Bobby Valentine Rumors: Monday

4:10pm: The Marlins are "strongly considering" Bo Porter, according to Jon Heyman of (via Twitter). So what does that mean for Valentine? It's hard to say. Marlins president David Samson would not comment on Valentine to Joe Capozzi of the Palm Beach Post (Twitter link).

9:00am: The Marlins' flirtations with Bobby Valentine have become a confusing saga, according to Ken Rosenthal and Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports.  On one hand, the FOX writers report that the Marlins already informed the commissioner's office that Valentine is out of the running for their manager position.  Juan C. Rodriguez of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel learned via email from Valentine last night that no formal interview has been scheduled.  On the other hand, Valentine told ESPN last night that he's "in the middle of the process."  One Rosenthal and Morosi source backs up Valentine's suggestion that talks are ongoing. 

What's caused the impasse?  Rosenthal and Morosi's sources differ, with one citing "philosophical differences" between Valentine and Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria and another pointing to opposition from president David Samson.  In another column, Rosenthal deems the drama an embarrassment to the organization.  He also calls the interviews of Bo Porter and Edwin Rodriguez "a mockery of Commissioner Bud Selig’s guidelines for minority hiring."

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  1. dascual 5 years ago

    The Marlins are a mess and how Loria is allowed to have run not one but TWO franchise the way he has should be a disgrace to all professional sports teams.

    First by allowing the Expos to dissolve by not spending and keeping the so many talented players they had there by alienating the fan base to the point of no return and well no attendance then flipping his team for Florida and doing the same thing.

    I could go on and on about Loria but I’ll keep it short.

  2. FishFan03 5 years ago

    Loria is a disgrace to baseball…. PLEASE mlb take this team away from him already!!!!

  3. Eagle1331 5 years ago

    This is going to be a bit vague of a post, but part of the Marlins contract with the City of Miami for the new stadium is that if the team is sold during either the construction phase or lease terms(but I forget which of the two), the Marlins organization has to pay the city a substantial portion of the money either put forth on their behalf for construction, or a portion of the sale.. again, I forget which. It pretty much paralyzes the team from sale for the next 30 years so that the new stadium doesn’t make them more valuable for Loria to dump.

    As a Marlins fan, Loria is a disgrace to the team, the MLB, and the sport. He is a poor man’s George Steinbrenner as one of the writers pointed out.. he’s got the attitude and doesn’t spend the money to back it up. He trashes the team and managers and nobody in South Florida likes him, but worse, more people hate his rat of a son in Samson.

  4. Don’t hate the team, hate the team’s owner.

  5. jdub220 5 years ago

    If Porter’s managing is anything like his third base coaching, the Fish will have the most conservative manager in baseball.

  6. jdub220 5 years ago

    If Porter’s managing is anything like his third base coaching, the Fish will have the most conservative manager in baseball.

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