Wittenmyer On Byrd, Roberts, Bedard

Gordon Wittenmyer of the Chicago Sun-Times gives his take on the odds of various rumored Cubs acquisitions:

For now, the Marlon Byrd move looks possible, if not probable, while snagging Brian Roberts — a speedy switch-hitter whose presence could mean a three- or four-level ripple effect of improvement through the lineup — looks at least doubtful.  And forget about that would-be deal that would include Orioles ace Erik Bedard. Those discussions didn’t reach the level first believed, and the Cubs don’t have the players to land both.

This is pretty much what we figured.  Byrd – sure, Hendry could figure out a way to get him.  Roberts would take a lot and doesn’t seem likely, while Bedard is a huge long shot.  Seems the 7-for-2 rumor from Saturday is officially dead, now that both GMs have dismissed it. 

Roberts to me is a 1-2 win gain for the 2008 Cubs, with an accompanying loss of most of the team’s young MLB-ready pitching (plus a decent outfielder).  The Cubs might be better off keeping the pitching depth. 

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