NL West Notes: Kemp, Papelbon, Geivett, Padres

Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp doesn’t necessarily want to be traded, but he would welcome a deal that would allow him to man center field on an everyday basis with a new team, agent Dave Stewart told Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports yesterday. Rosenthal notes, however, that GM Ned Colletti is a bit hesitant to part with Kemp’s right-handed bat, as that would leave the team with just one surefire right-handed power threat in the everyday lineup in 2015: Yasiel Puig. (Hanley Ramirez, of course, is a free agent at season’s end.) Another major roadblock is the roughly $107MM remaining on Kemp’s contract through the 2019 season.

Here’s more on the Dodgers and the rest of the NL West…

  • Mark Saxon of ESPN Los Angeles now debunks one of his own reports, tweeting that he’s been told the Dodgers are not interested in Jonathan Papelbon. Yesterday, a baseball source told Saxon he expected the club to pursue the Philadelphia closer.
  • Rockies owner Dick Monfort appeared on 850 KOA-AM radio with Dave Logan and Susie Wargin, and’s Thomas Harding provides some highlights from the discussion. Most notably, after Monfort defended GM Dan O’Dowd by saying he judged O’Dowd’s success on more than just the club’s win-loss record, he was asked who should take the blame for the record: “You would have to say it’s [Rockies senior vice president of Major League operations and assistant GM] Bill Geivett,” said Monfort. “He’s responsible for the Major League team. Now, the talent that gets into the Major League team, [that] is the responsibility of scouting and development.” Monfort declined to comment when asked if all of the club’s decision-makers would return next season, but he did say he “stand[s] by the job that everybody does.”
  • The San Diego Union-Tribune’s staff runs down the list of each Padres GM candidate and explains the reasons that they have a chance at the job as well as the reason that each could lose out to another candidate. Since the publishing of that article, four candidates have already been eliminated, and the finalists now are Red Sox AGM Mike Hazen, Rangers AGM A.J. Preller, Yankees AGM Billy Eppler and MLB senior vice president of baseball operations Kim Ng.
  • Earlier today, Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports reported that Kevin Towers could join the Padres front office as a senior advisor if he his dismissed from his post with the D’Backs. Padres CEO Mike Dee now tells Rosenthal (Twitter links): “Any new hires in the front office will be up to the new GM. Kevin Towers is not a candidate for that position. Thus, any speculation about Kevin rejoining the Padres is just that, speculation.” 

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  1. KJ4realz 12 months ago

    So I have a feeling Amaro is not going to be able to move any players. He says he’s willing to eat cash but he’s probably telling teams, “hey why won’t you trade your top 3 specs for Papelbon, I said I’d eat money?”

    • Jaysfan1994 12 months ago

      What’s funny is, I can 100% see him doing this. I can also however see him working as a Walmart greeter in 6 months.

      Seriously, if the salaries of these players weren’t bad enough, nearly every single one of them has limited no-trade clauses(Ruiz, Papelbon, Howard, Lee, Hamels, Burnett, Byrd) then you have Rollins and Utley who have 10-5 rights and you get the mess that is this team.

      How many of these guys really want to relocate to Seattle or Toronto?

      • skrockij89 12 months ago

        Well he can move Byrd to Seattle but Seattle doesn’t want to pick up his option but I’m sure there’s other teams out there that need a RF.

        • Nathan Walter 12 months ago

          That and Byrd can block a trade to Seattle… I’m not sure if he would (I’d be searching for the next plane out of Philadelphia too)… that and considering the weak offensive trade market, Seattle may have more competition for Byrd than normal.

          • skrockij89 12 months ago

            True but Byrd was willing to waive it, with Seattle picking up his option. I’m sure the deal would’ve been done by now if that was the case.

          • Jaysfan1994 12 months ago

            Is Safeco still death for right handed hitters or has that changed over the years with the fences being moved in?

  2. Dre 12 months ago

    The Philadelphia 76ers have a better farm system then the phillies right now..Lets look at the guys the phillies have moved.-J Donaldson,N singleton, M bourne and K Drabek..They need to make moves.. The Phils had great 6 year run..What else do you want..Amaro is shaking and what

    • Dylan 12 months ago

      News to me that Donaldson came from Phillies…Also who is N Singleton?

      • KJ4realz 12 months ago

        For real, when did they have Donaldson?

        I forget what date it was but there was a game Houston played in which Cosart, Singelton, Zeid, and Santana all played. Oh and during that game, Hunter Pence was playing for San Francisco while Amaro was smug.

