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Don't expect Pedro to pull a Pettitte. Links are in Spanish…

  • Bobby Abreu doesn't put a whole lot of stock in manager Mike Scioscia's prediction that the 38-year-old will get 400 plate appearances this season. "I've learned not to have much confidence in these people, but I hope they live up to what they told me," Abreu told Billy Russo at Lider en Deportes. "How long am I going to have to continue proving to people what I am, and what I'm able to do? At times it's like the work one does doesn't get appreciated, but here I am, and we'll continue the fight." Likewise, he said not knowing how much his time will be split between right field and DH has altered his preparation for the season. "It's clearly affected me, because I'm not used to that, and I don't know why they did it, but whatever; I'll keep on keeping on." Abreu said a month ago that he'd prefer being traded to playing off the bench. 
  • Pedro Martinez said in December that he would soon make his retirement official, but almost four months later, an announcement hasn't come. Martinez recently appeared on the television program El Despertador in his native Dominican Republic and said an official statement is nevertheless on the way. "We're working, and we're going to send out a press release," he said (as transcribed by Panorama Diario). "We're going to pick a date where we'll make an official announcement, and at the same time, give the Dominican public the opportunity to see it.
  • Miguel Tejada still hasn't received any offers this offseason, but he has no plans to explore options in other leagues, the veteran infielder told the Dominican radio show Grandes en los Deportes (Twitter links.) "I play baseball because I like it. I don't have economic problems," Tejada said. "I believe there's still a lot of playing for me to do in the US."

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  1. Abreu needs to realize he’s past his prime and the Angels are going to throw out their best lineup. A lineup that most likely will not involve him. When he hits free agency, he’ll suffer the same fate of Damon and Ordonez and Guerrero and other veterans struggling to find jobs. 

  2. stl_cards16 3 years ago

    “At times it’s like the work one does doesn’t get appreciated, but here I am, and we’ll continue”

    I wish my boss wouldn’t appreciate me and pay me $9MM a year.

  3. Dan Mazzaro 3 years ago

    It’s really a shame that teams don’t respect the veterans. You know you will get solid play from many of these guys but teams insist on playing the many youngins who will soon fade out in history. Respect the ambassadors, give them a minor league deal, let them fight for a roster spot and value leadership. RESPECT…

    • Scotty Ray 3 years ago

      Or, you know, play your best players….

    • It’s not a matter of respect, it’s a matter of having a deep offense (for the first time in years) where the Angels have to push Abreu to the bench.

      Even Mark Trumbo, the team’s 2011 leader in HR’s and RBI’s, has to fight for playing time by learning to play 3B.

      The Angels are going with their best lineup, as others have pointed out, and that’s exactly how it should be done.

      MLBTR also pointed out a couple weeks ago that Vernon Wells may be on a short leash if he doesn’t produce early in the season. I think they were talking about some guy named Trout.

      • Agreed. The Angels have a very good opportunity to make some magic this year. I understand that they should respect the veteran players, but as a veteran they should also respect what the organization is trying to do.  

        There is no harm in Abreus’ will to play.  It’s only natural for someone in his shoes to still want to prove himself capable of producing.  It just won’t be with the Angels.

        The point is, the Angels need to respect his need to continuing playing and release the man.  Somebody will pick him up and give him opportunity for consistent at-bats.

  4. thebigbangdito 3 years ago

    I really do think that the angels will give it some time to make sure morales is ok and 100%.. maybe week or two into regular season.. then trade abreu for one of the following: prospects/a 5th starter/3rd basemen… and will probably eat much of his salary.

  5. The problem is Bobby, you didn’t live up to what you told them when you signed with them—you’re no longer worth 9 mil a year. They lost confidence in you because you’re no longer producing as you promised when you signed the deal. I’m surprised you’re not spending the year in the minors. 

    Abreu’s attitude is sad, he probably could have been a great hitting coach for the Angels had he maintained a good working attitude. His comments are just poison now. 

