Dodgers Pursuing Aaron Rowand

Buster Olney’s blog today had some good rumors to digest.

  • Olney writes that the Dodgers are making a "heavy play" for Aaron Rowand.  Apparently they love the idea of adding a good character guy to the clubhouse.  They’d be paying $25MM for Rowand and Juan Pierre in their outfield for the next several years.
  • The Phillies are making a "big play" for Mike Lowell.  This certainly doesn’t jive with the speculation that the Phils only have $10MM to spend and it’s going toward pitching.  By the way, Ruben Amaro Jr. ruled out the possibility of signing Torii Hunter.
  • Olney has an exec source who believes Hunter will sign with the Rangers for six years and $90MM.
  • Olney doesn’t see Kenny Rogers apologizing to the Rangers anytime soon.
  • Mike Cameron has a better chance of re-signing with the Padres, now that his 2008 season will be reduced by 15% in playing time.
  • Six teams are in on Matt Clement, but he’s still expected to land in San Diego.  The Royals are probably one of the six.
  • Speculation is growing that the Braves might consider bringing Andruw Jones back.

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