexed as to why he would be in the Greinke trade discussion. Seems like way too much projection to be part of this deal.

          • gnats 3 years ago

            Perez has had a rough couple of years, but the talent is still there. You have to remember that he just turned 21 years old and has a TORP ceiling. Maybe not Ace, but at least a #2. He’s a southpaw, and his fastball is 92-94 that can hit about 96. But the thing that makes Perez so hyped are his curve and changeup. He’s been compared to Johan for years because they are very similar in what they throw and their size. He’s still very, very young, and he’s probably not ready to start at the major-league level (even though he has made a few starts for the Rangers this year, and done quite well), but he has the ability to be a #1, and those don’t grow on trees.

          • crichar3 3 years ago

            Thanks for that sketch. I have read similar thoughts from @JP_Breen and that makes it easier to understand the excitement about this kid. But I remain uncomfortable with a guy with such talent who struggles to get results above one season in A ball.

  12. nm344 3 years ago

    Bye bye Teheran.

  13. craigkimbrelfan 3 years ago

    Still not sure how Greinke’s salary would fit into the picture in Atlanta. Just can’t see it. Well…maybe that ‘high regard’ is real and actually effective in the extension. Let’s do it Wren…

    • Braves Fan 85
      Braves2014Champs 3 years ago

      maybe a tiered slary? 15 mil ’13, 15 mil ’14, 17 mil ’15 etc…

      • Jeff 3 years ago

        Braves don’t like tiered salaries. They didn’t do one with Uggla.

        That said, I think a Grienke long-term deal means one of Bourn or Uggla is gone.

        • Braves Fan 85
          Braves2014Champs 3 years ago

          bourne for sure unless we somehow get a hometeam discunt whichI highly duoubt but atl is somewhat close to Houston, and no one is going to trade for uggla

          • rundmc1981 3 years ago

            Somewhat close to Houston if coming from Tokyo.

            Bourn has said he would like to play for WSH and has never stated that he’d re-sign here. He’s playing it like a free agent about to make bank should.

        • craigkimbrelfan 3 years ago

          Uggla is still owed a lot of money…around 40 mil for the next three seasons. Not sure anyone would want to take that on.

        • ultimaparadox 3 years ago

          Bourn has already priced himself out of returning to the Braves

          • craigkimbrelfan 3 years ago

            ‘Priced himself out’? How would we even know the ‘price’ until he hits the FA market?

          • rundmc1981 3 years ago

            There are comparables and he most likely will demand $15 million per for 4-5 years. ATL shouldn’t pay that, especially knowing the CF market will be deeper than most years. Yes, Bourn is great right now, but he’s not worth that.

          • Defiancy 3 years ago

            This is a great point, this year’s CF market is pretty deep, especially considering how valuable good CFer’s are. I think they can let Bourn walk and still find a good replacement for cheaper.

      • craigkimbrelfan 3 years ago

        could be some sort of deferred arrangement if he’d accept an extension. I could see that meaning McCann gone after 2013…would still be able to re-sign Bourn and be OK since the core of the team is still young and cheap.

        • Braves Fan 85
          Braves2014Champs 3 years ago

          I’d hate to see mac go I could see him working out a contract deferred or something to help the team but if not we have Christian Betanourt

          • rundmc1981 3 years ago

            It’ll be best if we part ways after 2013 for what he’ll want/demand, especially knowing how good of a defender Bethancourt is.

      • primi_timpano 3 years ago

        You are several million per year too low. After the Hamels and Cain extensions, Greinke will draw $25mm per season or more.

        • Braves Fan 85
          Braves2014Champs 3 years ago

          No way Greinke gets $25 mil! At best he’ll get $20!

          • primi_timpano 3 years ago

            There is a lot more revenue in the game and more competition because of the wild card format. You will have the LAD, LAA, Rangers and more (Yankees, CWS, TOR?) bidding for Greinke. Still $20mm is a lot more than $15mm. And he turned down $100mm. Cy Young winners don’t come around often.

