Yankees Rumors: Teixeira, Manny, Mussina

According to Newsday’s Ken Davidoff, a Yankees insider thinks that Manny Ramirez is more likely than Mark Teixeira to sign with the club. Hank Steinbrenner and the Yankees haven’t ruled Manny out of their plans, but that doesn’t mean they’re likely to sign either Manny or Teixeira. The Yankees’ priority is starting pitching this offseason.

Davidoff wrote Thursday that “it would be a shocker” to see the Yankees offer Teixeira a contract of 10 years and $200MM.  Last year, Tex turned down an eight-year offer from the Rangers worth around $140MM.

According to Peter Abraham, Mike Mussina’s agent, Arn Tellem, arrived in Pennsylvania to talk with Mussina about his future. Abraham speculates that Mussina will announce his retirement "sometime soon." In September, Mussina said if he comes back he would play three more years to try and reach 300 wins.

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