Cubs To Promote Javier Baez

The Cubs will promote star prospect Javier Baez in time for tomorrow’s game against the Rockies at Coors Field, Bruce Levine of reports (Twitter link).  Corresponding moves still need to be made to make room for the Puerto Rico native on both the Cubs’ 25- and 40-man rosters.  Baez is a client of the Wasserman Media Group, as he just hired his new representation last week.

javier_baezBaez is a consensus top-10 prospect in the game, as detailed in recent midseason minor league rankings by Baseball Prospectus (which puts him at #5), (#6), Baseball America (#7) and ESPN’s Keith Law (#8).  The 21-year-old impressed many with a big Spring Training performance but then got off to a slow start in his first couple of months at Triple-A.  After 434 plate appearances for Iowa, however, Baez is hitting .260/.323/.510 with 23 home runs, so it seems his power swing is ready for the big league spotlight.

Originally selected ninth overall in the 2011 draft, Baez has a .278/.336/.545 slash line in 1350 minor league PA, cranking 76 homers and stealing 62 bases (out of 79 attempts) over his four minor league seasons.  The 2014 Baseball America Prospect Handbook says that Baez could stand to slow down some of the natural aggressiveness in his game, yet raved about his “special bat speed” and baseball instincts.  The Handbook gave Baez’s power a 75 scouting grade (out of 80) and said “he profiles as an all-star-caliber, 30-homer infielder wherever he lands.”

It seems likely that Baez will land at second base for his Major League debut, with Starlin Castro entrenched at shortstop at Arismendy Alcantara (another well-regarded prospect) capable of shifting to center field.  Baez is a natural shortstop but has seen playing time at the keystone at Triple-A in preparation for both playing alongside Castro and because there is some concern that he might be better suited for second or third base over the long term.  With Castro locked into a relatively expensive contract through at least 2019 and a wealth of strong infield prospects (Baez, Alcantara, Kris Bryant, Addison Russell) in Chicago’s system, it will be interesting to see how the Cubs juggle all these young talents in the coming years.

Photo courtesy of Rick Scuteri/USA Today Sports Images

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  1. mlbaustin 12 months ago

    I’ll be watching that game.

    • Mysterious Two Hole Steve 12 months ago

      Um, half of the United States will be watching…

      • Jeffy25 12 months ago

        160 million people?

        • Mysterious Two Hole Steve 12 months ago

          Silly Jeff….you know everyone’s a Cub fan deep down inside :)

          • GetToTheChoppa 12 months ago

            Deep down id like to see the cubs finally end their drought. Padres fan. But always will have a soft spot in my heart for the cubs.

          • CaptainAmerica 12 months ago

            WGN got you in the 80s I see!

          • Cubbie Karyn 12 months ago

            As a Cubs fan, that’s nice to hear!

          • Cubbie Karyn 12 months ago

            As a Cubs fan, that’s nice to hear!

  2. asovermann 12 months ago

    Hitting .320 over the last 50 games would explain it I’d assume

    • Cubbie Karyn 12 months ago

      He had a slump at the beginning of the season in AAA, but he’s been a stud for the last 1 1/2 months

  3. Dave Shah 12 months ago

    I fainted a little..this is awesome!

  4. Chioakcisco 12 months ago

    I’m not a Cubs fan, but it’s hard not to be excited to see all of their prospects come up. I think Baez is going to become a fan favorite very quickly.

  5. Justin 12 months ago

    I’m a yankees fan, but i am really excited to see this guy play.

  6. CaptainAmerica 12 months ago

    By the end of the year, we should see:

    1. Alcantara
    2. Castro
    3. Rizzo
    4. Baez
    5. Soler

    The most excited I have been for a Cub game all year! Cubs Woo, Baez Woo!

    • mlbaustin 12 months ago

      If Russell wouldn’t have gotten hurt, he’d probably be up there next month as well. Exciting times coming for Cubs fans.

      • CaptainAmerica 12 months ago

        I think Russell will be the Cubs SS soon enough. Castro will probably go to 3rd, and Bryant / Soler in the corner outfield.

        • Tko11 12 months ago

          Or they can try to trade Castro to the Mets in the offseason for pitching.

