Five More Jason Grimsley Facts

I thought I would play my part in the Jason Grimsley extravaganza by digging up some useful, exclusive info.  Sadly, that didn’t happen.  Instead, I found the following innocuous facts:

1.  One of Grimsley’s best friends is former Creed guitarist Mark Tremonti.  Tremonti created the band Alter Bridge after Creed’s singer left.  There’s a funny story about Grimsley when he was a Yankee where Joe Torre yelled at Grimsley for throwing batting practice to Tremonti and other band members even though he was still on the DL.  Tremonti’s agent denied an interview request; Alter Bridge is currently on tour in Europe.

2. A Cessna airplane once crashed into Grimsley’s home in Overland Park, a Kansas City suburb.  Five were killed in the crash but Grimsley’s wife and kids were unharmed.

3. Grimsley only has nine toes because of a motorcycle accident from his youth.

4. He was a player’s union representative back in 2003, and some of his comments drew the ire of fans.

5. A couple of his friends in baseball besides Chuck Knoblauch include current D-Rays reliever Shawn Camp and retired reliever Curt Leskanic.  Leskanic may be named in the document; he has admitted to employing at least one unfair advantage.  For what it’s worth, one blogger thought Leskanic resembled a steroid user as a Red Sox back in 2004.

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