    • BobOfArslan 3 years ago

      You’re right. I once saw the day when Bobby would be a hitting coach within the Angels organization, perhaps a minor league manager and who knows from there? But his selfishness has poisoned the well. The Angels are committed to winning and will do so by fielding the most productive team. You’re on the downslide Bobby. At your age and with the production you gave last year and the Spring you’ve had this year, I think I would just sit quietly if I were you.

  6. Ed Stilwell 3 years ago

    In some ways I understand his feelings, as we age we still think we can but truth is we begin to fall off against youth and younger talent. I believe alot of Abreu’s hopes are hitting records he wants to achieve and there was a time he was a great hitter but he seems to be falling off. His hitting last season was not all that great and this spring it looks as if his slide is in continuation of last season. 2012 season we have a lot to look forward to as a team and it just appears Abreu is not in the picture. I have no regrets that he was part of our team in past years but we are moving on and I for one want the best team on the field!!

  7. VegasANGELSFan 3 years ago

    Re: Abreu- I understand wanting to play.  However, he is getting paid $9M, so he should do what he is asked, and be quiet about it.  If he is unhappy with the playing time and thinks that he can get more somewhere else, I am sure the Angels would be more than happy to void his contract so he could seek gainful employment with a different team. 

  8. Colin Christopher 3 years ago

    Bobby Abreu has made over $120M in his career, and now he doesn’t feel like his work is appreciated? Does he even remember any of the players who came before him, and who teams cut to make way for him when he was younger?

  9. Scotty Ray 3 years ago

    “How long am I going to have to continue proving to people what I am, and what I’m able to do?” 

    Signed, a glorified DH who slugged .365 last season

  10. Shawn Baublitz 3 years ago

    You play the people who produce. An OPS of .717 for a DH/RF ain’t gonna cut it anymore. 

    If anyone would take him I am 95% sure the Angels would have loved to dump him. But who needs a DH? Ask Damon, Vlad, Ordonez and those guys who needs a declining DH.

  11. Must keep in mind that in 2009 the Angels got 103 RBI’s from Abreu for $5 million dollars when they could’ve gotten just 19 more for over $20 million.

    So $9 million for a bench player in this case doesn’t bother me.What bothers me is the fact that Bobby Abreu is on the same team with Albert Pujols, and is on a team that may have a shot at going all the way again, and yet he’s still complaining!

    The Angels have plenty of room for Bobby Abreu to get 250 AB’s and be a valuable piece off the bench — there has to be an injury from Hunter at his age, or even Wells, or even Bourjos’ hip, and of course Morales could only end up playing 100 games.

    What the Angels don’t have room for is Abreu’s attitude.

    I hope he comes to grips with the stage he is at, because he could run himself out of any chance of playing for “3 more years.”

  12. Adam Golden 3 years ago

    I wish he would just shut his mouth. $9 million dollars! Dude, I have been working for 14 years as an adult, and haven’t made a combined $1 mill. I love baseball, and would gladly go ride the pine with a spot start here and there for a cool $100+K a year. The opportunities to play for a REAL contender are few and far between…besides, isn’t baseball a TEAM game???

  13. Isn’t “How long am I going to have to continue proving to people what I am, and what I’m able to do?” a two way street?  You can’t expect to play if you show up overweight and fail to produce when given the opportunity.  Just what are you able to do, Bobby?

  14. Abreu was talking to a venezuelan media. Even today most people dont remenber there is something called WWW so he talks in the same way every player talks once back in our home country.
    In 1973, Tovar told the press  I lost my post because they gave it to a  ” catirito” ( a blondie or a whitey)…. the “catirito” was Mike Schmidt.
    Carlos Hernandez who works for Fox Sport said in 1987 , I lost my post because LaSorda gave my post to his Godson…Mike Piazza.
    They are trying to keep their pride  once they are cut from their american dream and playing on the antiamerican resentment in Latinamerica.

    • johnsilver 3 years ago

       “In 1973, Tovar told the press  I lost my post because they gave it to a 
      ” catirito” ( a blondie or a whitey)…. the “catirito” was Mike

      I take it you mean “Tappy” Tovar? If so.. THAT sure was an improvement.. A washed up player for one of the greatest hitters of all times.. he was more than welcome to go home and cry in his soup.