          • CaptainAmerica 12 months ago

            No reason to. Cubs can buy an ace of their choice. Lester / Scherzer etc. If I have Scherzer, Arietta, Wood – and if either Dubrount or Straily can turn it around like Arietta did. GIve Johnson and Edwards another year in the minors. No reason to trade for elite pitching when you can buy elite pitching.

          • Tko11 12 months ago

            Except they have plenty of options at SS and would be able to net a cost controlled SP rather than overpay for Scherzer.

          • CaptainAmerica 12 months ago

            You are still looking at Castro as a SS. Castro would have been an All-Star 3rd basemen too.

          • Tko11 12 months ago

            Because Castro is a SS last time I checked.

          • Jeffy25 12 months ago

            105 OPS+

            That isn’t enough bat to be an all-star third basmen.

          • CaptainAmerica 12 months ago

            Look at the 3rd basemen stats this year. Castro would be in top 3 of every offensive category.

          • Scaed17 12 months ago

            Castro will either be traded or moved to LF. Bryant is going to stay at 3B as scouts have been more impressed with his defensive growth than his offense, which of course has been tremendous.

          • CaptainAmerica 12 months ago

            Not many 6-5 3rd basemen. Scott Rolen? Conventional wisdom ways you save the big mans body from diving after ground balls at 3rd, and let them roam left field, right field and first base.

          • BacborisTheOriginal 12 months ago

            Huh? Nobody is saying that. If anything it is Bryant to RF with any further change depending upon how much Russell fills out. (Although to be honest, i will admit that I was on the push baez to 3b wagon. I can admit being wrong with the raves hes getting at 2b.)

          • Steve 12 months ago

            But it is a lot harder to find offense than it is pitching. No reason to trade a three time All Star who is young and has a team friendly contract for more unknowns

          • Tko11 12 months ago

            Umm no, cost controlled young pitching is hardest to find.

          • asovermann 12 months ago

            Who would be worthwhile on the Mets right now? Syndergaard and Wheeler haven’t looked great whereas all the Cubs SS guys have played outstanding

          • Tko11 12 months ago

            Jacob Degrom is looking pretty darn good. Also numbers don’t tell the whole story, look at scouting reports on Syndergaard, Montero.

          • Jake Willock 12 months ago

            Wheeler has also been very good over his last 6 starts. 1.71ERA, 1.28WHIP, 8.3K/9 over 36.8 IP.

          • mutantbeast 12 months ago

            7 straight starts of 2 runs or less. He seems to be turning a corner. Right now, only King Felix and the Indians Cory Kluber have his numbers or Kershaw if you throw his lemon out from yesterday. Wheeler is reminding me of Zack Greinke of 5-6 years ago.

          • Jeffy25 12 months ago

            Castro has played outstanding?

          • asovermann 12 months ago

            I’m not sure, but I’d enjoy having an All-Star SS (Castro) on my team.

          • Steve 12 months ago

            Umm look at offenses throughout MLB, most are pathetic and power bats are the hardest to find

          • CaptainAmerica 12 months ago

            Right handed bats and right handed power is at a premium right now in MLB. The cubs have a ton of it.

            Money is not going to be an obstacle for the Cubs in 2 years. Wrigley renovation started, new TV deal. Plenty of money 2 sign 2 aces, when you consider what they will be paying 1-8.

          • Tko11 12 months ago

            So you are saying all of these guys will definitely pan out?

          • Steve 12 months ago

            So you are saying the Mets pitching prospects that you are offering for a proven player will pan out?

          • Tko11 12 months ago

            Yes, I said that every single one will work out and they will have a cost controlled 1-5 rotation. Then they can go spend all their money on offense.

          • CaptainAmerica 12 months ago

            Bryant looks like a can’t miss. Baez, Russell and Bryant are top 7 in all of baseball. This isn’t counting on the 70th best prospects here.

            The only thing that has pushed Soler down, has been injuries. He seems to be over them.

          • Dawson 12 months ago

            All are good prospects but would be thrilled if 3 out of 5 became regulars. Remember that Corey Patterson was once a can’t miss guy.

          • CaptainAmerica 12 months ago

            Corey Patterson, was can’t miss for the Cubs. He never cracked top 10 in all of baseball.

