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Phillies Scout Anthony Reyes

The News Journal, a Wilmington, Delaware newspaper, reports that the Phillies recently sent their scouting director to watch Anthony Reyes pitch.  Writer Scott Lauber speculates that the Cardinals might have interest in Michael Bourn as the return. (Hat tip to Cardinals Diaspora for the link.  And they were already hat-tipping our good friend and occasional contributor Tom Goyne from Balls, Sticks, and Stuff.)

Do the Phillies need a flyball pitcher?  Do the Cards need Bourn with Colby Rasmus on the way perhaps next year?  Maybe not, but this could still be a move that could work for both sides.  The Cardinals and Reyes just aren't on the same page; he needs a change of scenery.  However, it's possible that the Phillies could fetch a more proven starter if they shop Bourn.  But proven usually means expensive and closer to free agency. 


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Ledezma DFAed by Braves, RP brought up to take his place...

Probably not a good sign for those thinking ATL might be getting a guy for the bullpen; if they were you would think they would have waited till afterward to make this move...

the braves television commentators just said that the astros signed wiggington to a 3 year contract extension... can anyone verify this?

I don't get all the Bourn talk...everything points to the Phils not resigning Rowand. Why would they trade Bourn without the intent to sign Rowand and leave themselves a hole in the outfield next year?

This trade makes absolutely no sense from a Cards standpoint.
Jim Edmonds is under contract for 2008 and will play CF, tehn in 09 it will be Colby Rasmus' job to lose. LF will be tied up for the next 8-10 years by Chris Duncan barring an injury. RF, Encarnacion is still under contract but will hopefully be dealt making room for Rick Ankiel and his PCL leading 30 HRs.
Plus we still have Skip Schumaker who is a usefull 4th-5th OF'er. Plus So Taguchi is insanely popular in STL, So I can't see him be forced out when he's also a useful bench player.

Heck I forgot to add that we also have Joe Mather, Jonathan Jay and others in the minors that should be usefull OF pieces in the future.

The last position the Cards need to trade for is OF

Middle infield, Third base, and pitching. That is either the MLB weakness's or the organization weakness's in the case of 3b since we have no one to replace Rolen nearly ready.

While I can see Reyes being traded, because his star has been eclipsed in the organization by Adam Ottavino, Eddie Degerman, Trading Reyes for someone that would be at best a 4th Of'er makes no sense.

But still, edmonds is garbage, encarnacion is garbage. Duncan can rake but is not an outfielder. This is hilarious, you are bashing Milledge and calling him overated, yet you have already slated a spot in RF for Rick Ankiel, a guy who only has experience pitching in the bigs? Now you can tell me why Ankiel is rated higher then Milledge go ahead.

Encarnacion is just overpaid. He's akin to the dredge you should be able to pull up at anytime. He's a 100 OPS+ hitter who plays pretty good defense in a corner spot. About as valuable as a Ryan Ludwick/J-Rod platoon. OK, so garbage.

Edmonds is dealing with his foot, his back, and post concussion syndrome (I think). That doesn't make him not garbage, but last year he registered a .947 OPS against righties. He still holds his own in CF. We'll see how he hits down the stretch.

Ankiel has less than 150 at-bats in AA, little experience as a position player, is playing a strong CF, has a huge arm, and is leading the league with 30 taters and really upping his walk-rate lately. You'd have to watch him play, but he's talented in the field, and has line-to-line power. I'm not interested in how he compares to Milledge, but just the fact that he's putting on a St. Louis jersey soon means the story is writing itself.

What I would suggest for next year is to keep Ankiel in CF and move Edmonds to RF a la Griffey. Either use Encarnacion as your right-handed expensive fourth outfielder, or move him if you can.

Duncan has a -4 UZR. Nothing exciting, but nowhere near Adam Dunn/Pat Burrell territory. While he'll never win the ol' Gold Glove (not like he would in LF regardless), he's improving somewhat. Did anyone think he'd continue to hit at last year's pace? I sure didn't.

