Cardinals Notes: Lohse, Berkman, Kozma, Mozeliak

Cardinals pitcher Kyle Lohse is widely expected to be in for some massive offers when he hits the open market this winter and some agents and executives see him netting a C.J. Wilson-type deal in the $75MM range, according to Buster Olney of (via Twitter).  Cards General Manager John Mozeliak spoke to reporters about Lohse and more earlier today.  Let's check out some highlights, courtesy of Derrick Goold of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch..

  • Mozeliak said that "it's hard to imagine finding a fit" for Lance Berkman on the roster in 2013.  The veteran is considering retirement after undergoing knee surgery but says he may also like to hook on with a contender for next season.
  • Former first-round pick Pete Kozma was considered for removal from the 40-man roster several times throughout the season, Goold writes.  However, after starting the final 29 games of the regular season and all 13 playoff games, St. Louis won't face that same quandary this winter.
  • The Cardinals will be looking for a new bullpen coach after notifying Dyar Miller that his contract won't be renewed for next season.  All of the other coaches – including hitting coach Mark McGwire, pitching coach Derek Lilliquist, and third-base coach Jose Oquendo – will be offered the chance to return.

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  1. Beatofficer 3 years ago

    So Lohse has a career year and did OK in the season before and they expect him to get a CJ Wilson type contract at the age of 34? That’s just nuts.

  2. baybombers 3 years ago

    Lohse shouldnt get any massive offers. The guy is 34 years old for goodness sake

    • yes he should, he has turned in two very very good seasons over the past two years. Something in the 3-4 yr / $45-65mil neighborhood is in his future. YOu can’t tell me the Orioles or the A’s wouldn’t give it a shot.

      • Will Wagner 3 years ago

        I can 100% guarantee that the A’s are smarter than that.

      • CD 3 years ago

        That’s the most retarded logic ever. For one, he’d be going to the AL where many, not all pitchers, but many NL pitchers struggle. Something tells me he would too. Check out Dempster who became very inconsistent once in the AL. Around the same age too.

    • Redbirds16 3 years ago

      Lohse gets Jeff Suppan money plus inflation. Maybe 4 years, $55 million?

      • johnsilver 3 years ago

        Jeff Suppan money.. Now THERE is someone to sort of compare him to… Only Suppan had an extensive track record as a NL back of the rotation innings eater that was worth nothing more than that, where Lohse has only a couple of years out of 10

        • Douglas Bath 3 years ago

          most similar player to Kyle Lohse for age 28, 29, 30 = Jeff Suppan according to

  3. LazerTown 3 years ago

    No way does Lohse get CJ Wilson type contract.

    -He is 34
    -He is a career backend starter, and 2 decent seasons changes that?
    -Not to mention his FIP expects him to return to 4.00 era range.

    • CD 3 years ago

      He shouldn’t, but some team will be retarded and throw too much money at him.

  4. casey 3 years ago

    kozma was ok, but we need to try for Steven Drew, i keep sayin this and wish the cards would listen. get him cheap and hope he stays healthy. who knows what will happen with Furcal next season

    • Beatofficer 3 years ago

      Drew is going to stay on the A’s after they traded Pennington.

    • Kendall Adkins 3 years ago

      I’d rather see an offer for Elvis Andrus. We have some pitching depth (actually kind of a log jam in the power armed righty department) and a need for a solid, long term SS. I’d give up Shelby Miller for him just because I think Trevor Rosenthal and Carlos Martinez will be just as good, and they would probably go straight up for Miller because his name is more popular,

      • Redbirds16 3 years ago

        I’d rather move Matt Adams with Allen Craig installed at 1B for the foreseeable future and Matt Carpenter as a corner backup. Although I think there’s little need for Adams in Texas, so a third team might have to get involved (Orioles, for example, who’d send pitching to Texas).

        Schumaker and Adams to Baltimore
        Gausman and Swaggerty to Texas
        Andrus to St. Louis
        Furcal and Reynolds to XYZ team for B- prospects/cash.

  5. mike 3 years ago

    love the drew idea!!

  6. Will 3 years ago

    kozma made so many mistakes in the nlcs, he got outplayed by brandon crawford. nothing against crawford, great defender. but kozma looked like garbage head to head against the weakest giants player

  7. crashcameron 3 years ago

    A CJ Wilson-type contract? that was an overpay in itself. sadly, in baseball, one front-office overpay simply leads to the next one. Lohse has continued to get better through his 30s so some team will splash the cash. (ironically, he may have already been overpaid — on his first deal with the Cards!)

  8. Will Wagner 3 years ago

    There is something more here…Dyar Miller was an older dude, but I always thought that he was well respected in the in the org.

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