          • Dawson 12 months ago

            Ranked Baseball America #16 prospect after the 1998 season
            Ranked Baseball America #3 prospect after the 1999 season
            Ranked Baseball America #2 prospect after the 2000 season

          • Strugz 12 months ago

            Patterson was #3 in 2000 and #2 in 2001 according to Baseball America.

          • mutantbeast 12 months ago

            What killed Cory Patterson was his knee got torn up in 2003. He was hitting in the 290s as a rookie before he was hurt, then he decided he had to be Babe Ruth rather than being Cory Patterson. One thing about both Baez and Alcantara so far, theyve both adjusted after initially struggling at every level.

          • Mysterious Two Hole Steve 12 months ago

            A lot of top kids don’t pan out, but then again, a lot of top kids don’t look like Baez, Russell, Bryant, and Soler. With all 4 of these kids, I’ll be shocked if they DON’T succeed.

          • mutantbeast 12 months ago

            Maybe, but in recent years scouting has gotten better for top guys. And every one of the Cubs young prospects has played up to the hype sp far.

          • mutantbeast 12 months ago

            Cubs have been sort of cornering the market on power hitters. Many teams have maybe one stud power bat in the minors. The Cubs have potentially 5 or 6.

          • Strugz 12 months ago

            Wood is nothing to boast about. He’s a back of the rotation starter at a cheap price, dime a dozen in this league.

    • Steve 12 months ago

      With the crown jewel Bryant being up early next year

    • Chioakcisco 12 months ago

      Careful, Ronnie Woo Woo might sue you for royalties on that comment.

    • halflink123 12 months ago

      The Cubs have a chance to be scary good for a long, long while

  7. WashingtonRancors 12 months ago

    Finally, something for Cubs fans to be excited about!

  8. CaptainAmerica 12 months ago

    Perfect time to call him up. In Colorado, when Colorado pitching is struggling after a few extra inning games last week.

  9. Todd Smith 12 months ago

    Where do the Cubs plan to play him? 2B with Alcantara moving to the OF?

  10. I wonder who will be next. The way Soler has been raking, it seems like he’s had enough of Iowa.

    • Chris Adams 12 months ago

      Soler will be up before or at September.

    • CaptainAmerica 12 months ago

      Soler will be up for sure. He has a 9 year contract, and already on the 40 man. Service time is not an issue.

    • rct 12 months ago

      He’s had enough of Iowa? He’s played 12 games there and he only spent 22 in AA.

  11. CDNY17 12 months ago

    Hope the mets can trade for one of your SS …we got the prospects to do it….don’t be surprised in the off-season!!

    • CaptainAmerica 12 months ago

      You can have Valbuena, he can play SS too.

      • letsgogiants 12 months ago

        I’m surprised he never got traded. With how many teams needing middle infield help, I’m sure the Cubs could/might have gotten a couple of good offers.

        • CaptainAmerica 12 months ago

          Theo and Jed are in love with him, I don’t know why. He hits 250 in a platoon situation. If he can play outfield too, he would be a nice super utility guy on this team.

          • He gets on base at a solid clip and has some pop in his bat. Not a star, but definitely more than serviceable.

        • Chris Lattier 12 months ago

          maybe…he also is under contract until the end of 2016, is pretty underrated and can help fill in if any of the rookies struggle.

          • letsgogiants 12 months ago

            True. Also if he continues to succeed like he has this year, then that will only drive up his price for maybe next year at the trade deadline, where the Cubs should have a better idea of how ready prospects like Baez, Alcantara, and Russell are to play everyday in the major leagues.

    • Chris Adams 12 months ago

      Not going to happen.

    • rct 12 months ago

      If they’re going to make a move in the offseason, they’d be more inclined to just sign someone and keep the prospects.

  12. Ian 12 months ago

    I got to see Baez play last night. Hit two home run for Iowa.

  13. Andy Clouthier 12 months ago

    Here we go!

    Hopefully my patience will pay off.

  14. baseball52 12 months ago

    My body is ready.

  15. schaddy24 12 months ago

    YES!!! Welcome to Chicago Javy!

  16. meep 12 months ago

    all these young prospects remind me of my dodgers when they had a stack farm and had guys like loney,kemp, bills and kershaw in it

  17. Eric Runquist 12 months ago

    They don’t need to trade for pitching prospects. They have plenty of pitching talent that nobody is talking about i.e. edwards, johnson, and many more. Plus they can get a legit ace this offseason. Baez will play second and Alcantara will play cf. They are going to be scary next year.