Reyes for Bourn would be retarded, though. That's for sure. He's even left-handed, which makes him even more useless to the Cardinals.

doesn't make any sense for the Cards to move Edmonds to RF to put Ankiel in CF when Jimmy is still a Gold Glove caliber CF. That takes away the one plus tool he still has.

this is a complete different arguement that the Milledge debate, The Cards are not a team that's in a position to win this year like the Mets are. It make no sense to make moves for the right now. The value a prospect has to a team is directly tied to what the team's focus is.

I said the Crawford for Milledge and Pelfrey deal works because the Mets are in a position to win this year. Plus I am not sold that Milledge and Pelfrey are even the Mets best prospects at their respective positions.

While the Bourne for Reyes deal makes no sense because Ankiel is a better fit for the Cards need than Bourne is. Plus their biggest weakness right now is SP.

It's really hard to say that 2 teams should have the exact same philosphy on how to deal with young players.

"doesn't make any sense for the Cards to move Edmonds to RF to put Ankiel in CF when Jimmy is still a Gold Glove caliber CF. That takes away the one plus tool he still has."

It does if it keeps him healthy and hitting. He's also on pace for -10 UZR this year.


He's lost a step and Ankiel may very well be playing a better CF at this point. It also makes Rick a much more valuable asset, being under control until 2010 and all. It's not a roto draft; when Edmonds, Ankiel, and Duncan are your best three OFers next year, then it makes sense to align them that way.

I could care less about those half baked stats. Edmonds may have lost a step but more than compensates by using his knowledge of the game. There's few CF'ers that come in on a ball like he does. Did you see the couple games right after he came off the DL? and Since then as well. He's not playing like a guy that's missing a step. He's playing every bit as good as he was 2-3 years ago. Ankiel will not replace him next year or ever. Because Rasmus is the future CF'er. So it makes no sense to jerk Ankiel from position to position/ He's playing CF in Memphis because there was no other candidate that is AAA ready. The Cards OF Depth excluding the 3 guys that will probably be gone within the next few years, Edmonds, Encarnacion and Taguchi would look like this

RF Ankiel Mather
CF Rasmus Stavinoha
LF Duncan Jay

With guys like Schumaker, Gorsett, Southard, Shorey, or Haerther fitting in somewhere, being depth in AAA or being trade bait

Cards should be happy to get anything for Reyes. He's terrible. Anthony Reyes in Philly's home park.....yikes.

If it compensated then it would show up in the stats? What do you think that is, a fucking 60-yard dash time?

Jerk him from position to position? What the hell are you talking about? It's the motherfucking outfield. Why aren't they playing him in RF this year then? Because it's not that big of a deal, and Ankiel is a MUCH bigger asset if he shows he can competently play CF.

"He's playing CF in Memphis because there was no other candidate that is AAA ready."

How many at-bats did Schumaker take there this year?

And if you think Stavinoha, A) will play CF, or B) is a real prospect that will play CF at the ML level, then it's become even more apparent that you don't know what you are talking about.

Thanks for just proving you've never played baseball before in your life... Because it's not just the "motherfucking" outfield as you so elegantly state. Each position plays completely different. I can see Ankiel sliding over and playing some CF to give Edmonds, next season and Rasmus after that, days off much like Encarnacion has the aility to do right now. But Ankiel's future lies in RF. Rasmus has never played anywhere but CF and it's him that is the shining star of the farm system. So he's expected to step right into Edmonds' shoes following the 2008 season.
I never said Stavinoha will be a starter, but out of the current Cardinals farmhand OF'ers, he' the most likely to back up Colby. Jay has the speed, but has never played much of anything but LF. Shane Robinsin in Palm Beach is probably the next best CF in the system but injuries have hurt the development of his bat to where he's more of a darkhorse now.
I suppose it's possible that Antone DeJesus is already the next best CF'er. I did forget about him.

"Thanks for just proving you've never played baseball before in your life... Because it's not just the "motherfucking" outfield as you so elegantly state. Each position plays completely different."

