Latest On Jon Lester

Here’s the latest on Jon Lester and the Red Sox:

  • Lester says he would not be inclined to consider a contract extension if a team traded for him,’s Alex Speier writes. “[M]y ultimate goal would be to come back here. That would be, like I said the other day, I know that’s hard to do,” Lester says. “Money doesn’t buy you happiness.” Speier notes that if Lester would be willing to agree to a deal with his new team as a condition of a trade, that might be a way for the Red Sox to get additional value from the deal.
  • Speier also writes that there has been “no meaningful dialogue” on a possible trade of Lester to the Dodgers.
  • The Red Sox want a “huge” return if they’re going to trade Lester, Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports tweets.
  • The Dodgers have a good group of outfielders with which to do a Lester trade, including Joc Pederson and Matt Kemp, Jon Heyman of CBS Sports writes. (A recent report from Gordon Edes of ESPN Boston indicated the Dodgers and Red Sox were considering a Lester/Kemp deal.)
  • Any Lester/Kemp trade would need to include other pieces and/or money, Rosenthal tweets. He quotes another team’s GM who says, “He doesn’t add much value to any deal for us even at half his salary.” Kemp is owed $107MM from 2015 through 2019. Rosenthal also adds that trading Pederson for Lester would not make sense for the Dodgers unless they received other young talent in return.

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  1. Bob Shute 11 months ago

    Lester for Joc Pederson … ok
    Lester for Kemp … get real

    • Antonio Alexsander langston 11 months ago

      The reciprocate point of view seems to be true on the other side of the fence as well.

    • theophilus166 11 months ago

      You think a team is going to give up a lot to rent a guy who says he hopes to resign with Boston in the offseason? Boston has nothing to lose in trading Lester, even if it’s for a single C-level prospect.

      • Uncontrite 11 months ago

        Except when a team offers $30+mil more than than the sox do through free agency and we would be out decent prospects and out of Lester

      • EarlyMorningBoxscore 11 months ago

        A team might if it means winning a world series.

  2. Uncontrite 11 months ago

    The Sox will not get a “monster haul” but they should be able to pry a couple top 100 prospects out of it. In the Dodgers case, a prospect haul of Pederson, Anderson and Reed would be appealing enough, the only trouble would be getting the Dodgers to budge on Pederson

    • Darmintak 11 months ago

      The problem is, a three month rental isn’t usually worth a team’s top prospect, at least to the team who’s looking for a rental.

      • MaineBaseball 11 months ago

        Doesn’t mean that teams don’t do it every trade deadline.

      • $110795678 11 months ago

        Contenders risk the future for the sake of the present all the time… LaPorta, et al for Sabathia… Wallace, et al for Holliday… Smoak, et al for Lee… Wheeler for Beltran… Segura, et al for Greinke… Texas gave up a lot for Garza…

        And Lester is about as valuable as a 2-month rental ever gets.

        • bryce1344 11 months ago

          Cards knew they had a very good shot of signing Holiday is the reason they made the deal with Wallace, plus they had an inkling that Wallace would be a bust.
          I don’t understand why Lester would want to stay with Boston after the low ball offer. That offer indicates one of 2 things, that the team doesn’t think much of you and wants you gone or they are trying to take advantage of your loyalty by grossly under paying you.

          • Guest 11 months ago

            I think they’ve just paid attention to how the Johan, Zito and Zambrano deals went, and how the Sabathia, Tanaka and Cain deals are currently going (Verlander and Lee’s contracts don’t look great at the moment either). Teams that sign/extend pitchers for $18MM+ AAV rarely get more than 2 or 3 really good years out of them. I don’t fault them for being reluctant to offer a mega-deal.

          • Uncontrite 11 months ago

            How are those comparable? The original CC deal went as planned, though the extension was stupid. The Lee deal has gone about as well as could be hoped, He got hurt and there is still optimism for him to return to form. And Felix is in the beginning of his deal, all 3 of these deals looked great at the start of the deals

          • Guest 11 months ago

            The Sabathia extension (5/$122MM) and Lee signing (5/$120MM) are probably right in line with what Lester is wanting. I’m not sure a more comparable deal exists.

            I agree 100% that deals should only be judged by how they looked at the start. But I always thought those deals were too risky from day one. The Lee contract has worked out better than Sabathia’s extension, but it’s still a contract the Phillies would be well-served to unload, and it’s hard to imagine them doing so without eating a lot of it.

            The Felix extension made sense, in my opinion, since it began with his age 27 season. But whoever pays Lester will get him at age 31, and on. I’m not sure I’d risk any more than 5/$100MM.

