Olney’s Latest: Bonderman, Perez, Wolf, Bonds

Buster Olney makes some noise on a quiet Saturday:

  • There is concern Jeremy Bonderman has a circulation problem in his shoulder or arm which would quiet Jayson Stark’s inquiry as to whether or not the Tigers would deal him for (more) offense.
  • Willie Randolph keeps the faith with starter Oliver Perez but, as Olney points out, "if [Perez] were to be dropped from the rotation, it would be an enormous hit for a pitcher expected to be among the better free agents in the fall." I’ll say.
  • Randy Wolf ups his trade value (and likelihood) with every good start.  He’s 3-1 at Petco with a 2.38 ERA compared to 1-3 with a 5.38 ERA on the road.  Maybe the Padres should try to get him a few extra starts at home to up his value.
  • Barry Bonds‘ trial was set for next March; however, this doesn’t change his odds of playing, says Olney, because everyone already expected the date to be set after the season.

By Nat Boyle

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