    • Eric 12 months ago

      Just because they have some pitching prospects doesn’t mean they are set for the future. It is still a weak crop, and they have plenty of question marks at the major league level as well (did the switch flip permanently for Arrieta, can Wood and Jackson turn it around).

      • Eric Runquist 12 months ago

        Jackson will be traded or released after the season if not put on waivers. Theo and Jed realize that signing him was a mistake. Wood has had a down year. Arrieta is a number 2 starter and they will go all out Lester. They have Hendricks who seems like a good number 3-4 in the rotation. And Wada will be the number 5 starter.

      • BlueCatuli 12 months ago

        It’s far from a weak crop.

    • Jason Inghram 12 months ago

      Dude as much as I love CJ Edwards his arm scares me becajse he weighs 165 soaking wet and is 6ft3! Pierce Johnson has the stuff also but he needs to show he isn’t going to walk so many guys same goes for Corey Black they all have TOR stuff but with our offense looking awesome next yr we need a sure thing or 2 so we either need to trade for a TOR arm or sign one this offseason along with a good #3 type..Since Kyle Hendricks looks very solid and can be that solid #3 I speak of that’s awesome,not so sure about Wada though he may be a decent 4 or 5

      • cachhubguy 12 months ago

        How much does Chris Sale weigh?

        • Manchershaw Engineer 12 months ago

          15 pounds of muscle heavier. And you don’t assume a guy is the exception. Chris Sale is one in a…well, Chris Sale is simply the first Chris Sale ever. He’s a freak that defies logic. He’s not Randy Johnson, who had 50 more pounds of muscle, and he’s not Pedro Martinez, who was a lot shorter and actually stockier. I doubt we’ll see someone like Chris Sale ever again, let alone while he’s still in the league.

  18. Cabro Epico 12 months ago

    Cubs/Astros World Series 2018

  19. Ned L 12 months ago

    We all know there will be significant bumps in the road for all of these players, so I think the Cubs are being very smart in bringing them up over a period of time to take attention away from each other as they learn how to play big league ball. No question this should be an exciting couple of years on the north side for any baseball fan.

    • CaptainAmerica 12 months ago

      The more power the Cubs add to the lineup, the better Rizzo, Castro and Alcantara are going to look also. If pitchers have to face 4 guys in a row in the middle of the lineup who hit 30 hrs a year; that puts a ton of stress on pitchers – more mistakes than if you are pitching around 2 guys in a lineup.

    • Ned L 12 months ago

      It’s a shame that when you post something on this site that you can’t control who is able to respond to it, or more importantly, who can’t. It would certainly make for more rational discussions.

  20. JJ 12 months ago

    Cubs should give Baez and Bryant a contract extension after their first year in the MLB.

  21. CaptainAmerica 12 months ago

    Could you imagine having Bryce Harper, Mike Trout, Giancarlo Stanton. Anthony Rizzo – all on the same team?

    The Cubs can!

  22. Matt Johnson 12 months ago

    Guesses on who’s going down to AAA and who’s coming off the 40 man? I’d think Lake goes down and Brett Jackson is waived here.

    • BlueCatuli 12 months ago

      I think with Fujikawa coming off the 60 day DL he comes off the 40 man making Baez the 40th. Could be wrong though.

  23. Christopher Rioux 12 months ago

    I definitely wouldn’t call Castro an “expensive” contract.

    Like, he’s not making the MLB minimum or anything, but 5 yrs – $43mm isn’t like an albatross deal or anything. It’s such a team-friendly deal that it gives Castro even more value. In contrast, behind door #2 is Elvis Andrus.

    • rct 12 months ago

      I’m assuming that the author wrote that in a relative sense. He’s making more than their other options and is making substantially more than someone like Ruben Tejada of the Mets, who have been mentioned as a potential trade partner. imo, the Mets would absolutely view his contract as expensive and not worth the upgrade, which is not a commentary on Castro’s value but one on the Mets’ spending habits.

      • killfire72 12 months ago

        I think it’s pretty clear that Castro is NOT going to the Mets, despite all the hopes and dreams of loudmouthed New York sportswriters

        • rct 12 months ago

          Exactly. The whole thing is/was drummed up by the NY writers, who have an obsession with telling the Yankees and Mets what moves they should make.

