Phillies Release Tony Gwynn Jr.

The Phillies have released outfielder Tony Gwynn Jr., the club announced.  Gwynn had been designated for assignment last week.

The 31-year-old outfielder hit .163/.281/.204 in 119 PA this season and saw time at all three outfield spots.  Gwynn signed a minor league deal with the Phillies this past offseason after spending the previous three seasons in the Dodgers’ organization.  Gwynn’s father and namesake, Hall-of-Famer Tony Sr., passed away in June.

Eight players remain in ‘DFA limbo’ according to MLBTR’s DFA Tracker: Darwin Barney (Cubs), Matt Guerrier (Twins), Jim Johnson (A’s), George Kottaras (Cardinals), Juan Carlos Oviedo (Rays), Esmil Rogers (Blue Jays), Jose De Paula and Nick Noonan (both Giants).

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  1. chicothekid 1 year ago

    What? They released a Gwynn? I’m surprised they weren’t holding out to trade him for Taillon or Buxton.

    • sourbob 1 year ago

      Well, he’s only 31. So Amaro was trying to give him another three or four years to establish himself so that he could sign him to a long, expensive extension to cover his golden years.

  2. joe_jjjm436 1 year ago

    They should release Mayberry jr. too. AND Ryan Howard. I mean batting averages are close. I mean really. I think Mayberry gets hurt around every trade dead line. So he can’t get

  3. connfyoozed . 1 year ago

    What a rotten year for Tony. I truly hope he catches on somewhere if for no other reason than to put this year behind him. You can still do worse for last guy off the bench or AAA depth

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