I guess they shouldn't have given me that scholarship then. Anyway, LF and RF are easier than CF. If you can play CF then you are above average at the corners. Intricacies aside, it's pretty much that simple. And that's the point. Saying that it's jerking him from "position to position" is a retarded thing to say. Otherwise, if you were right about this, then they wouldn't have had Skip playing RF while he was in Memphis this year.

Do you really think it is in Jimmy's best interests to play CF everyday if Rick can provide similar or better defense? Do you want him getting concussed and fucking up his foot and back when there is a younger alternative? TLR even intimated on the radio a few weeks ago that this might be an option next year.

Do you think that Ankiel is as valuable an asset if he plays at the corners? You do realize that depending on when we call him up that he'll only be under control until either 2009 or 2010, don't you?

Colby being the obvious heir apparent has nothing to do with my point, I'm talking about NEXT YEAR and what makes the most sense. If you think that it's a big deal to move a guy from CF to RF then you need to get your head out of your ass.

And please don't preach to me about the Cardinals farm system anymore. Stavinoha will never play CF, call me when DeJesus gets the second XBH of his professional career, and Jay will be able to play all three spots by the time he gets to St. Louis or he'll be worthless. Jesus Christ, do you even follow the Cardinals?

Congrats on off-hand dismissing and trashing advanced defensive metrics earlier, by the way. How could Edmonds compensate for something that doesn't show up in UZR? Do you think it only measures 40-yard dash times? Dismissing something you know nothing about makes you a stupid and ignorant person.

Skip is hardly a good example to use, he's never going to be anything more than a backup.
XBH aside DeJesus has looked rather solid making the switch to wood bats. 17/50 at low-A is hardly anything to sneeze at.

Having played Baseball all my life, Yes it is a big deal to be moved around the OF on a regular basis. That's why it would be better to put Ankiel in RF next season since that's where he projects long term, and let him get comfortable out there with the angles, caroms and bounces around the league. Plus it allows us to continue to take advantage of Jimmy Edmonds lone plus tool in the final year of his contract. Then we turn it over to Colby in 09.

Which speaking of 2009, That should be a fun year to be a cards fan.

C Bryan Anderson/Yady Molina platoon
1b Albert
2b Ryan
3b Rolen/ Maybe Tony Cruz is Rolen can be dealt
SS ? Would be nice if Tyler Greene could ressurect his prospect status to avoid having to sign someone until Kozma has the chance to develop
RF Ankiel
CF Rasmus
LF Duncan
RH Hitting 4th OF Joe Mather

SP Carp
SP Wainwright
SP Ottavino
SP Reyes
SP Garcia

CL Perez

I guess we should just ignore the 50 at-bats in SS then? If anything DeJesus is showing an advanced batting eye. That stuff doesn't always translate past the low minors very well, but it's something. I don't think he's a real prospect. I am, of course, rooting for him.

Honestly, we'll have to disagree about the OF. It can be a bigger deal to move around if you aren't a good CF. Moving down the defensive spectrum for professional ballplayers is rarely a "big deal". That's just a fact. But, hey I played baseball all my life and in the NCAA until I got hurt, then again, Joe Morgan played for a really long time. Bill James didn't. Some of my buddies in the minors right now wouldn't know what "defensive spectrum" means. Stop the insanity!

We'll disagree on Jimmy's lone plus tool too. If he can OPS .900 against righties staying healthy, then he's valuable as an good defensive right-fielder. All the objective evidence that I've seen states that he's not plus with the glove in CF anymore. But by all means, dismiss the evidence!

There are some things to look forward to in 2009, in fact, that little rundown looks really familiar to me.

I am not 100% sold on DeJesus yet really, I am just saying there's not a clear cut 2nd CF prospect after Rasmus

I'm not sure what you're comparing my rundown to? is it something that you have posted in the past? I don't read the posts here everyday. Just as time allows.

Do I think Anks could play a solid CF in the bigs next season? Yes I do. But if he projects long term as the RF'er, why mess with it. I find no fault with the way Jimmy plays CF right now.

That run down of 09 is saying you are getting the most out of a lot of prospects....

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