Stark’s Latest: Holliday, Lofton, Hudson, Greinke

Time to delve into Jayson Stark’s latest column for ESPN.

  • The Rockies are 9.5 games out, and if they slip further over the next month they may trade Matt Holliday or Garrett Atkins (not both).  If so, they’d be flexible on the number and ages of the players they’d want in return.  Aaron Cook will not be traded.
  • Stark talked to one team official who speculated the Pirates could keep their outfield intact in the name of a run at .500.  Presumably they’d be doing this for the fans, but diehards would probably prefer a sweet bounty of young players and a better ’09 draft pick.
  • As we’ve discussed here, the Mariners don’t have much to trade.  Raul Ibanez has decent value, but Erik Bedard will probably stay put unless a new GM is installed.    
  • The White Sox "made the most serious run yet" at Kenny Lofton, but he they balked at his $2.5-3MM asking price.  Kenny…c’mon.  We want to see you in baseball this year.
  • Orlando Hudson might’ve signed below-market to play in New York, but the Mets signed Luis Castillo through 2011.  How about the other New York team, in the event of a Robinson Cano trade?
  • One AL exec believes the Royals would be best served to trade Zack Greinke now, and get an influx of even younger talent.

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