        • Dylan 12 months ago

          That trade was crazy bad. I think the original poster was referring to Moss.

    • Phillyfan425 12 months ago

      Never had Josh Donaldson. We had Jason Donald, a utility man that was in the package that the Phillies sent to Cleveland to get Cliff.

    • Jaysfan1994 12 months ago

      Josh Donaldson was traded by the Cubs for Rich Harden in 2008.

    • Ted 12 months ago

      That’s a weird list of players to criticize the Phils for trading. Bourne hasn’t been a Philly since 2007. Donaldson was never a Philly. Drabek is a washout. No mention of Anthony Gose or Michael Taylor or D’Arnaud? No mention of Cosart or Villar?

  3. skrockij89 12 months ago

    Until Seattle does somthing to address their need in the OF, talks of Kemp going to Seattle will continue. Make sense for both teams but the deciding factor will be how much money will LA eat.

    • Nathan Walter 12 months ago

      I doubt they take on more than $10-15M… they aren’t hell-bent to move Kemp… but then again, of the Dodgers outfielders (minus Puig), I think Kemp will be the easiest to move, as they all have absurd contracts.

    • Martinez 12 months ago

      The Dodgers should wait till after season to trade one of there out fielders.

  4. kungfucampby 12 months ago

    If I understand correctly, the shoulder injury sapped Kemp’s power, while the ankle injury took away the mobility to play center? Dodgers best bet is to stay put and hope he stays healthy and regains form in one of those two areas.

    • BlueSkyLA 12 months ago

      Well when his arm was in a sling and his foot in a boot, sure. Whether he can recover both to what they were is still unknown. He is swinging the bat well.

  5. Connor 12 months ago

    What would be a fair deal to get Kemp to Seattle.

    • skrockij89 12 months ago

      Depends on how much LA is willing to eat

      • Eli 12 months ago

        id wonder what a 1/3 of kemp’s salary off would yield from Seattle

        • Pads Fans 12 months ago

          Show on MLB Network today was talking about LA having to pay $80 million of what is remaining on Kemp’s contract to move him. They were saying he is worth about $7 million per year on a 3 year deal. I found that interesting for a guy many were calling the one of the best in the game just a few years ago.

          • Sean Casey 12 months ago

            Not worth it for LA. Let him rot over paying 100 mil for minor league scraps and roster space. Might as well eat most of Crawford or Ethier’s deals and let kemp be average in LF(below average defensively). As a Dodger fan it amazes me that this is the same Kemp that won two gold gloves, he might have been overrated at his peak defensively but he just looks lost now. No ones scouts think they can fix Matt Kemp? He’s still on the right side of thirty. Its crazy to see someone lose it so young so fast.

          • John Cate 12 months ago

            You’re never going to see the MVP-caliber Kemp again. That guy is gone. Injuries destroyed him. But he would make a very good DH for an AL team if the Dodgers would pay off half that contract and Kemp would face reality and realize he’s not an effective defender anymore and never will be. He should DH and focus on his hitting.

          • BlueSkyLA 12 months ago

            You are never going to see this either.

          • Corey 12 months ago

            Matt Kemp + $50 Million for BJ Upton

          • Puig Power 12 months ago

            Oh come on. Next year all this Kemp bashing will be silly memories.

      • Connor 12 months ago

        Lets not focus on his contract, just prospects

        • McNasty 12 months ago

          That’s his point. If Seattle took over his contract then pretty much no prospects, whereas if they paid for a good chunk of it then maybe someone like Taylor considering Hanley Ramirez is set to become a free agent.

          • Connor 12 months ago

            Ok thanks

          • McNasty 12 months ago

            But then again, they have Corey Seager coming up at SS in their ranks pretty quick so maybe some cost controlled relievers.

    • McNasty 12 months ago

      Maybe a couple lower to mid level prospects and a chunk of his salary. Not too many teams are willing to take on that money for the next few years.

      • BlueSkyLA 12 months ago

        Not a chance.

        • McNasty 12 months ago

          His salary is too high for anyone to absorb other than you guys and the Yankees. They will not net anything unless they give some salary relief.

          • BlueSkyLA 12 months ago

            That was not my point. There’s no chance because it doesn’t make the Dodgers a better team.

          • McNasty 12 months ago

            Well you didn’t really make a point. So they are going to want someone major league ready? I’m sure they wouldn’t mind some salary relief as well.

          • BlueSkyLA 12 months ago

            Yes, I did make a point, which is that the Dodgers are not going to make any move that does not improve the team, and trading Kemp for some midlevel prospect(s) completely fails to do that, obviously. I don’t know where you get the idea that the Dodgers are looking for salary relief. The current ownership has never made a move for that purpose, and it makes no sense to argue that they should change their approach now.

