Odds And Ends: Cameron, Abreu, Treanor

Links for Thursday night…

  • Brian Cashman phoned Doug Melvin to explain that he hadn’t called earlier because the Yanks have "a lot of things going on." The Brewers GM said he’s "probably going to hang on to" Mike Cameron.
  • Ozzie Guillen spoke with Bobby Abreu and said "interest exists" from the White Sox perspective.
  • GM Dave Dombrowski was part of the reason Matt Treanor chose the Tigers.
  • T.R. Sullivan continues to track interest in Ben Sheets, and doesn’t see the Yankees being very aggressive on that front.
  • Adam Dunn and Pat Burrell don’t deserve raises if you ask Rob Neyer, but he knows they’re likely to get them.
  • Kerry Wood sounds happy to be in Cleveland and has "no desire to ever start again."
  • The other top reliever to be introduced today, J.J. Putz, said he expected to become a Tiger.

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