  24. Christopher Rioux 12 months ago

    I definitely wouldn’t call Castro an “expensive” contract.

    Like, he’s not making the MLB minimum or anything, but 5 yrs – $43mm isn’t like an albatross deal or anything. It’s such a team-friendly deal that it gives Castro even more value. In contrast, behind door #2 is Elvis Andrus.

  25. Bryan Sullivan 12 months ago

    So is Lake going down or did someone clear waivers and get traded?

    • Ned L 12 months ago

      Lake sure seems to make the most sense.

      • GaryLeeT 12 months ago

        Schierholtz is going to be the odd man out, and I am guessing Russell gets promoted to take Baez’s spot in Iowa.

  26. JamieMoyer 12 months ago

    This team is looking too young, in my seasoned baseball opinion.

  27. Ruben Diaz 12 months ago

    Yees!! but I think the realistic ceiling of Javier Baez is a 260 hitter with 35 + HR and good defense in second base and I hope that 😡

  28. bigbadjohnny 12 months ago

    Before we start printing playoff tickets, Cubs need to see how Baez, Bryant, Russell all adjust to major league hitting…… get better pitching……..and at least reach to playing 500 baseball.

  29. Joseph Kraus 12 months ago

    So how many HRs does he hit at Coors?

  30. Ricardo Class 12 months ago

    This made my day!!! go cubbies

  31. DippityDoo 12 months ago

    I hope Brett gives him a first pitch fastball anywhere in the zone.

  32. Badamike 12 months ago


  33. Badamike 12 months ago


  34. SFGiantsfan_10 12 months ago

    And so it begins… the Cubs and their fans can finally start to see the light at the end of the tunnel on their way down the road of relevance.

  35. Christopher Rioux 12 months ago

    Will the #2 pick in next year’s draft already be making an impact by then?

  36. Christopher Rioux 12 months ago

    Baez has certainly looked the part against major league pitchers in spring training.

    Yes, we need to pump the brakes a bit. But for somebody who has been so dominant at such an early age, my level of “yeah, he’ll figure it out” seems justifiably high.

  37. Christopher Rioux 12 months ago


  38. Cam Hodgson-Dwyer 12 months ago

    It’s becomes a little bit fair to say the eye test doesn’t like him, when statistics back it up. No baseless arguments here!

    He’s not “better than most hitters out there”, he’s worse than average. 96 career WRC+, 98 career OPS+, UZR can’t stand him, a negative dWAR. Better year this year, no doubt, but his body of work is pretty much smack-bang average.

    I couldn’t really care for the guys attitude or any of the other nitpicking things that people choose, and I hope he turns out to be a fantastic player. But he really isn’t at the moment. Shortstop is, by the opinion of many, the toughest position to play, but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s pretty average full stop.

  39. mutantbeast 12 months ago

    Troy Glaus, BTW whom Bryant has drawn many comps too. From what Ive see, Bryant will likely be better. The kid is a stud.

  40. Karl Larson 12 months ago

    He reminds me of Hanley Ramirez

  41. Tom 12 months ago

    Yes because the best team in the league didn’t just give up one of their best bats to acquire an ace. Teams never trade for pitching. I agree.

  42. CaptainAmerica 12 months ago

    He’s a Mets fan. He is trying to make the case to get his team better

  43. Tko11 12 months ago

    Okay, daddy…

  44. Tko11 12 months ago

    Not a Mets fan…not that there is anything wrong with being one. The Cubs and Mets talked about Castro for pitching prior to this trade deadline…

  45. meep 12 months ago

    i was thinking the same thing but didnt want to say anything. maybe one or 2 will hit 30+ but there 90% all wont hit that many HRs. best chance to have 2 guys who can hit 30+ is rizzo and Bryant other then that there a slim to none chance

  46. CaptainAmerica 12 months ago

    You don’t seem to remember that Baez is the youngest of them all, and is always compared to Gary Sheffield.

    He hit 37 as a 20 year old, and will hit 30 this year between AAA and the majors at age 21.

    To say he won’t be a 30 HR guy, is crazy.

