Mark Teixeira Rumors: Tuesday

12:07am: Sean McAdam of the Boston Herald does not believe the Red Sox will go beyond eight years for Teixeira.

10:32am: WEEI has a transcript of comments from Karl Ravech of ESPN regarding Tex.  Ravech believes "a decision is getting closer and closer to being made."  He says teams are escalating their offers and Teixeira should land in the $22-28MM salary range.  You can also hear Ravech’s comments in a video at (upper right corner).

8:24am: According to Michael Silverman of the Boston Herald, the Red Sox made an offer to Mark Teixeira.  Silverman believes it to be for eight years.  Tex is believed to be seeking more than $21MM per year, closer to Alex Rodriguez‘s $27.5MM per year.

The Angels are reportedly at eight years and at least $160MM, the Orioles around seven years, $140-150MM, and the Nationals at eight years, $160MM.

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