Olney’s Latest: Hall, Cameron, Benson

Buster Olney’s ESPN blog is always a good read.  A few nuggets from today’s posting:

  • Olney wonders whether the Brewers and Dodgers will revisit talks about Bill Hall.  There seems to be this general vibe that Hall is upset about moving positions again, even though he hasn’t said anything publicly.  Plus, he’d have to move back to third as a Dodger anyway.
  • According to Olney: "The Yankees were never seriously engaged in talks to sign Mike Cameron."  However you can’t really say Cameron’s agent used the Yankees to pump up Cameron’s price, since he signed for just one year and $6.2MM.
  • The Phils may send people to watch Kris Benson throw next week.  I believe this would be the second time they’ve observed him, so maybe it’s getting serious.

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