  47. Jason Inghram 12 months ago

    Slim to none? Baez & Bryants’s power is definitely graded better than Rizzo’s and I love Rizzo its just these 2 are on another level especially Bryant! Javy will easily hit 30HRs it’s just will his BA & OBP be good enough thats my only worry with Javier..Hell even Soler might hit more HRs than Rizzo any given year I can even see soler being the best out of Riz,Baez,Bryant,Alcantara..Soler is a freaking monster “when healthy” if he stays healthy he is our best all around prospect 280+BA/340+OBP/500+OPS..I think Bryant may match those #’s but I’m thinking his average is that of a 260 hitter with 80 Grade Power & Baez he hopefully continues to adjust to new pitching like he has since drafted and I see a 275/320/475 hitter hopefully the OBP will be higher but he’s Castro like but with lot more power.

  48. meep 12 months ago

    but the majors is a different game compare to the minors so saying he will is getting a head of yourself. sure you can say he might. but give him a full season before you say all that .all the minors show he has pop to say how much pop is a wait and see.

  49. Paulie Corleone 12 months ago

    Do you realize that only 3 players in the entire National League hit 30 HR last year? I understand optimism but to expect the Cubs will have 4 (!!!!!) 30 HR players in the same lineup, just because they had good minor league numbers, is ludicrous

  50. rct 12 months ago

    He’s on pace for 30 in the PCL, context matters. For example, Jerry Sands led the PCL with 26 HR in 2012. LaHair hit 38 in 2011. JP Arencibia hit 32 the previous year and Mitch Jones his 35 the one before that. I’m not saying Baez will be any of those guys, but you might not want to pencil the guy in for 30 HR just yet.

  51. CaptainAmerica 12 months ago

    There is no wait and see on his pop. He hits balls 470 feet. The power is undeniably there. The only question with Baez is, can he lay off the breaking stuff out of the zone.

  52. meep 12 months ago

    right now i only see Bryant and rizzo being guys who can 30 HRs other then that it a wait and see

  53. Paulie Corleone 12 months ago

    He has a 30% K rate at AAA this year. There is plenty of wait and see. Look no further than Pedro Alvarez to see what can happen. Even Chris Davis. It is not “easy” to hit 30 HR, no matter who you are

  54. meep 12 months ago

    no it is a wait and see because like i said the majors is a whole different ball game and pitching is 2x better. what someone does it the minors doesnt mean he will do the same in the majors. sure he will have pop but to say he will have 30HR pop is getting a head of your self

  55. SouthsideChicagoFan 12 months ago

    Joe Borchard hit them 500+ feet. Josh Fields in 2006 was ranked by BA as the 12th best prospect in baseball and he hit .334, 46 HR, 100 RBI’s in AAA Charlotte (Ruthian numbers). Ask the White Sox how those guys turned out. Living in Chicago and married to a Cubs fan, they are stacked no doubt and will be exciting to watch but temper expectations a bit. I think Cubs go 83-79 next year and start legit competing in 2016.

  56. CaptainAmerica 12 months ago

    Mantle, DiMaggio, Mays, Snider
    Baez, Bryant. Rizzo, Soler

  57. CaptainAmerica 12 months ago

    New York Met bloggers talked about it, because it’s New York, and they are desperate. Cubs aren’t going to trade a 3 time All Star under 25 years old, for young pitching that may break down.

    Theo and Jed have proven they can piece together a rotation every year that is good. Between Feldman, Hammel – I have no doubt they can add 1 more needed piece.

  58. CaptainAmerica 12 months ago

    New York Met bloggers talked about it, because it’s New York, and they are desperate. Cubs aren’t going to trade a 3 time All Star under 25 years old, for young pitching that may break down.

    Theo and Jed have proven they can piece together a rotation every year that is good. Between Feldman, Hammel – I have no doubt they can add 1 more needed piece.

  59. CaptainAmerica 12 months ago

    They are all haters, trying to keep the Cubs down for another 108 years! The Cubs will have the 2015 version of Mantle, DiMaggio, Mays and Snyder!

  60. Jason Inghram 12 months ago

    Completely agree and Baez is the biggest boom or bust of all our prospects which is ALOT of future studs possibly but Baez in a whole season will easily hit 25+ the kid has power for days & the reason Captain America is so excited but needs to chill a lil is cuz no team and I really mean no team has had this many power bats all about to come up at once in Bryant,Baez,Soler hell even Addison Russell 7th best prospect in all of bASEBALL Baez,Bryant are ahead of him CRAZY RIGHT?!?! has 8HRS in 25games in AA with us its getting a lil nuts!! We do need pitching tho!

