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Javier Vazquez Trade Close?

With a Javier Vazquez trade supposedly close to complete, it's been unusually hard to dig up information about the deal.  Here's the situation so far:

Adam Rubin of the New York Daily News addressed Vazquez today with just this blurb:

"Javier Vazquez, who has piqued the Mets' interest, may be on the verge of getting shipped to the Windy City. A baseball insider suggested the White Sox are the most likely destination for the Diamondbacks pitcher, possibly leading to a trade involving Jon Garland (a free agent after the 2006 season) or Jose Contreras."

Ken Rosenthal is on the same page:

"The White Sox are making a 'strong, under the radar' bid to trade for Diamondbacks right-hander Javier Vazquez, according to a source with knowledge of the negotiations. The package of players that the Diamondbacks would receive is not known, though it could include a major-league starting pitcher — perhaps right-hander Jon Garland or Orlando "El Duque" Hernandez — and an outfield prospect such as Chris Young."

The Mets have long been mentioned as another suitor for Vazquez, and the Nationals are a dark horse.

I hate to be a wet blanket, but it doesn't look like Vazquez will end up with either major market club.

I spoke to Chicago Tribune White Sox beat writer Mark Gonzales for his take on the rumor:

"Don't think it's going to happen. They had a brief chat, and nothing is on the front burner as of late last week.  Garland has become a bigger concern because of the free agent market."

The takeaway?  The Sox probably won't chase Vazquez, but they're not going to pay Garland A.J. Burnett money after this season.  Look for Garland to be dealt before the trading deadline, and possibly this winter.

How about the Mets?  My source close to the team tells me that some in the front office are privately scared of how Vazquez fared in the Bronx.  Omar likes him, but there is a split opinion.  The club is in wait and see mode, so they won't aggressively pursue Vazquez.

One thing's for sure - the Diamondbacks are being tight-lipped about details of the Vazquez deal.  I know that Jack Magruder of the East Valley Tribune, who is close to Josh Byrnes, still doesn't know where the righty starter is headed.  Perhaps an unexpected team will emerge with the best offer, like the Tigers for example. 


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Vazquez is a liability and a complainer. If the Sox give up Duque or especially Garland to get him, they're dumb. The Sox should not tinker with a good thing, and their rotation is probably the best thing they've got going for them.

Yeah, I don't see how the deal makes them better. If they're going to trade Garland, they should at least get someone underpaid for him.

What?? Vazquez is one of the best pitchers in baseball, u idiots. I'm sure Arizona will pay some of his salary in the trade. And Garland sucks!!! He has been a #5 for the Sox for a long time, and he finally has 1 good year. Vazquez for Garland is a steal for the White Sox. PLUS Garland is gone after this year anyways.



Pitcher VORP for 2005:

1. Roger Clemens
2. Johan Santana
3. Andy Pettitte
99. Javier Vazquez

Yeah man, definitely one of the best pitchers in baseball, right there with Kris Benson and Aaron Small.

ok what was Vazquez's VORP or whatever u call it 2 years ago. He's had a couple of off years. What was Garlands VORP the past 4 years and compare vazquez's. What the hell is VORP anyways?

Never mind dude.

Does anyone know which teams Vazquez can decline a trade to, and when that list was made?

All people ask for is somewhat intelligent conversation.

This "your team sucks, my team rules" mentality gets old very quick.

RM, Adult-Checker on a sports site?

I dunno, it's hard to play moderator...I pretty much let people say what they want and hope for intelligent discussion. We've got a lot of smart regulars floating around. I'd hate to require registration.

Nah, i was just kidding...Just gets kinda old after awhile.

I would expect the Sox to ask for more than Vazquez. It helps the Dbacks that Garland is heading into a contract year, but the trade would hurt the Sox rotation. A package deal with El Duque involved makes more sense, but the rotation would still have five starters with Bmac. This trade doesn't make a lot of sense.

Vazquez is a fantastic pitcher. He got screwed up in the 2nd half in his tenure with the Yankees, and he hasn't recovered since. His ability is still there and he will find it again.

ANd as to Vazquez not pitching well in the Bronx. That's just not the case. He was fantastic in Yankee stadium in 2004 as he held opponents to a .220 AVG. He was messed up on the road. He will find it again, and whoever he finds it with will be reaping the rewards.

Zero chance that Garland gets traded, unless it's for Tejada....not Vazquez...hahaha, come onnnn.

Wait, you think there's zero chance Garland gets traded before July 31st, 2006? I strongly disagree. Unless you think the Sox are dying to hand him 5 years and $60MM (at least). Craig Landis knows his client's value.

I say theres about an 80% chance that Garland gets traded before the end of the year. And they would be smart to trade him now for Javier Vazquez. It would not ruin their rotation cuz Vazquez is a lot better than Garland, and probably would be their best pitcher on their team (even though they are all close) Im not sold on Garland yet. He's had 1 good year. And he even did pretty bad in some starts.

Rumor, what evidence is there that Garland will do well in the future? I'm curious to know if he was a one year wonder, and will revert to his poor pitching. If he projects to be a good pitcher, and the Sox get Javier, what kind of market will he generate in the coming months?

Garland is very young and very durable. In '05, he stopped walking people and cut his HR rate. He only had one bad month, so it doesn't scream fluke. A guy like Garland benefits greatly from the Sox's awesome defense, but that shouldn't hurt his value.

The market for Garland could be a touch below Zito, but as with Zito, a trade may require some agreement to a contract extension. The other option is to ride Garland out, try to make the playoffs, and let him walk like the Marlins did with Burnett.

How relaible a stat is VORP for pitchers, anyway. How is it figured?

Garland's 2006 projection, per Bill James:

12-14, 4.13 ERA

I haven't crunched any numbers yet, but I think the ERA will be under 4.

Who keeps saying that Vazquez is better than Garland and I would like to have some of whatever they are smoking.


I recant my previous statement about zero chance Garland being traded. I just jumped the gun when thinking about trading him for Vazquez. Especially since Garland is an incredible amount of times better than Javier. However, I think Kenny Williams is about to let Contreras go and keep Garland. Unless the Sox stumble big time, it's hard to see how Williams will justify trading Garland midseason, especially if he is pitching as well as I think he will. White Sox fans still have the white flag trade fresh in their minds and now have a world series contention attitude. My guess is that Contreras gets traded (probably older than 34). They hold onto Garland and give him an extension. Buehrle will want to hit the free agent market and sign with the Cardinals eventually, that's a given. He already got his world series with the Sox. I think Garland stays.

Well it obviously wasn't for Garland. Expect Jose Contreras to get dealt before spring training.

Kenny Williams on Chicago Tribune live said that the road is coming to an end for Garland and Contreras, basically meaning that theyhave offered both contract extensions on a take it or leave it basis. He does not want to get into another Paul Konerko deal where they are at the mercy of the market.

I don't know if Contreras is the one I'd deal. Garland could command (this is a guess) a six year, $70MM deal. I really think that's possible given his age and durability. That's not the best thing for the Sox, so they'll have to let him go.

You baseball is getting a facelift after all the steroid issues. Now that the players taking steroids have stopped and homeruns are not exiting the playing field with record breaking numbers. The focus is on pitching around the league, and if any general manager out there can't see this they will not be winners.

I dunno, the Sox offense was pretty dependent on the longball in '05. Good pitching has always won games.

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