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All sorts of good info coming from my Angels guy:

The Halos were recently close to a fairly big trade, but pulled back at the last minute.  It may have been the much discussed Adam Kennedy for Shea Hillenbrand deal, but another one that was rumored to be close was Alfonso Soriano for Erick Aybar and Joe Saunders.  The Soriano deal included a component where Jose Molina ended up a Yankee.

Now that Kendry Morales heated up and is holding his own in the middle of the L.A. lineup, the team plans on waiting until the All-Star break to make their move.

Also, word is that Arte Moreno has greenlighted Bill Stoneman for more salary room.  Moreno craves Manny Ramirez or Miguel Tejada, someone who can truly make a difference of several wins for the Angels.

Finally, I’m told that Darin Erstad is "probably done for the season." 

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