    • Defiancy 3 years ago

      The Braves could definitely fit his salary in in the future. I mean they paid Lowe 15 million per. With a bunch of money coming off the books they definitely have the resources to do it. The question becomes, do they want to spend over 20% of their payroll on one player?

  14. NYBravosFan10 3 years ago

    Julio Teheran is simply wasting away at Triple-A and needs to just be brought into the majors and given a chance to work hard, take his lumps, go through growing pains and just try to get through it. He really should be given a true shot at the rotation next year. The guy is nasty and should under no means be traded for a guy who is only going to be on the club for 2 months. Just gotta wait and see what happens, right?

    • nm344 3 years ago

      stop trying to pump his trade value. He’s half the prospect he was last year.

      • NYBravosFan10 3 years ago

        How is “under no means (should he) be traded for a who is only going to be on the club for 2 months” pumping his trade value?

        • nm344 3 years ago

          By making him appear to be more valuable i.e. ‘off limits’. I can pretty much guarantee that if Braves swing a deal for Grienke, Teheran is gone. They offered Delgado for Dempster. What do you think the Brewers are going to demand?

          • rundmc1981 3 years ago

            “pretty much guarantee”. I want to buy a used car from you.

          • Chippers_Knees 3 years ago

            If you knew the Braves front office then you’d know that top prospects are off limits in trades unless they can keep the player they get out of the trade. They’re not going through another Teixeira deal.

          • nm344 3 years ago

            How do you explain the Dempster trade?

          • Defiancy 3 years ago

            What Dempster trade?

          • “Aw, C’mon. It wasn’t that bad of a trade was it?” – Jon Daniels

          • Sal Tarantino 3 years ago

            Teheran, Minor,, Pastornecky

      • rundmc1981 3 years ago

        So he goes from untouchable last year to touchable?

      • Braves Fan 85
        Braves2014Champs 3 years ago

        earlier in the season during one of mike minors starts it showed Minors and Glavins stats throw their first however many innings (as many as Minor has pitched) most stats were compareable, era, walks batters avg against, but minor had considerably more K’s and I believe IP…point being Glavine went on to win Cy young, WS never know how a guy is going to do until u give him a chance

        • nictonjr 3 years ago

          So you’re saying Mike Minor will be able to throw ‘strikes’ in the middle of the lefthanded batters box for most of his career?? Chuck James’ 1st 41 games were much better than Mike Minor’s first 41….

          • Braves Fan 85
            Braves2014Champs 3 years ago

            please tell me ur an adult and read my entire post? what I was saying was that until someone has a chance to prove themselves you cant really say if they will fail or succeed

          • Tko11 3 years ago

            Chuck James sighting!! I think I still have the ball that Chris Woodward from the Mets threw me and then Chuck James signed it. I always hoped he’d be good so I can sell it one day!

        • ACMilan 3 years ago

          The difference? Glavine was pitching in the steroids era where the average era was 5. Through 3 seasons, Minor has an ERA+ of 78. Glavine posted a 79 in his rookie season and never fell below that except as a 42 year old.

  15. I hope Braves fans realize there chances of getting Greinke are greatly reduced if Texas does not end up with Josh Johnson.

    • Braves Fan 85
      Braves2014Champs 3 years ago

      texas will not end up withJJ

      • rundmc1981 3 years ago

        Why not? Mike Olt will get any deal done, and MIA needs a 3B long-term.

  16. nm344 3 years ago

    Braves are going to get Grienke. Wren is desperate. A second year of missing the playoffs and he could be getting the boot.

    • Wren is also smart… I don’t think he wrecks the farm to save himself…

      • Defiancy 3 years ago

        I’m not sure if the Braves don’t make the playoffs that Wren is in danger. Fredi would probably be the one to go.