          • Uncontrite 11 months ago

            That may be true, but these huge deals for pitchers are signed with the expectation of 2-3 ace like years, and then the decline, Lee was an ace up until this year and Sabathia up until the last, so if Lester signs for say, 5/120 and we get 2 ace seasons and a manageable decline, then I would say it would be worth-while

          • ed27 11 months ago

            Boston is very reluctant to go long on pitchers getting older and they fear that is what they probably will have to do to retain Lester, even with his “loyalty” to the Sox. That loyalty will be sorely tested if teams offer 6 years and Boston offers 4 or 5 with less money per year. Cherrington is probably correct in his assessment but teams almost have to factor in 2 sub-par years at the end of a contract in order to get several excellent ones on the front end when a Free Agent of substance reaches 30.

      • Dodgerz88 11 months ago

        You are right unless your talking about the Angels. They did for Greinke only to miss the playoffs and have us sign him.

      • oswald 11 months ago

        The Dodgers need to win the World Series to justify all the money they have spent. Lester is the type of guy who could push them over the top and make them a force in the playoffs. A playoff rotation of Kershaw-Lester-Greinke-Ryu is about as formidable as it gets. They’re in win now mode, so they have to be willing to part with some of their prospects.

      • Eric Foley 11 months ago

        Would you trade a WS ring for a prospect? Even a top prospect has no guarantees. Lester is a Proven champion! I’d hate to see him go.

      • Uncontrite 11 months ago

        I agree that the Dodger’s don’t want to do it, but I think that might be the price of Lester if the Sox shop him around. Off the top of my head, LA, PIT, STL, SEA, TOR, BAL, and maybe even KC or CLE could in interested if they all see themselves as contenders. Not saying all of them will pay the prospect price, but with that many teams involved, somebody would overpay

    • TommyL 11 months ago

      I think the Dodgers would do Pederson for Lester if they think Kemp is salvageable. Obviously, they’d rather move Kemp, but Lester offers such a huge boost, they could move Pederson and keep going with their four-headed outfield. Can you imagine Kershaw/Lester/Grienke/Ryu as your playoff rotation?

      • Uncontrite 11 months ago

        It would be ridiculous, agreed. But LA seems determined to keep Pederson

      • Ricky Martin 11 months ago

        Would be close to impossible to beat that team. Could even use those guys out of the pen in in a bind to secure an inning or 2 in the WS. As close to an automatic win as you could bet

  3. Karkat 11 months ago

    Jon, I appreciate the sentiment but can you not kill your trade value with this talk please?

  4. Antonio Alexsander langston 11 months ago

    Lackey for Kemp?…everybody loves them some John Lackey.

  5. frogbogg 11 months ago

    Pederson was just below Swihart and Henry Owens in Baseball America’s midseason top 50 prospects.

    • Cdiaz 11 months ago

      Not every prospect has to be in the top 10 to have alot of value . Actually mostly every team would want joc

  6. SoxFanCyp 11 months ago

    Seager and Pederson for Lester?

    • Antonio Alexsander langston 11 months ago

      LA is having a hard time letting go of one of them…we’re certainly not getting both.

    • theophilus166 11 months ago

      Why don’t the Dodgers throw in Puig and Kershaw while you’re at it?

    • Cdiaz 11 months ago

      I heard buster say something about that he’s outta his mind lol hes no kershaw

      • EarlyMorningBoxscore 11 months ago

        While I agree, Lester is no Kershaw, and I don’t believe the Sox get Pederson/Seager. However, if a team was looking to trade for Kershaw it would take a lot more than the equivalent of Seager/Pederson. So saying Lester is no Kershaw is kind of silly in this case.

        • Cdiaz 11 months ago

          Well thats how much they want for him if he was a kershaw

          • EarlyMorningBoxscore 11 months ago

            No, no it’s not. If Lester was equal to Kershaw it would cost a lot more than Pederson and Seager.

          • Cdiaz 11 months ago

            There still asking too much for lester seager and perderson you can get price with those prospects and some lower prospects aswell.

  7. NRD1138 11 months ago

    If Lester was really that caring about the Red Sox he would stop trying to sabotage them moving him by saying he would love to sign back with them. They will get far less for him if it is a .5 year rental vs chance to sign him to a long term deal.
    EDIT: nevermind, I think most teams will only trade as if he was not likely going to stay with the team that traded for him.

    • d-blaqueqq 11 months ago

      Well, his value couldn’t be any higher. I don’t agree either, but I’m sure if the Dodgers pass someone else will bite.

  8. هذا الرجل رهيبة الكبير خليل 11 months ago

    Lesters good but if they want a “huge return” for a rental, then you might as well not even shop him

    • Antonio Alexsander langston 11 months ago

      No harm in shopping him and not making a deal if it comes to it. The Sox should feel obligated to at least try and get what they think he’s worth.