      • Cesar Tovar. He still played 3 more years. He was making excuses out of pride

        • johnsilver 3 years ago

           yeah.. It was mostly just remindinded he even played was so long ago and Yepper.. remember those early 60’s twins teams with a HUGE wealth of latin Talent.. Tappy, Zoilo Versailes, El Tiante.. they had some good people, then add them to Mudcat Grant, killebrew…

  15. Tom5467 3 years ago

    If he actually said those comments, he needs to be drug tested immediately. In what Universe does he believe that he fits anywhere in this lineup on an everyday basis? He’s, at best, a mediocre outfielder. This guy should be released just based on his comments about “learning not to trust these people.” Who is he talking about, because it doesn’t seem like anyone else shares those sentiments. What an ass….if I know Arte, he’s gone, and he’ll eat the $9 mil just to prove a point.

  16. I understand why the man wants to play ball, I get that, I want self-worth in what I do too. However,  9 mil dollars is a lot of respect to pay someone. It’s time for dear Bobby pay some RESPECT to his employers and stop accusing his bosses of lying. 

  17. Ed Stilwell 3 years ago

    For sure his performance this spring isn’t helping his chances getting 400 at bats thats for sure and neither does it help his chances getting traded to another team. Looking like it’s getting close in his life to just hanging up his hat and jersey glove and shoes and calling it a career while he still has a decent name in the game.

  18. thebigbangdito 3 years ago

    he is easily tradable… if they dont find a place for him and he is a 9m bench warmer… im pretty sure they would be smart enough to trade him and not ask for nearly as much of “as talented” compensation.. remember is is tradable because he was going to go to NY for burnet.

    If they lower their expectations and eat most of salary i am sure there are teams that would love to have him by giving up not the best farm talent in exchange

    Hypothetical trade: Angels eat almost all.. maybe 7/8 million and trade him to the Rays for a prospect or something. Im sure the rays would be willing to give up a prospect for him seeing they would only be paying 1/2 million.

  19. Ask the Yankees about that one. AJ Burnett was one signature away from being an Angel, with Abreu returning to the Bronx.

    Ask the Phillies too.

    So many people got on the Angels for making a desperate move in acquiring Vernon Wells.

    Well now the Phillies are in that position: they lost their biggest bat, and now have it even worse by losing 2 of their best all around hitters. Good thing they traded for Hunter Pence.

    This is the time of year where some teams will get a little desperate, depending on circumstances, and will still trade for a guy like Bobby Abreu at this stage in his career.

  20. Ed Stilwell 3 years ago

    Bobby Abreu needs only look back at the begining of his career as a MLB player and realize he came in young hungry and out performing someone he replaced. The cycle is now completing it’s self it’s a natural occurance in everyones carreer’s no matter what it is we do in life. Bobby move over there are just flat out better players now ready to take your place it’s now that time in his life.

  21. Right now he is a 9 mil dollar insurance policy against injury sitting on the bench. No one else is willing to pay that much for an older backup player. If he were serious about playing full-time, he could void his contract and look elsewhere—I’ll bet the Angels would be more than happy to help him out there.

  22. thebigbangdito 3 years ago

    give me an example where a major league player “walked away” from his contract…  its either he doesnt play full time or he gets traded… 

    you also have to take in account what the MLBPA would say about that because its common sense that he wouldnt get 9m from anyone else.. so why not get traded to where you will play full time and still get the money

  23. Raul Mondesi — 2004.

    But I don’t remember the circumstances, I jsut remember the Pirates voided his contract.

    And then he signed with the Angels, and then just weeks later they voided his contract.

  24. Snoochies8 3 years ago

    gil meche

  25. Fernando Valenzuela and got  1 million in return

  26. thebigbangdito 3 years ago

    different circumstances.. he left for family and personal issues and when he stopped going to practices and showing up for games the contract was voided.

    and it is not like they can just void the contract… they were only able to because it was a breach of his contract..

    and in his case the money was really different also.. he lost 1 mill vs abreu would lose 9 mil

  27. thebigbangdito 3 years ago

    ya if abreu would want to retire sure.. but otherwise not comparable either

  28. Daniel 3 years ago

    It was a conditional option not a re-signing.

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