    • Braves Fan 85
      Braves2014Champs 3 years ago

      wren really has done a great job GMing…he’s shelled out a lot of un needed minor leaguers and while I didt alway like the returns (ankiel,farsworthless..) he hasnt given up anybody worth getting mad about. since 2008 hes won more games while spednig less money than any other team(read that on mlbtraderumors)…the guy hasnt made any impulse trades and always thinks team and long term first

      • Odawg8 3 years ago

        I agree in general, but hasn’t given up any prospects worth getting mad about? Elvis Andrus, Neftali Feliz, Matt Harrison, and more isn’t worth getting mad about?

  17. Braves Fan 85
    Braves2014Champs 3 years ago

    Pence is on the market, personally I’d rather have him than Corey Hart

    • Like the Phils are going to trade him to us. I’d rather not give the Phils a prospect

      • Braves Fan 85
        Braves2014Champs 3 years ago

        i know and Id rather spend my money elsewhere I just think pence brings more to the table

    • rundmc1981 3 years ago

      When factoring in their salaries, I’d rather have Hart. Pence is in line for $15M this season.

    • Dylan 3 years ago

      Pence to Braves? The Phillies wouldn’t do that for their top 3 prospects. How do they convince their fans that they are trying compete by sending one of their best hitters to their rivals?

  18. dieharddodgerfan 3 years ago

    If the Brewers want a SS prospect for Greinke, then would a trade package centered around Dee Gordon make any sense for the Brewers.

    Maybe Gordon and Zach Lee for Greinke?

    What do people think of that?

    • bobskube 3 years ago

      Probably close to fair. I wouldn’t personally do it because I’m not a big Dee Gordon guy. I could see Melvin biting on that thought.

      • dieharddodgerfan 3 years ago

        One thing to remember is that Gordon is still very raw. He didn’t play baseball seriously until like 4 years ago. Started late, much like Matt Kemp.

        His best years are still ahead of him and I could see him as a guy who can steal 60 bases a year and play a very rangy SS once he learns to settle down. He’s got the quickness and arm strength to really be a good defender.

        I would only include Gordon if the Dodgers could get Greinke to sign an extension prior to a trade.

        Also thinking that maybe the Dodgers could entice the Brewers even more by agreeing to take ARam and his salary off the books for the Brewers.

  19. I’d say that the Milwaukee Brewers are being a bunch of quitters. Look at the amount of runs the starting pitching staff has allowed since the All-Star break. They probably are in the top 5 for ERA. Its the damn bullpen. Trade some position or prospect players and solidify the damn pen. Quit relying on guys day in and day out and “thinking” they will get the job done when simply they are not. It has been an awful stretch but I believe this team can turn around. Trading Greinke is simply retarded and they should definitely keep him. Why is it whenever we have someone good we have to get rid of them? Does it always have to be an option?? Whatever it is it is pi@#in me off and I am quite sick of this sh$t !!

    • crichar3 3 years ago

      It is, indeed, frustrating to follow a team with limited resources. I also don’t like the seemingly endless stream of player development/trade/free agent acquisition, only to watch that talent leave due to market constraints. Ideally, I would rather they pay Greinke, restock the pen, and make another run–as you note, they certainly have the starting pitching to do so.

      I just don’t think that is possible given the way the game is financially structured at present. That’s why it is critical for teams like the Brewers not to miss on draft choices, and be particularly shrewd on trades and the occasional dip into free agency. Then they need to be lucky in terms of getting consistent production out of those players. Mistakes are going to be magnified when they can’t be papered over with money. Bottom line: Greinke has to be replaced by someone cheaper who can still produce well enough at a need position to give them a reasonable hope of remaining relevant. Of course, if that guy produces as hoped, he will likely be gone, too, when he is eligible to do so.

  20. Brewers can have Machado….
    for Ryan Braun

  21. Dermick 3 years ago

    I find it odd that the Cardinals just disappeared from all rumors…

  22. Clay Chason 3 years ago

    BREAKING NEWS: THIS JUST IN….The Brewers and Braves organizations, in a joint effort, have hacked & disabled Twitter until they can finalize the terms of a trade involving Greinke.