  9. Cdiaz 11 months ago

    Why are they asking for so much for lester he aint no david price . Yes people he’s won a few world series berly last year in the postseason he made a name for him , prior to that fans in boston wanted to get rid of him

    • Uncontrite 11 months ago

      I never remember wanting to get rid of Lester, I remember of wanting to get rid of Beckett and Lackey

      • Cdiaz 11 months ago

        I remember people complaining alot about him , that he wasn’t consistant he has a high era ect.

        • Uncontrite 11 months ago

          People were upset by his performance over a season and a month, but i don’t recall many people wanting to trade him

        • d-blaqueqq 11 months ago

          Other than the chicken and beer year, he’s been pretty good.

          • Cdiaz 11 months ago

            Lol but if were go to l.a he might a number #3 guy we have kershaw & greinke

          • d-blaqueqq 11 months ago

            And still no ring to show for it. Adding Lester won’t guarantee a WS, but Dodgers would have a great chance in the playoffs. Especially the five game LDS.

          • Cdiaz 11 months ago

            Thats a great point , but you can’t lose your whole farm system for a rental

          • d-blaqueqq 11 months ago

            You’re right it seems foolish, but it’s a risk the GM has to take if he feels that it benefits the team (If they can get Shields or Price, good for them) It’s hard to let go of prospects, ask any Boston fan lol.

    • He has more postseason consistency than Price. And this year, you could make the case he’s been better than Lester (minus the extra year of control)

    • He has more postseason consistency than Price. And this year, you could make the case he’s been better than Lester (minus the extra year of control)

  10. ed27 11 months ago

    Lester is a true ace but to acquire him at a steep price and then lose him in the off-season is foolish. Better to wait and see what develops in the off-season and see if Boston is interested in coming close to what others will eventually offer. Lester will take a hometown discount–the question is how much?

    • Cdiaz 11 months ago

      Maybe shields could a lil cheaper for the dodgers a three team deal mariners dodgers & royals – mariners want kemp dodgers need few more prospects

    • jed_hoyer 11 months ago

      sounds more like his only choice no matter what offers he gets from others

  11. Antonio Alexsander langston 11 months ago

    If the Sox trade Lester, then I certainly hope they automatically pony up the sixth year for him in the off season. He’s been such a trooper through this whole thing. (plus losing him to FA would suuuck).

  12. nightmarerec0n 11 months ago

    Three way Trade:

    *Trade Lester to contender for a top 50 prospect.
    *Trade Mookie Betts, Barnes, and another prospects to Colorado for Carlos Gonzalez

    Worth noting Carlos Gonzalez didn’t make Dave Cameron’s top 50 trade value list. His salary escalates from $10.5M to $17M next year. CarGo won’t be around for Colorado window of contention most likely.

    • Uncontrite 11 months ago

      Why trade for Cargo? The Rockies appear unwilling to sell meaning you would need to drastically overpay

      • nightmarerec0n 11 months ago

        My understanding is that they really don’t want to trade Tulo, but CarGo is a more open possibility. The Rockies aren’t contending and he’ll be earning $20M hen they are.

    • Antonio Alexsander langston 11 months ago

      I wouldn’t give up Betts. We have plenty of pitching prospects to get a deal done for offense.

      • nightmarerec0n 11 months ago

        I would. He is blocked at 2nd and realistically only has value in CF. I’d rather sell high on him and convince someone else he is better than he is. Plus Colorado could use a 2B

  13. Mike1L 11 months ago

    There’s almost no reasonable deal to be made here. Trading for Lester you get a very good pitcher for two months (and post season) and a guy who pines to return to the team who traded him. Just how much do you want to give up? And trading Lester when you know you can QO him and get a pick, or possibly even sign him, has its own issues. If the Red Sox get prime prospects for a two month rental more power to them. If, after that, he actually re-signs with them, I wonder what impact that might have on this type of trade next year.

  14. Bertin Lefkovic 11 months ago

    If the Dodgers were given a 72hr negotiating window with Lester, would Pederson be enough to get him? Seems fair to me.

    • Antonio Alexsander langston 11 months ago

      that would be a deal breaker for Boston, IMO. Even if we trade him we still have a very real chance of picking him back up in free agency. Sox won’t put that opportunity in jeopardy,

    • snackadj 11 months ago

      As a Dodger fan, I’m not sure that would be enough. A guaranteed contract, absolutely. A window? I’m not sure I like that.

  15. Tom5467 11 months ago

    If Lester is that open about returning to Boston as a FA, I wouldn’t deal for him. Why waste the prospects

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