Ryan Dempster Won’t Pitch In 2014

Ryan Dempster won't pitch for the Red Sox in 2014 due to physical reasons and a desire to spend more time with his kids, tweets Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports.  The Red Sox are expected to place the veteran on the restricted list, meaning that Dempster will not receive his $13.25MM salary in 2014, according to Rosenthal (link).

I don’t feel like I am capable of performing to the ability and standard that I am accustomed to. I feel it’s in the best interest of both the club but most importantly myself to step away from playing baseball at this time," said the 36-year-old (via Twitter links). "The time is right. I’m not saying retirement but I definitely won’t be playing this season."

Dempster's decision could have quite the reverb effect for the Red Sox.  If they place him on the restricted list as expected, the club will now have an additional $13.25MM of breathing room with regards to the luxury tax which would free them up to spend elsewhere.  While many of this offseason's top free agent draws are off the board, this development could pave the way for Stephen Drew to return to Boston.

The news also means that the Red Sox no longer have a surplus of starting pitching to work with.  There was some speculation that Boston would entertain the idea of dealing one of their starters for help in another area but that no longer appears to be a viable option.

In 2013, Dempster posted a 4.57 ERA with 8.2 K/9 and 4.1 BB/9 in 29 starts and three relief appearances.  For his career, Dempster owns a 4.35 ERA with 7.8 K/9 and 4.0 BB/9.

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  1. Christian camlin 1 year ago

    Yeah money for Drew.That’s great if you want to bench Bogaerts and get minimal production from both short and 3rd.Why repeat when you can rest on your laurels.Take the money and buy a pitcher before the sale on them ends.You have a shortstop and middlebrooks can handle 3rd okay.Signing Drew ruins both spots and weakens your rotation.

  2. Christian camlin 1 year ago

    So what you say you should start Middlebrooks at first and bench a power hitter like Napoli?and while we do that we can bench Bogaerts to play Drew?Are you a Red Sox fan or a Yankee’s fan.

    • John Murray 1 year ago

      Did you read my comment?? Of course I’m not saying to bench Napoli. I said “taking reps” – meaning, see if it would be reasonable to have him play 15-20 games a year there and some at third, and come off the bench. They have Nap for two years, and then they can decide if he’s worth keeping beyond that. With Bogaerts and Cecchini, they’re the future at third and short. The only possible long-term future Middlebrooks has with the Sox is at first, and in the meantime could be valuable off the bench and spelling Bogaerts and Nap….if the Sox decide to sign Drew.

      • Christian camlin 1 year ago

        I did read it but interpreted giving reps to differently.Often the purpose of giving someone rep’s at a new spot is to see if you can use the guy there as a starter.So now your comment makes more sense.

  3. Christian camlin 1 year ago

    Yeah but an onion tastes good on Meat.These messes aren’t that useful.

  4. Jman1213 1 year ago

    Goodness, no.

  5. Jeff Scott 1 year ago

    Disagree. Some people, believe it or not, sincerely do enjoy being around their family.

  6. Jeff Scott 1 year ago

    Disagree. Some people, believe it or not, sincerely do enjoy being around their family.

  7. Jeff Scott 1 year ago

    Know how clubs can release players from their contracts to free up a roster spot and send players away from the team as long as the team pays out the full contract anyway? This is the same principle, just operating backwards. Perfectly acceptable.

  8. Dave Guarnieri 1 year ago

    Maybe in Federal Protection AROD may have very well arranged to have him and Bosch rubbed out. Kidding, obviously, but it is awful strange to leave all that money on the table, especially considering Dempster is grossly overpaid.

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