  23. Otis26 3 years ago

    I guess Greinke did what he was traded for to do: Get the Brewers into the playoffs last year. Personally I think the price they paid – Cain, Escobar, Odorizzi, and Jeffress was pretty steep in retrospect. Cain and Escobar are starting for the Royals and having very good years (though Cain has been hurt) and Odorizzi is doing extremely well in Omaha and should debut In September.
    All of that for 18 months of psycho-boy. I still think it was a good trade for the Royals, and I don’t think the Brewers will get the same in return that they gave up for him.

    • crichar3 3 years ago

      I doubt they will get the same return in terms of players and talent. But it is hard to quantify how valuable a team record 96 wins and a deep playoff run is to a franchise that, prior to 2008, had not been in the post-season for over 25 years. Brewers fans got their money’s worth last year, something that might not have happened without Greinke. KC might have won the trade in terms of still having those players, youngsters with upside and controllable years. But it remains to be seen if those guys are going to get them to the post-season and whether they will be factors in as deep a run as MKE had last year.

      • mypoint02 3 years ago

        Brewers fan here. I agree with your assessment. I don’t disagree with the Greinke trade. Yes, it was a lot to give, but at the time we knew we only had one more year with Fielder and it was their best chance at making a deep run. They weren’t going to get it done without adding two good SPs. Had Marcum not completely fallen apart in the postseason, they just may have made it to the WS. I do wish there was some way to resign Greinke, but Hamels’ deal pretty much dashed any hope of that happening. That being said, they probably should have worked on a deal with him before the season. You can’t keep clearing out the farm to make trades and let the players you acquire walk when it’s time for them to resign. Almost every player in their last year is going to test the market in FA – ZG is no different. Melvin should know this by now. It’s now up to him to get as much value as he can and, if the team clears enough payroll, they can make a run at him in the offseason. Brewers payroll was almost $100 mil at the start of the season. It’ll have to go down because they won’t sell as many tickets this year, but they still spend a decent chunk of change for being the smallest market in baseball.

        • crichar3 3 years ago

          Agree that dealing prospects for players is not a long term sustainable model. But props to Melvin for taking advantage of an opportunity that presented itself. Sadly, the realities of small market baseball were only deferred and the butcher’s bill is now coming due.

  24. baseball52 3 years ago

    I still have absolutely no idea how the White Sox would acquire Greinke.

  25. crichar3 3 years ago

    Some teams seem to want Greinke to sign (or at least agree in principle) to an extension before they’d want to trade with MKE. I don’t think that is going to happen. Greinke is giving every indication that he wants to test the market. And why not? Given the deal that Hamels signed yesterday, it’s hard to imagine Zack signing with anyone before he gets the chance to see what competing teams might offer him.

    • He knows what’s going to be offered. but it might change if he is dealt to a contender. why would he stay on a brewer team with a depleted farm and 9.5 games out with the Reds,Cardinals,and good younf Pirate team who still isnt in there prime with Cole,Tamilson(idk how to spell not a PIT fan), and Marte being called up tonight. Braves,Rangers, and Angels will be contenders for years now so that may interest them

  26. Whatever happens, they better not trade him for Mike Minor.

    • WisBrave 3 years ago

      Yeah, If Minor is traded hopefully it’s to a AL team. Braves have enough problems against left handed pitching.

  27. SoxFan15 3 years ago

    White Sox Get:

    RHP Greinke
    2B Weeks

    Blue Jays get:

    RHP Floyd

    Brewers get:

    RHP Reed
    RHP Nestor Molina
    2B Beckham
    LHP Nicolino
    OF Trayce Thompson

  28. Tj Kobold 3 years ago

    Brewers fans: What would be a good offer in your minds that DIDN’T include Teheran? Just curious.