  61. meep 12 months ago

    nothing wrong in getting excited about your team prospects but do it in a more calm way and dont let his stats fool you. like you said any stud he can be great a bust or just avg. but there nothing wrong with being excited. i do see a great future for the cubs if their prospects pan out heck if even 2 do they still have a great future ahead of them

  62. GaryLeeT 12 months ago

    I agree with your assessment of Soler. He’s got superstar written all over him.

  63. Jim Johnson 12 months ago

    Why do Cubs fans constantly mention that Castro has made 3 All Star games? I’ve never seen any fans mention the number of All Star appearances of a player as often as Cubs fans do with him.

  64. Cam Hodgson-Dwyer 12 months ago

    .730 career OPS with the stick, average baserunner who gets caught far too much (38 times in 107 attempts), a slew of negative fielding grades (UZR especially does not like him), average by the eye test..and do All-Star selections really hold much weight when there is a rule in place that EVERY team has to have a representative? And Derek Jeter gets in still?

    It’s not a crippling contract, but he is what he is. Still, better than a replacement player indeed.

  65. Vivid_Reality 12 months ago

    That’s all we have to live for right now, just go with it.

  66. BlueCatuli 12 months ago

    3 all star selections before turning 25 and playing a premium position isn’t exactly something to scoff at. Maybe it’s all the heat he’s taken for one down year. Most prospects develop and struggle like he did at the minor league level. He’s done it at the big league level has nearly 1000 hits and three all-star selections. It’s an overly defensive take of Castro for sure, but he’s not the replacement level player he’s often made out to be.

  67. Jim Johnson 12 months ago

    I just didn’t know if it was like an inside joke or something. If like the local radio guy always says, “And next up to the plate is 3 time All Star Starlin Castro,” so Cubs fans do it too.

  68. petrie000 12 months ago

    probably because we heard so many Mets fans trying to use his 1 down year against him to try to convince themselves the trade price wouldn’t be the baseball equivalent of Sandy Alderson’s first born.

  69. Vivid_Reality 12 months ago

    Nah, its nothing like that. I would assume its just easier for most fans to point out that he has been an All Star three times at a young age versus going into why he is good and why he could be even better.

  70. Vivid_Reality 12 months ago

    Nah, its nothing like that. I would assume its just easier for most fans to point out that he has been an All Star three times at a young age versus going into why he is good and why he could be even better.

  71. Strugz 12 months ago

    New York media also suggested that the Cubs were a good match with the Mets for Colon because of our surplus of SS and need for starting pitching…..

  72. Marc Kruger 12 months ago

    If the cubs made no trades and went out and bought some pitching the lineup could look like this…
    Alcantara CF
    Castro LF
    Bryant 3B
    Rizzo 1B
    Solar RF
    Baez 2B
    Russell SS
    Castillo C
    That looks pretty good to me!!!

  73. Strugz 12 months ago

    Sure, I agree it would be very similar, probably putting Castro at 3rd, Soler* in LF and Bryant in RF, but what does this have to do with the outlandish claims a couple weeks ago of the Mets and Cubs matching up for Colon and one of our young shortstops?

  74. FredBlassie 12 months ago

    Josh Fields hit .305/19HRs in AAA in 2006. And he never hit above .305 in any season in the minors. I have no idea where you pulled those stats from.

  75. SouthsideChicagoFan 12 months ago

    You were right, I meant .304 on the average not .334 and I was thinking of Brad Eldred in 2008 hit 36 HR’s (not 46) and had 100 RBI NOT Josh Fields. Sorry about that….

  76. BacborisTheOriginal 12 months ago

    Well if the eye test doesn’t like him…

    Its just rough to deal with certain lines of rehashed and near baseless arguments. “He’s lazy”, “He strikes out too much”, “He isnt quick enough”;

    and … he still better than most of the hitters out there. Compare his UZR/range and stats if he were at any position on the diamond. Yep… my point exactly. Top 3-5 for any position (outside of catcher/ maybe 1b).

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