Odds & Ends: Rangers, Chapman, Capps, Choo

Links for Thursday, as Kelly Johnson and Paul Konerko jockey for the MLB home run lead…

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  1. chaifetz10 5 years ago

    Again Scott Boras is talking out of his rear end…no way will Choo be better than Ichiro. From gold gloves to the rookie of the year to the MVP to the All-Star Game appearances, Choo would have to become one heck of a player to beat out Ichiro.

    • aap212 5 years ago

      Ichiro didn’t even get started here til he was 27. Choo has been outstanding since he was 25 and has more power and patience. Not saying he is or will be a better player, but it’s really not that hyperbolic for an agent.

      • Xeller 5 years ago

        Choo has a legitimate shot at becoming an impact player comparable to Ichiro… IF he actually stays on the field. Remember, as a South Korean national, he’s required to serve in the country’s military for a number of years. These are the years in which he is at his power prime. It’s a lose-lose situation for him, because he would lose much of the support of his home country by spurning the service, but he would lose the best baseball years by serving his military time.

  2. bucs_lose_again 5 years ago

    I’d be thrilled with Machado. Yes, please.

  3. jdub220 5 years ago

    For someone who has a BP subscription: who does Goldstein have as the Dbacks selection?

  4. BeatEmBucs 5 years ago

    I still don’t get the “pulling a Tony Sanchez” stuff. Yes, the Pirates probably reached there when it first went down…but does no one else look at the stats this guy is putting up? I take “pulling a Tony Sanchez” as some sort of negative, but I just don’t see how that could possibly be the case.

    Having said that, it’s pretty clear that the Bucs need pitching and lots of it. For 17 years, they’ve been without an ace on the roster or in the system. I like Machado, personally, but I just don’t see how they don’t go pitcher at #2, unless Harper should miraculously fall, even if it’s a high school arm that is a few years away like Taillon.

    • bigpat 5 years ago

      I’m about to give up if they don’t draft a stud pitcher with the #2 pick this year. This team will never get an ace or even a #2 starter any other way. Teams aren’t trading away prospects with ace potential and it would be tough to sign someone who’s a bona fide ace. Sure, they can sign someone like De La Rosa who would be an ace on our staff, but they need a very good pitcher and more impact players in general.

  5. Ian_Smell 5 years ago

    I wouldn’t give up, but I’d be very disappointed if they don’t pick Taillon or Ranaudo or some other highly touted prospect. As you say, pitching is the hardest thing to acquire and the easiest way to acquire it is through the draft and this Pirates organization is in DESPERATE need of some ace-like pitching.

    • bucs_lose_again 5 years ago

      If they decide to go the pitching route, it had better be Taillon or Pomeranz. Ranuando scares the heck out of me with the recent injury issues, and even if it wasn’t an issue in the past, considering the Pirates luck with college pitchers drafted in the first round being riddled with injuries, I’d stay far, far away.

      • BeatEmBucs 5 years ago

        Exactly. I don’t want anything to do with Ranaudo at #2. The Bucs can’t take yet another injury plagued pitcher that high. CAN NOT. He might be a stud one day, I don’t know, but the Pirates HAVE to hit a homerun with someone and I’m not putting any stock into Ranaudo doing that, at this point in time.

        I’m pulling for Taillon from now til June. Unless, of course, the Nats somehow don’t take Harper.

  6. metsfaninpa 5 years ago

    The mets will draft Bryce Harper =)

  7. scatterbrian 5 years ago

    Weird, Bryce Harper wears makeup?

  8. Gee, you think the Cubs wish they’d won the bidding war with the Nationals for Capps? You think the Pirates wish they’d spent their money on the devil they knew instead of the devil they didn’t, Dotel? Capps is making people look smart and stupid this year and I’m not talking about his pitching. This was predictable, he’s a descent pitcher and last year was an aberration.

  9. abravesfan 5 years ago

    Of course Boras is going to throw out hyperbole, but for overall numbers, Choo can surely be the leader by the time he retires (mainly because he is among the first wave of foreign Asian players to sign with MLB teams early).

    The South Korean does make exceptions for their stars, I doubt the military service is going to be a problem at all.

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