Arbitration Records: Catchers

Yesterday we looked at the arbitration records for starting pitchers.  Today let's check out the records for catchers who went year-to-year.

Martin owns two of the records, as he'd compiled excellent numbers through the '08 season.  Once he got to a $3.9MM base, it was easy for him to remain on top even with a down '09.  The arbitration process had Martin exceeding his free agent value during the most recent offseason, resulting in a non-tender by the Dodgers.  I doubt Martin minded, since he was able to choose his team and get a guaranteed contract.  The Yankees can retain Martin for 2012, as he'll still be arbitration eligible.

As MLBTR's Ben Nicholson-Smith mentioned yesterday, the Cubs' Geovany Soto is currently on the year-to-year path after scoring $3MM in his first arbitration year.  He'll need to top a $2.05MM raise in the upcoming offseason to beat Martin's second-time salary.  That possibility is heavily dependent on what Soto does in 2011.  Arizona's Miguel Montero is going year-to-year right now and Nick Hundley is heading for his first arbitration year, but they're not threatening any records.

I'm not sure about a fourth time record, but if tendered a contract the Rangers' Mike Napoli could be around $8MM.  Martin probably won't be that high, plus his arbitration years were interrupted by free agency.  Of course, Napoli is as much a first baseman/designated hitter as he is a catcher.

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