    • brewfan23 3 years ago

      A deal that doesn’t include Teheran won’t be considered, IMO. I think it would take Teheran and Delgado to get it done, based on how many clubs are in the mix.

      • Tj Kobold 3 years ago

        Teheran AND Delgado? Ow.

      • 14 Rocks 3 years ago

        Not happening!! If it does, Braves fans need to storm Turner Field in protest.

    • Guest 3 years ago

      They’ve admitted they’ll trade Greinke, they’ve got 5 days to do it and his value is limited to 2 months of use (plus playoffs) and a compensation draft pick. (I believe he’ll still be good enough to warrant one, maybe not, I’m don’t know the specifics). So I think he might go for just about nothing, compared to Greinke’s actual value as a player. Not like PTBL, but not a top prospect. Brewers fans will be very disappointed.

      • Art Vandelay 3 years ago

        Ummm….no. People have been saying this whole season that rentals will bring back nothing and its not true. If Dempester can bring back Delgado Greinke will bring back more.

  29. I think a deal with the Atlanta Braves would be best for both Atlanta, and Milwaukee. Teheran is ML ready he just needs to be up there for more than a start every 3-4 months and he will develop into a good pitcher. Same with Delgado. And Pastornicky isn’t quite ready because as a rookie he has been through a lot this year mentally. Give him a chance, and he’ll be there within the next year or two. And as for Atlanta snagging Grienke, that would just help boost Atlanta into the playoffs IMO.

    • brewfan23 3 years ago

      As a Braves fan, do you think it’d be worth giving up Teheran, Delgado, and Pastornicky to acquire Greinke?

      • ultimaparadox 3 years ago

        they cant afford to resign Greinke… so I doubt they trade for him

        • Braves Fan 85
          Braves2014Champs 3 years ago

          If the Braves couldnt afford Grienke they wouldnt have all their focus on him

      • esasc4 3 years ago

        no, one or the other, teheran or delgado,

      • Cubstein 3 years ago

        Honestly Teheren straight up for Greinke wouldn’t be worth it. Greinke is a rental. Teheren could have a better career than Greinke very soon.

  30. JozayJays 3 years ago

    In AA we trust! Come on, make it happen!

  31. ASTDGG 3 years ago

    Looking at what Hamels got and Greinke is likely to get, Matt Cain’s deal is looking better each day.

    • Dylan 3 years ago

      Greinke won’t get Cain’s deal and he doesn’t deserve it. Phillies put themselves in that position. If they would have offered Cain money last December, he would have taken it. But they waited, and had to offer CC-type money (with the option included)
      Greinke will sign in the range of 100-110 I think with the Angels after they turn down Santana’s option. <- Just my guess.

      • Art Vandelay 3 years ago

        Maybe but if the Brewers offered Greinke 100 mil plus and he turned it down I think it will take more.

  32. Lol Dodgers fans seriously would only trade Dee Gordon if they got an extension from Greinke? Let’s be real Gordon is one of/if not the fastest players in the majors. But he lacks any type of power and is a hitter who’s going to put up a ton of singles and nothing more.

    137 hits in his career and 114 of those have been singles. He’s not even that great defensively either. You guys got Hanley Ramirez who can move back to SS and you’re all set. If you can get Greinke and get rid of Gordon it’s a blessing. All that you’ll be missing is stolen bases but Hanley can make up for that big time.

  33. Sal Tarantino 3 years ago

    Ok if the Rangers want Greinke to increase their chances oof winnning the world series, they have to give up Profar and Perez. This isnt MLB The Show where you can BS a trade. Why keep Profar when you have Andrus who is hitting very well?

    • durf81 3 years ago

      B/c Profar is a stud and Greinke is a rental and doesn’t provide draft compensation.

