A’s Could Take Shot At Orlando Cabrera

According to SI.com’s Jon Heyman, the A’s have saved "a little spending money and could still take a final shot at free agent shortstop Orlando Cabrera — if he’s willing to take a deep discount."

Cabrera is a Type A free agent who declined an offer of arbitration. Unlike Jason Varitek, however, Cabrera does not have the option of re-signing with his former team.  The loss of a draft pick by the signing team is a given, and Cabrera may have to compensate for the Elias curse by taking a low salary for ’09.  Waiting until after the June draft could make sense for Cabrera – he’d wipe out the draft pick problem, probably still get $2MM, and won’t get Type A status again.  UPDATE: Eddie Bajek tested my statement about Cabrera not getting Type A status again if he sits out two months, finding that it might only hold true if he signs with an NL team.

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