Konerko Open-Minded Entering Walk Year

Paul Konerko told Mark Gonzales of the Chicago Tribune that he's prepared to move on from the White Sox after the season and willing to listen if the team wants to discuss an extension.

"I've enjoyed my time here," Konerko said. "They might call tomorrow. They might call in the middle of the season. They might never call."

And Konerko is confident that talks won't distract him if his phone rings during the season. But if the White Sox don't call and he doesn't like the opportunities out there, he might not play at all in 2011.

"I wouldn't force something if it's not there," he said.

Konerko, who turns 34 in a week, hit .277/.353/.489 for the White Sox last year, with 28 homers. His defense is about average, according to UZR/150, so he has all-around value. That could distinguish him from players like former teammate Jermaine Dye, whose defensive shortcomings have cost him this winter.

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