Dan Haren Rumors: Sunday

The Diamondbacks' asking price for Dan Haren still exceeds what most teams are willing to offer, as the Yankees and Tigers have balked at deals centered around Joba Chamberlain and Jacob Turner respectively. However, despite being on Haren's no-trade list, the Tigers are still in play since the right-hander is expected to strongly consider playing anywhere he has a chance to win. Those were the highlights of yesterday's Haren rumors, so let's move on to today's. Any new updates will show up at the top of the page throughout the day….

  • SI's Jon Heyman tweets that in addition to Chamberlain, the Yankees are hesitant to part with pitchers Hector Noesi and Dellin Betances in a potential Haren trade.
  • John Harper of the New York Daily News writes that the Yankees are under no pressure to trade for Haren and that any deal they make will be on their own terms. ESPN.com's Buster Olney (Insider required) agrees with Harper's assessment, noting that the Yanks would take on Haren's salary and give up "B-plus prospects" in a trade, but that they won't move their best prospects.
  • If the Yankees were to acquire Haren, it would compromise their chances of signing Cliff Lee this winter, says Joel Sherman of the New York Post. Sherman also hears that the D'Backs would like to get their payroll down to about $60MM for 2011, further motivating them to move Haren now.

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  1. jdub220 5 years ago

    I don’t see anything in the Sherman article about the D’backs reducing payroll to 60MM…

    • Luke Adams 5 years ago

      It’s on the second page, about halfway down.

      • jdub220 5 years ago

        Ah, thanks. I didn’t see that there was a second page.

  2. The Tigers are falling apart. I don’t think he’ll go there.

  3. BaseballFanatic0707 5 years ago

    I understand Joba’s peripherals show he’s been better than advertised….But if the D’Backs want a deal centered around him…what’s the delay? We have starters in the minors we can convert to relievers. We can call up Melancon. I can’t imagine that it’s the other prospects the D’Backs want in a deal that’s making the Yanks scoff, since there is no indication of that.

    Also, big deal if the Yanks compromise their chances of signing Cliff Lee in the offseason. Haren certainly isn’t as good as Cliff Lee, but if Lee commands top dollar, that’s about 6 million saved for a pitcher of high calibur, and he wouldn’t have to have the pressure of being the number 1 guy here.

    • Leafsfan8121 5 years ago

      The Yanks don’t have to rush it and cave though they’ve got leverage.

      • BaseballFanatic0707 5 years ago

        My point is is that it really isn’t caving. I’m just of the belief that relievers are a trade-able commodity (excluding the big time closers and can’t miss starters that break in as relievers to begin with, such as Wainwright), and if the D’backs want Joba, give them Joba.

        Now, if they were asking for Montero, which would never happen, I’d be agreeing with you.

        • Leafsfan8121 5 years ago

          ok but both sides are negotiated it falls to the dbacks if they wanna trade him before tuesday. In a poker game that is baseball the Yanks won’t get played again a la Cliff Lee

          • BaseballFanatic0707 5 years ago

            Oh definitely, it’s on the D’Backs to make a decision on what to do and ask for.

          • Leafsfan8121 5 years ago

            I don’t see the Tigers dealing for him because of the injuries to Magglio and Guillen.

          • BaseballFanatic0707 5 years ago

            Possibly not. The Tigers are in very bad shape down Mags. They’d probably need to go get an outfielder first before they make a move for a pitcher.

          • Leafsfan8121 5 years ago

            Honestly i don’t see Werth going to Detroit but i’ve been proven wrong before.

    • I agree so what it takes you out of the Lee sweepstakes, you already have Sabathia at the top of the rotation, and Hughes likely to join him. Haren might not be on Lee’s level but he will cost between $6-8 million less over the next couple of seasons and won’t be on the hook for as many years. New York can use that money to get some solid bullpen arms to be in front of Rivera.

      Also it makes the Yankees better this season, and while the Yanks might still be able to finish in first or at no worst get the wild card without him, they still might not be able to make it/win the world series unless Burnett/Vazquez figure it out. Also i’m just guessing a few of the other top teams will make moves so the Yankees might want to answer.

      • you dont need burnett or Vazquez to win a championship, especially if they get haren. last year they won with a 3 man rotation in the playoffs. this year it could potentially be c.c haren pettite. and with hughes as either the fourth starter for the playoffs or he could be used as a set up man

  4. Heilman? !? are you kidding?

  5. Ferrariman 5 years ago

    im calling it. Haren gets dealt today to the…errr….umm…..TBD.

    dbacks seriously can’t be asking more for haren than the Astros are for Oswalt.

    • jdub220 5 years ago

      Why not? He’s younger, cheaper, under control for longer, just as good, and has proven himself in the AL.

  6. Taskmaster75 5 years ago

    Hmmm, I read this as the Yankees wanted to get below a 60m payroll….Scratched my head for a second there….

    Be a HELL of a fire sale if that were to occur :).

    • jdub220 5 years ago

      And a HELL of a riot in New York, too.

      • Guest 5 years ago

        The Yankee fans wouldn’t understand it. They would ask if they won the World Series yet.

  7. RBIBaseball 5 years ago

    This from Heyman: Yanks don’t want to include Noesi or Bentances in a deal either.

  8. Guest 5 years ago

    Why do teams want Haren? He’s so overrated and playing in NY will only make him worse.

    • Dylan 5 years ago

      While I agree playing in New York will make him worse (HRs), I do not see how he is overrated…

    • He has a career FIP of 3.69 which is extremely close to his career ERA and xFIP. He’s consistently a 4-plus win pitcher. I’d love for the Twins to get him. I’ll puke if they send him to the Yankees for a bunch of mid level prospects.

    • jdub220 5 years ago

      Yeah, that guy who’s been top 3 in WAR the last two years is SO overrated…

      • Guest 5 years ago

        That was the last two years and this is this year. 4.60 ERA and leads the league in Hits given up (10.3 H/9)

        Arizona is asking for prospects as if he’s Cliff Lee.

        • His xFIP is over a full run less than his ERA which says to me that he’s been unlucky this year. His BABIP is .350, which is higher than his career norms & well over the MLB average, and his HR/FB % is higher than averate this year. Despite that, his other peripherals are pretty much in line with his career numbers.

          As good as Lee is, you only got him for half a season plus the playoffs. You get Haren through 2012 with an option for 2013 at a bargain of a salary for a top 15 starter in baseball. When the Twins were in the Lee derby, I said the whole time I’d much much much rather trade a huge pile of prospects for Haren than Cliff.

          He’s an excellent pitcher.

      • Guest 5 years ago

        and he’s a first half pitcher, teams need a second half pitcher now.

  9. BaseballFanatic0707 5 years ago

    too much. Take Nova and Heilman out.

  10. Leafsfan8121 5 years ago

    they wouldn’t give up Noesi and Nova in a deal for Haren and Heilman. One of the two for Haren

  11. Ferrariman 5 years ago

    if nova is taken out, you will be outbid.

  12. BaseballFanatic0707 5 years ago

    I’m at fault on this one. i didn’t look up Noesi’s numbers this year, so my bad.

  13. Ferrariman 5 years ago

    NY Sportswriters aren’t exactly the brightest people either……

  14. RBIBaseball 5 years ago

    Well first off Sherman is an idiot period. He writes for the New York Post for god sake, and is the reason why so many New York fans are complete morons.

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