Rangers Like Patterson, Ethier, Hamilton, Fukudome

According to MLB.com’s T.R. Sullivan, the Rangers are targeting various young outfielders.

  • Corey Patterson, 28, is a free agent and Scott Boras client.  He’s looking for multiple years while the Rangers only want to give one.  His talent might tantalize somebody, though he hit just .269/.304/.386 this year.  He’s shown in the past that he can hit like a league average CF and play plus defense, so he could be a bargain.  Patterson reversed his platoon split this year, hitting lefties pretty well.  He’s an Atlanta native; maybe the Braves would be a match.
  • Andre Ethier, 26 in April, is expendable now that the Dodgers have four outfielders.  His career line of .295/.357/.464 is solid, though that is average for an AL right fielder.  The Dodgers may opt to move Juan Pierre instead, if they can find a taker.  The Dodgers previously had interest in Rangers reliever Joaquin Benoit, according to Sullivan.  The Rangers would have competition from the Rays on Ethier.
  • Josh Hamilton, 27 in May, could be moved by the Reds for a starting pitcher.  Hamilton was incredible in 300 ABs for the Reds this year in his MLB debut, despite several years off and only 89 ABs above A ball.  That’s #1 pick talent.  He dealt with wrist, hamstring, and stomach problems this year however.  Sullivan says the Reds would want Edinson Volquez for him; there was talk of sending him to Florida for Dontrelle Willis previously.
  • Kosuke Fukudome, 31 in April, hasn’t decided yet whether to play in MLB.  Even limited by an elbow issue he hit .294/.443/.520 in Japan.
  • Milton Bradley, 30 in April, needs more time to decide on the Padres’ $4MM offer.  Coming off knee surgery, he might be interested in the Rangers’ open DH job.  Bradley is injury-prone, but he hit .306/.402/.545 in 209 ABs this year.
  • Others who have been mentioned: Coco Crisp, Rocco Baldelli, Jim Edmonds, and Juan Pierre.

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