Wilson & Zduriencik On New Deal

When the Mariners acquired Jack Wilson this summer, he wasn't sure what to expect. But it didn't take long for him to realize he wanted to play in Seattle for a while. 

"An hour? An hour and a half?" Wilson says he decided quickly.

Now that he has signed with the Mariners, the shortstop will be wearing blue and teal for at least two years. Wilson said he feels great after battling injuries last season. Though he was banged up, he maintained his reputation as a top defender. According to UZR, Wilson was the best defensive shortstop in baseball last season. 

His defense didn't go unnoticed by Mariners GM Jack Zduriencik, who admired Wilson's glove when both men were with NL Central teams. 

"Does it fit in to what we're trying to do?" Zduriencik asked. "Absolutely."

The Mariners had the league's best ERA last year thanks, in part, to the strong defense of Wilson, Ichiro, Franklin Gutierrez and Adrian Beltre (whose contract has expired).

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