Olney: A’s Nearly Acquired Giles

Interesting note from Buster Olney’s Sunday blog post:

San Diego nearly dealt Brian Giles to Boston and later to Oakland during the season, and it stands to reason that this winter the Padres will approach Giles about waiving his no-trade rights to facilitate a trade out of San Diego. (As of Saturday evening, they had not done this.)

We knew that Giles vetoed a trade to Boston and would’ve probably done the same if the Rays won the claim.  Olney indicates that Giles was nearly dealt to the A’s later during August, which is confusing given that Boston won the claim and failed to make a trade.

Giles now has full no-trade powers as a 10-and-5 player, and apparently receives a $2MM raise if dealt.  He revealed new information regarding his Boston veto on Friday.  He would’ve spent significant time on the bench for the Red Sox, and the Sox would’ve turned around and traded him this winter.  Furthermore, staying with San Diego allowed Giles to secure the 10-and-5 rights.  He seems more open to a deal now: "If it would help our organization get better, I’m not saying I would veto a trade." 

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