Manny Ramirez Rumors: Monday

9:46pm: Chris Haft of wonders if Manny Ramirez would be given as many opportunities to hit the ball if he signed with the Giants, similar to how Barry Bonds was intentionally walked so often.

4:30pm:’s Jon Heyman says Manny still wants a four or five-year deal at about $25MM per.  On rival exec believes the Dodgers and Manny are in the "fourth inning" of negotiations.

10:17am: The latest Manny Ramirez information came from Bill Shaikin on Saturday, and there’s not much to report.  It seems that Dodgers GM Ned Colletti awaits a counteroffer from Scott Boras after their two-year, $45MM offer was made almost three months ago.  Boras wants the Dodgers to up their bid:

"We have let the Dodgers know what Manny’s position is.  They are fully aware of the terms he feels are fair."

Shaikin says the Dodgers "do not equate an asking price with a counteroffer."  He adds, "The Dodgers do not believe the San Francisco Giants are serious about Ramirez. The Giants are happy to let the Dodgers think that way."

I have to side with Colletti on this one.  His offer was initially laughed off, but now it looks quite fair.  Manny doesn’t appear to have any other offers, and there are other quality free agent corner outfielders available who will likely play for one year and less than half the average annual salary.

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