Carl Pavano Rumors: Thursday

We heard yesterday that the Nationals last spoke to Carl Pavano‘s agent at the Winter Meetings and that the right-hander is talking a lot with the Twins about a potential deal. The Pirates and Royals are also options for Pavano. Here’s the latest:

  • The Nationals are not actively pursuing Pavano, according to Ben Goessling of Washington isn’t having serious internal discussions about the pitcher and the team isn’t likely to sign him unless his asking price drops.
  • The Pirates have mild interest in Pavano, but will not set the price for him, according to Rob Biertempfel of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (on Twitter).

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  1. Ugh, I wish he’d just sign so we could stop reading about this bum. And, I’m not even a Yankee fan.

  2. coachofall 5 years ago

    In other words, the twins should offer him two years max. Guy overachieved last year and wants someone to pay for it. Looks like at least some of the GM’s are smarter than they have been in the past. Also appears that Pavano would have made more in a one year guarantee if he woudl have accepted arbitration again

    • George Yang 5 years ago

      Well I guess you can’t include Jon Daniels in that category of smart GMs. As much as the Angels looking like suckers this off-season, Beltre was way overcompensated…

      And I fear that Pavano will too :/

      • coachofall 5 years ago

        Pavano in Tex would be a disaster. A 4.6 ERA in Minnesota and he thinks he deserves a 3 year deal? I think in baseball you will always have GM’s panic and overpay for offense. It just appears there is a little more sensibility these days when it comes to mediocre pitching. The Wolfs, LIlly’s will still get the multi-year guarantees but the Pavano..Millwood types don’t and shouldnt.

        • Pavano’s ERA last year was 3.75, (3.71 at Target Field) WHIP was 1.19, and he had a tiny 1.68 BB/9. I agree he doesn’t deserve a three yr deal, but he’s worth a 2 yr deal. His best bet is to return to Minnesota and put more time between himself and his 4yr complete disaster in the Bronx.

          • coachofall 5 years ago

            i stand corrected was looking at his 4.6 in 2009, however the 4.6 is a lot more in line wtih his career ERA than 3.75. The Bronx disaster didn’t ruin his career and reputation his injuries and inablitly to consistantly get people out through his career ruined his reputation. I would stand firm on a one year deal and make him prove he can bring 3.75 again…..which he won’t

  3. The Pirates need to not even consider this guy… what’s the point?? Why tie up payroll when the money should be going towards locking up McCutchen


      • I’m in no way shape or form a Pirate fan, but the organization really needs to hold onto these guys and be smart with their spending… in the past few years Nady, Bay and McClouth were traded for almost nothing (Nady somehow got Tabata from the Yanks).

        It’s time to put a little hope into the franchise and stop making stupid deals (Freddy Sanchez, Jack Wilson, Doumit)

    • NWDC 5 years ago

      Why should the Pirates even lock up McCutchen? They aren’t going to win anything anytime soon. They ought to trade everybody and everything repeatedly until they get to a point where their farm system is super loaded (see Royals 2011 or Rays 2006) and they might be able to compete. They’re nowhere near that now.

      • lol, this coming from a Nationals fan

        • NWDC 5 years ago

          I don’t even understand what that means. The Nats are a major market team with the richest owners in all of baseball (by a lot). The Nats are building — but yeah they have made a lot of mistakes and so far suck. The Pirates are a small market team that need to follow the Rays/Royals model. They’ll never be big spenders and will always be a bottom payroll team. So the way to do it is the Rays way, which means 2/3 of the time you suck it up and basically don’t compete. Trade your stars to build the farm system and when you are able to compete, go all out and move your payroll up substantially (not Yankees, but middle of baseball) to fill any holes with good FAs. The Pirates would never spend $126m on a 7 year deal for a 32 year old Free Agent from another team, nor should they. That’d be an albatross.

          • not being rude at all, just curious…

            As a nationals fan, are you happy about the Werth deal?

          • NWDC 5 years ago

            Very happy. It’s not my money and they needed to do it. Did they overpay? Hell yes. But I think the owners are smart enough to understand the concept of sunk cost and this will energize the fan base somewhat in 2011 pre-Strasburg return.

    • Smrtbusnisman04 5 years ago

      BUMP!! As I’ve always said, A. Mcutchen is our Carl Crawford; he is the player we need to build around if we ever want to climb out of the N.L. central cellar.

      Pavano goes to the Twins!

  4. jwsox 5 years ago

    Who would have thought that Carl “I’m really a mediocre middle of the order pitcher” Pavano would take this long to sign.

    • TwinsVet 5 years ago

      The guy is much more volatile than “really mediocre”.

      He was a front-end guy for the Fish. He was a disaster for New York. The past year-and-a-half for Minnesota he has been pretty damn sharp.

      The problem isn’t that he’s pigeon-holed as middle-of-the-other. The problem is you don’t know which version of the guy you’re going to get.

  5. $1742854 5 years ago

    Billy Smith is playing his cards right. I’d pay Pavano a 1 year deal worth more money (like what he would’ve received in arb) based on his ’10 season, but not 2-3 years. After ’11, we’ll have pitchers like Gibson and Wimmers ready to go and won’t need Pavano.

    • The problem is, someone will offer him a two year contract, which he would take.

    • jhawk90 5 years ago

      As much as people are whining about how he’s “letting everyone go”, he really has done a nice job so far this off-season by being so patient. The fact they’re even talking to Pavano means they’re probably willing to go into the 115-120 mil area, plus adding 5 mil into the stadium. Hopefully they’ll extend Liriano as well.

      Meanwhile I think the ‘stache has overplayed his hand just a bit.

  6. Pavano at Kauffman Stadium could be a successful venture for both sides. 2 years $14 million with an option of some sort for a 3rd year? Pavano would be a great segway to some of the Royals promising younglings coming up and would help the Royals not lose 95+ in 2011.

    • There are better options for both the Royals and Pavano….it would be a complete waste of $$ for the Royals, Pirates, or any small market team to sign Pavano.

    • 0vercast 5 years ago

      If Pavano were willing to accept 2/14 + option, we wouldn’t be talking about where he would sign because he’d be signed already.

  7. Pavano at Kauffman Stadium could be a successful venture for both sides. 2 years $14 million with an option of some sort for a 3rd year? Pavano would be a great segway to some of the Royals promising younglings coming up and would help the Royals not lose 95+ in 2011.

  8. 0vercast 5 years ago


    Nats? Pirates? Royals? It’s looks like Pavano doesn’t have much leverage left after the Rangers and Brewers filled their pitching vacancies. If anything, the Twins should be offering LESS than they were a month ago.

    • I agree, Pavano and his agent have screwed up this offseason, much like Adam LaRoche has. Pavano now has to crawl back to Minnesota, and pray the same deal from a month ago is still on the table. If I were the Twins, I’d make him sweat it out!

      Another sad story of an average pitcher having a career year in his mid-thirties who has become delusional in thinking he is a multi-million dollar/multi-year caliber pitcher…it’s sad

  9. Ian_Smell 5 years ago

    If the Pirates sign him I have a bad feeling that he’ll be terrible.

  10. door knob

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