  6. Bertin Lefkovic 12 months ago

    How about Bartolo Colon, Daniel Murphy, Rafael Montero, and Ruben Tejada for Matt Kemp and Dee Gordon?

    • Martinez 12 months ago

      No way don’t even bring Dee in any trade.

      • BlueSkyLA 12 months ago

        Funny how a year ago the talk was about trading Gordon for a bag of bats. Fortunately the Dodgers did not take that advice.

        • Martinez 12 months ago

          It’s was All on Dee to show the Dodgers he could play with the big Dogs and he did just that.

        • Sean Casey 12 months ago

          Right, no one would touch Dee with a ten foot pole last year. Thankful the Dodgers make it a habit of not selling low.

          • BlueSkyLA 12 months ago

            Yup, and thankfully they don’t take the advice of armchair GMs.

    • rct 12 months ago

      Pretty sure that the Mets pass on this trade. It wouldn’t make them much better (if at all; Murphy and Gordon pretty much cancel each other out, plus it creates an even bigger hole at SS), and they’d have to add Kemp’s enormous salary. The Wilpons would never allow it, and I’m sure Sandy wouldn’t want to do it, anyway.

  7. Zak Arn 12 months ago

    When was the last time the Phillies ate any part of a contract? Jim Thome… 2005. They got Gio Gonzalez as a PTBNL too… smh. Oh and remember.. they gave up MORE in trades just to have other teams pay part of salaries even though they were below the Lux.

  8. colt13 12 months ago

    Kemp’s stats dropped of like Sizemore’s did some years back. I would still get him if he is willing to play 1st base on occasion, cause he wont hold up full time in the outfield anymore. A team like Kansas City should go after him.

  9. BlueSkyLA 12 months ago

    I put no stock in sports pundits. They are hardly ever correct, and they often get their facts wrong anyway. Kemp has not been sat. He’s played in nearly every game since Crawford was injured, mostly in LF. The player doing the most sitting these days is Ethier. Trading Kemp to call up Pederson makes no sense, if only because it leaves the team with three LH outfielders, all of whom have trouble with LH pitching and no good fallback position if Pederson doesn’t work out. The Dodgers will not make any trade that does not improve the team now. Bank on it.

  10. McNasty 12 months ago

    Don’t get me wrong, I see where you are coming from. They weren’t saying they would trade him to call up Peterson, they were saying they would trade him because his contract doesn’t work for the team anymore. By trading him, Peterson would get a chance to show his stripes, obviously not as a regular starter. Honestly that didn’t really make sense to me either because it would take away regular playing time from him. In theory the trade would help the team. Like I said they would trade for prospects and in turn trade for pitching. The Dodgers have also been mildly connected with Price who will most definitely make the team better. In my opinion, you have to trade Kemp off to someone to go after Price. The Dogers are obviously one of the richest if not the richest team in baseball but if they plan to add anyone that is not just an end of the season rental, someone has to get voted off the island.

  11. BlueSkyLA 12 months ago

    I think they are looking to move somebody, but the most expendable are very clearly Crawford and/or Ethier. If they believed Pederson was ready they could trade both of them but the signals I am seeing so far is that management isn’t prepared to gamble the season on Pederson being everyday lineup ready, The trade priorities are probably (not necessarily in this order), a RH reliever, a backup catcher, and a bottom of rotation starter. Price is not coming to LA unless they’d take someone like Crawford or Ethier and a whole lot of cash.

  12. Puig Power 12 months ago

    I think people give up way too easy on players. Remember all the Dee Gordon bashing last season? Would it surprise ANYONE if Matt Kemp became a .320, 30 HR hitter again? It shouldn’t. He’s been a great hitter for several years before the MVP season and next season you’re going to see more production. Now this whole CF issue is another thing. He needs to shut it and work harder. But trading kemp is not going to happen right. Now.. Too much value

  13. BlueSkyLA 12 months ago

    Sure. I also think way too much is made of Kemp’s grousing. He wants to play, and prefers CF, but I’m not hearing him complain about starting in LF. In fact when Crawford came off the DL, Donnie made it very clear that the outfield was set and Crawford was the bench player. For Kemp I don’t see the problem as a lack of hard work, but just the time it takes to recover from a couple of serious injuries. The truth is no team is likely to pencil him into CF unless or until his speed returns. The Dodgers are far better off keeping him for his bat, and he is still faster and has a better arm than most left fielders.

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