Angels Searching For Rotation Help On Waiver Wire

The Angels claimed Vinnie Pestano off waivers from the Indians and subsequently worked out a trade for the righty earlier today, but GM Jerry Dipoto tells reporters, including the Orange County Register’s Jeff Fletcher, that he’s actively claiming other players and trying to bolster his rotation (Twitter links). However, acquiring starting pitching upgrades at this time of year is very difficult, Dipoto added (rival clubs, of course, can pull their players back off revocable waivers).

The Halos clearly passed on Josh Beckett when he was placed on waivers, as he’s the lone starting pitcher on MLBTR’s list of players that have already cleared revocable waivers. Beyond that, however, there figure to be multiple possibilities on the market, though several would come with significant financial commitments. A.J. Burnett of the Phillies, for example, was said to be on waivers earlier this week. So, too, were Kyle Kendrick, Jason Hammel and Wade Miley, although each would come with road blocks (e.g. Kendrick’s salary and mediocre performance, Hammel’s presence on the roster of a division rival and Arizona’s unwillingness to move Miley).

The Angels’ pitching depth took a hit when Tyler Skaggs was lost to the disabled list due to a strained flexor tendon in his left arm last week. At the same time, C.J. Wilson, who is returning from injury, pitched poorly in his first time back on the mound and has allowed six runs in four of his past five outings.

For the time being, Wilson will pair with Garrett Richards and Jered Weaver atop the rotation, with Hector Santiago and Matt Shoemaker rounding out the quintet. However, Dipoto will have several options available to him. Last month, I took a look at the trade market for starting pitchers, and while several arms I listed in the post have since been moved, a good number of the pitchers listed could make sense for the Halos. Bartolo Colon, for example, would be a sensible option to add some stable innings down the stretch for Anaheim, and his salary makes him a likely candidate to clear waivers (his name is purely my own speculation, of course).

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  1. brian310 12 months ago

    You can have Danks for free

    • Jaysfan1994 12 months ago

      I’ll finish that sentence for you, if you pick up the rest of his contract.

      • Maddog 12 months ago

        I’ll finish the rest of yours… if you pick up the rest of CJ’s contract

        • Jaysfan1994 12 months ago

          Danks hasn’t been good since 2010. Wilson on the other hand was last good as recently as 2013.

          • Maddog 12 months ago

            If you believe he was good, great. YOU can have him

  2. Will McLaren 12 months ago

    I’m not sure the Angels have anyone that will pass through waivers… so this would likely be a one way, contract dump deal. Like maybe John McDonald would… Ian Stewart? Ran out of names fast

  3. Leon Barry 12 months ago

    In the spirit of the Red Sox-Yankees deadline trade, how about Colby Lewis?

  4. cubs7691 12 months ago

    We will pay you to have Edwin Jackson. Please? No? Okay.

  5. Tyler Claus Coners 12 months ago

    Not really a good idea but Kevin Correia? could open up a rotation spot for May/Meyer/Milone for the Twins.

  6. SeanE 12 months ago

    you want colon you can have him

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