Potentially Available Outfielders

The market for outfielders includes some highly-priced veterans, some highly productive bats and a trio of Kansas City Royals. Here are the names that teams like the Giants, Padres, Braves and Red Sox are sure to consider over the course of the next two weeks. We've sorted them by 2010 salary:

  • Kosuke Fukudome, $13MM ($13.5MM in 2011) – The Cubs are watching the market for Fukudome, who isn't hitting badly. His .761 OPS could appeal to teams, but the Cubs would have to absorb money in any deal. Fukudome, who has no-trade protection, would likely clear waivers, so the Cubs could attempt to deal him in August.
  • Jose Guillen, $12MM (free agent after 2010) – Guillen is hitting .279/.340/.467 in what has been an up and down season. The Royals appear eager to move the 34-year-old, though it will mean taking on part of his salary. Like Fukudome, Guillen would clear waivers.
  • Jayson Werth, $7MM (free agent after 2010) – Werth, a likely Type A free agent, probably won't go anywhere. The Phillies would listen to offers, but it would be hard to part with his .881 OPS.
  • Corey Hart, $4.8MM (free agent after 2011) – Hart's value may never be higher. He has 21 homers and a league-leading 65 RBI. The Brewers are open to moving him and appear to want young pitching in return.
  • Coco Crisp, $4.75MM ($5.75MM club option or $500K buyout for 2011) – Crisp has hit extremely well in his first 76 trips to the plate since recovering from the chest issue that sidelined him, but teams would likely be hesitant to deal for Crisp, since he has missed so much time. There's a good chance Crisp would clear waivers.
  • David DeJesus, $4.7MM ($6MM club option or $500K buyout for 2011) – DeJesus is hitting .326/.395/.460 and playing well on defense. The Royals are asking for a lot in return and may wait until close to the deadline to make a trade.
  • Josh Willingham, $4.6MM (free agent after 2011) – Willingham offers power (15 home runs) and patience (.411 OBP), so the Nationals may be inclined to keep him. Another National, Adam Dunn, could be available, but Dunn has not played in the outfield this year.
  • Cody Ross, $4.45MM (free agent after 2011) – The Braves have interest in Ross, who appears to be available. He isn't hitting for quite as much power as usual, but still has a .282/.332/.415 line.
  • Xavier Nady, $3.3MM (free agent after 2010) – Nady hasn't hit much, but the Cubs have a surplus of outfielders, so they would presumably part with him.
  • B.J. Upton, $3MM (free agent after 2012) – Back when the Rays were discussing Cliff Lee, it became apparent that they would consider moving Upton. The speedy 25-year-old isn't hitting much this year (.230/.320/.395), but he is on pace for a third consecutive 40-steal season.
  • Jose Bautista, $2.4MM (free agent after 2011) – The former Rule 5 pick leads the league in home runs and walks at a bargain salary, so he will draw interest.
  • Scott Podsednik, $1.65MM ($2MM club option or $100K buyout for 2011) – Podsednik is getting on base (.347 OBP) and doesn't earn much, so he could have appeal this month.
  • Austin Kearns, $750K (free agent after 2010) – Like Podsednik, Kearns is getting on base (.355 OBP) and making an affordable salary. Neither player is hitting for much power, though Kearns offers more thump than Podsednik.
  • The Mets and Rockies have extra outfielders, but they seem content to maintain their depth.
  • Free agents Jermaine Dye and Rocco Baldelli could contribute in the majors.
  • We've already examined the market for potentially available first basemen, second basemen, third basemen, shortstops and catchers.

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