  34. Guest 3 years ago

    The Greinke and Marcum trades may have hamstrung the Brewers. It was foolish to think they could win the world series last year or that they could compete this year without Fielder. Lawrie, Odorizzi, Escobar (and others) would be an improvement over the folly of trying to sign aging free agents (Ramirez and Gonzalez) and hoping 2 years of those two pitchers would be enough to propel the franchise to greatness. Melvin reaches when he does these deals and he comes up short more often than not. Traded for Sabathia: made playoffs, kicked out early. Lost Sabathia. Traded for Marcum: gave up best young 3B in the league, might lose Marcum after 2 years, and he knew the guy’s ceiling was only 2 starter w/an 88 mph fastball. Traded for Greinke: gave up a healthy farm system and a 21 yr old speedy all-glove shortstop in exchange for a guy they’ll end up trading after less than a season and a half of value. I was happy about the returns, but not about what was given up. Add to that the knowledge that Fielder would leave for 2012. Fielder was always the most feared bat in the lineup and one of the best natural hitters in the game. To think they could lose him and not see a drastic dropoff was folly.

    • That was the plan. Win it all last year and to heck with who says different. Apparently the Cardinals said Different

    • With a competent bullpen, we would be right at the top of the division right now…The offense is scoring more runs than last year up to this point. The starting pitching stepped it up earlier than they did last year. The only downfall was the collapse of Axford and K-Rod, and the cheaped out bullpen.

  35. Hoosierdaddy92 3 years ago

    The only way I see the White Sox able to acquire Greinke is if they trade Gavin Floyd for prospects, offer that return plus what little they have left in the farm, offer Gordon Beckham as a high-risk, high-reward bonus, and are willing to absorb Rickie Weeks’ bad contract as well. Seems like way too big of a gamble on Kenny Williams’ part, but seems like he is all-in on this season. Weeks wouldn’t be much worse than Gordon at the bottom of the order these days and perhaps both Gordon and Weeks could benefit from a change of scenery.

    • jwsox 3 years ago

      Kenny should go balls to the wall and offer up beckham-jones-saladino or Escobar-Mitchell-Castro or Molina and take back weeks- greinke – and k-rod. That would have to get it done they get a great defensive 2nd basemen who is young and cheap. A good hong cheap bullpen piece 1-2 good young arms a power ss or a defensive slap hitting ss and a ton of salary relief

  36. trade pastornicky teheran and delgado plus draft picks for braun and grienke. both those guys will stay with a suddenly very strong all around atlanta team and allows the brew crew to really rebuild with dumping salary.

    • Art Vandelay 3 years ago


    • 1.You can’t trade picks
      2.. I agree with Art. Huh?

      • rainyperez 3 years ago

        I believe Ben Stanton has traveled from another universe where such things are possible.

      • twitter_wiscsportstalk 3 years ago

        You actually can trade draft picks under the new draft rules.

        • Cubstein 3 years ago

          only if its the lottery picks. I don’t think Atlanta has any lottery picks.

    • craigkimbrelfan 3 years ago

      i think it’ll take near that just to land greinke. braun? ummm…huh?

    • twitter_wiscsportstalk 3 years ago

      But why in the hell do you think the Brewers would ever give up Braun? Arguably the best player in the league. Not only that, but he has a god send contract right now that won’t really affect the Brewers until 2016. Basically what you just said was let’s trade Freddie Freeman, Teheran, and Heyward for Willy Peralta, Tyler Thornburg, and some unproven shortstop talent. Get a clue dude.

  37. It won’t come down to who has the better package it will come down to what the Brewers want. If they want positional players Olt will headline a deal. If they want pitching Teheran will headline a deal

    • Cubstein 3 years ago

      Braves would be dumb to trade Teheren for a rental. Even if Greinke agrees to an extension, they should not do this deal. He’s the top prospect in baseball at this point.

  38. Braves Fan 85
    Braves2014Champs 3 years ago

    Braves will not rent they will only get Grienke if he signs an extension…Bourn might get overeshadowed due to the OF market next year but either way I dont see him returning to the Braves….
    why the down arrow?

