Phillies Scout Anthony Reyes

The News Journal, a Wilmington, Delaware newspaper, reports that the Phillies recently sent their scouting director to watch Anthony Reyes pitch.  Writer Scott Lauber speculates that the Cardinals might have interest in Michael Bourn as the return. (Hat tip to Cardinals Diaspora for the link.  And they were already hat-tipping our good friend and occasional contributor Tom Goyne from Balls, Sticks, and Stuff.)

Do the Phillies need a flyball pitcher?  Do the Cards need Bourn with Colby Rasmus on the way perhaps next year?  Maybe not, but this could still be a move that could work for both sides.  The Cardinals and Reyes just aren’t on the same page; he needs a change of scenery.  However, it’s possible that the Phillies could fetch a more proven starter if they shop Bourn.  But proven usually means expensive and closer to free agency. 

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