Brandon Webb Quiet About Failed Extension

Media-friendly Brandon Webb wisely decided to make his contract situation an off-limits topic for reporters this year, according to’s Steve Gilbert.  Said Webb:

"People are really hurting, really struggling.  The last thing they want to hear about is someone’s contract situation. I have never complained about what I make to play baseball and the reason we didn’t come to an agreement last year had nothing to do with money. It’s as simple as that."

The D’Backs have Webb at $6.5MM for ’09 and an $8.5MM option for ’10.  In December Nick Piecoro of the Arizona Republic summed up the failed extension talks:

During this past season, the sides discussed an extension, actually agreeing to the framework of a three-year, $54MM extension before the club took the proposal off the table in June. The club would not say why the offer was pulled. [Webb’s agent Jonathan] Maurer said last month that Webb’s price has since risen.

Any guesses as to why Arizona pulled the offer?  Webb could be looking at $20MM a year if he hits the open market.  I would be surprised to see the D’Backs try to trade him anytime soon though.  They’re close to contention and not overflowing with pitching. 

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