  39. No need to back track Melvin, you knew you want to and will trade Greinke….. TO THE BRAVES!

  40. This is what the Braves are going to do before the deadline: 1. Acquire Greinke for Delgado and Pastornicky, and possibly a level C prospect. 2. Reunite with the hometown kid Jeff Franceour. (to the approval of every ATL woman) 3. Add another reliever to bolster the bullpen. (Yes Venters has looked good since coming off the DL, but he has not been his usual self, plus I do not trust Chad Durbin /Vavaro/anyone besides Medlen, O’Flaherty or Kimbrel.)

  41. If the Angels miraculously get Greinke, he better be signing a long term deal. Imagine that. Weaver, Wilson, Greinke

  42. Cubstein 3 years ago

    Breweres rank Teheren higher than Minor or Delgado. Some really good analysis here. I would have never guessed.

  43. YanksFanSince78 3 years ago

    I’m scared to look directly at him now. Will my eyes burn? Is watching him play similar to hearing the voice of God? Is it too awesome for human eyes to endure?

  44. crichar3 3 years ago

    ATL is ready to go 6/~$135MM? Last I heard they were thinking somewhere around $15MM per year for Zack. That won’t get it done.

  45. Defiancy 3 years ago

    Did you really need to post this twice? You can be tired of “maybe he’s working on specific pitches” all you want, but that is indeed what he is doing.

  46. Sal Tarantino 3 years ago

    we are not even gooing to listen to Texas iif Profar iisnt included

  47. Dylan 3 years ago

    Well then enjoy the picks. I don’t think they’d even get Olt. Daniels said he really like Hamels and would trade Olt, but they (at least on Twitter) have said they prefer Johnson/Lee to Greinke and would include Olt in that deal, but prob. not the Greinke deal.
    I coule see Perez, Sardinas, and maybe Odor or someone like that.

  48. primi_timpano 3 years ago

    Do your homework. From Keith Law:

    1. Jurickson Profar, SS

    Age: 19

    Level: Double-A (Frisco)
    Too good to trade?
    Profar looks as if he could step in as a major league shortstop by
    Opening Day and be league-average or better, with superstar upside. That combination of immediate return and potential peak could make it impossible for Texas to get sufficient return in any deal; they would have to receive more than one established big leaguer with multiple years of control remaining to come close to the potential value of the first six years of Profar’s career.

  49. Dylan 3 years ago

    You forgot Weaver and David Price, but yes, I agree.
    What do you think of a deal that sends Lee back. Maybe Lee+25-30 million for Olt, Martin, and a low level prospect or something along those lines. They’d have Lee for 3 years 70 million then. I think it’s more plausible for TEX and Philly.

  50. Braves Fan 85
    Braves2014Champs 3 years ago

    braves would more than likely keep jack wilson as a sure defenser for cheap kinda like with a catcher ur backup is generally a solid defender…pastornicky is too young and inconsistent to be our backup..mccann has an option that will be picked up and Im pretty sure we will try and keep ross

  51. Why even pay Wilson $1 million when you can keep Janish for half the price?

  52. rainyperez 3 years ago

    I think an Olt for Greinke straight up might do it. Is Greinke Hamels good? Not really but right now Brewers have the leverage over Texas and the same goes with the Cubs and Garza.

    Rangers could go another route and send lesser prospects for Liriano or Shields but if they want an ‘ace’ like pitcher they do that trade with the Brewers.

    But I agree with you Profar and Perez isn’t worth a Greinke. AT ALL.

  53. Braves Fan 85
    Braves2014Champs 3 years ago

    ..ok…i didnt think about Janish, but you get my drift

  54. I just don’t see any way for it to work. Philly would have to eat too much salary, and in turn the Rangers would have to give up too much.

  55. I think he’s a Giants fan…then again i’m making an assumption based on his picture.

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