AL East Rumors: Santana, Red Sox, Blue Jays, Hardy

A quick look at the AL East..

  • GM Ben Cherington says the Red Sox won't pursue Johan Santana, tweets Tim Britton of the Providence Journal.
  • Blue Jays GM Alex Anthopoulos says that he's exploring a deal with a "three-team component" that he believes can get done, tweets Gregor Chisholm of
  • The Orioles have considered a contract extension for shortstop J.J. Hardy, according to Britt Ghiroli of (via Twitter).

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  1. es0terik 2 years ago

    Ahh, the first glimmer of hope that somebody is alive in the Blue Jays front office.

    • Oren Jungreis 2 years ago

      Im sure AA has been talking, he just liked to keep things low and doesnt like rumours.

    • Al_Oliver 2 years ago

      The Lincoln blockbuster didn’t do it for you?

    • Jason J. Shaw 2 years ago

      Trouble is, what can they do? They are limited in expendable guys with value aside from their bullpen, and they have limited holes that really need to be filled as they have addressed their catcher situation. A high end starter would be nice, but you don’t want to create holes elsewhere or break the bank either. I’m having difficulty seeing many reasonable options for the Jays to pursue.

    • ziggy13 2 years ago

      Jays are trying to win now. Ramirez won’t help in 2014 and the upgrade Franklin gives at 2nd is worse than the downgrade at CF. Plus pirates won’t give up their top prospect for anorak

  2. brian310 2 years ago

    Hahn was hinting at possibly making another 3team deal…the Sox could be in on it.

  3. Shane Flannagan 2 years ago

    3 team deal I think could involve the Cubs I bet

  4. Jim 2 years ago

    blue jays and mariners always do at least one trade per summer. maybe Jack Z is getting bored. hasn’t made a deal in a few hours.

  5. Matt Galvin 2 years ago

    Smoak to Pirates,Rasmus to Mariners,Franklin,Ramirez to Blue Jsys

  6. Jefftown37 2 years ago

    Rasmus to Rangers, Moreland plus prospect to a third team, #2 or #3 starter to the Jays.

  7. Matt Galvin 2 years ago

    Per Buster at end of Sports Center Special today said Price to be moved soon but won’t sign extension with Mariners so maybe Rasmus to Giants meaning Pagan to LF Price to Blue Jays get the SP they want,Chick,Lind,and so on to Rays solves 1B and future SP.

  8. GameFreak 2 years ago

    To Jays – Price, Franklin
    To Rays – Stroman, Sanchez, Paxton, and Lind
    To Mariners – Rasmus, Jannsen, and J.A Happ

  9. dazedatnoon 2 years ago

    how about Hank Conger to White Sox, Howie Kendrick to the Blue Jays, and Gordon Beckham, Marcus Stroman, Sean Nolin to the Angels. Sox need options at catcher, Blue Jays need 2B, Angels get serviceable replacement and top 100 prospect pitcher while cutting salary and adding depth to the farm.

  10. Craig Carlton 2 years ago

    LOL :)

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