Morosi On Braves, Tigers, Cardinals, Greinke

The Braves are looking at possible bullpen upgrades in addition to starting pitching options, Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports reports (on Twitter). Here are more news items from Morosi with precisely two weeks to go before this year’s trade deadline…

  • The Tigers would like to add a left-handed starter, but are wary of taking on all of Wandy Rodriguez’s contract, Morosi reports (on Twitter). Rodriguez earns $10MM this year and $13MM next year. His contract includes a $13MM option for 2014 that becomes a player option if the Astros trade Rodriguez. 
  • Jason Vargas is a similar pitcher to Rodriguez on a more affordable contract who could appeal to the Tigers, in my opinion. Alternatively, Houston could absorb salary to facilitate a trade.
  • The Cardinals continue to monitor the market for starters and relievers, Morosi and Ken Rosenthal write. The Mariners recently scouted Cardinals pitching prospect Tyrell Jenkins, but it’s not known if the teams are actively discussing a trade for Vargas or anyone else.
  • Morosi gets the sense that Brewers right-hander Zack Greinke will stay put in Milwaukee this year (video link).
  • Morosi explains that he believes Cole Hamels is a better fit for the Rangers than the Angels (video link).

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  1. stl_cards16 3 years ago

    I hope Mozeliak doesn’t give up Jenkins for someone like Vargas…..Now in a package for Felix……..I’m kidding.

  2. The_Unnatural 3 years ago

    That’s what the M’s need, more mediocre pitching prospects. 

    • stl_cards16 3 years ago

      Jenkins has a very high ceiling.  He is still pretty raw and a few years away, though.

    • You don’t know who Tyrell Jenkins is do you…?

    • He is a Top 100 prospect for a run of the mill lefty.  Nothing to scoff at…

  3. I don’t understand the connection between Vargas and STL. He’s a downgrade on what we have already.


    That’s good. Why do we need a starter? We should go hard at a couple bullpen pieces.

    • Shikikazu 3 years ago

      If Garcia doesn’t come back then that rotation is all right handed.

  4. Guest 3 years ago

    If Jason Vargas can bring those HR’s down a tiny bit he’ll be just fine. 

  5. Randall Wolf! Detroit, take him!

  6. Seems realistic to build a package around Shelby including Jenkins and Wong.  Throw in a couple mid to lower guys.  Or even someone on the MLB squad.  Allen Craig?   So Craig, Miller, Jenkins, and Wong for Felix and Smoak…  That has to be @ least interesting for SEA front office to think about…. 

    • Guest 3 years ago

      Can you tell me why St. Louis would have ANY interest in Justin Smoak, a guy who hasn’t and probably won’t live up to his potential, when they have a better 1B prospect in Matt Adams already being blocked by Craig and Berkman.

      • Thank you D3ANSKI.  Tell you what Dan.  Change Craig to Adams and Smoak to Ackley: You got yourself a good trade.

        • stl_cards16 3 years ago

          heck with that.  I’d do that trade he proposed yesterday!  I would be all over that in a second.  Not that I want Smoak, but I’d give up that package strictly for Felix in a heartbeat.  So if they want us to take Smoak, too…. I’d find something to do with him.  Sell beer, mow the grass, I don’t care.

    • cardsfan1988 3 years ago

      I see it highly unlikely that the Cardinals give up all of their top 100 prospects even if it means getting Felix back. Felix is great, but it is not worth giving up all of your top prospects for. Second has been a weak spot for the Cardinals so parting with Wong I dont see very likely…not to mention, I dont see Craig going anywhere in any deal

      • stl_cards16 3 years ago

        You’re nuts!  Wong is the only one I’d even think twice about just because he is ready to take over at 2B next year and the M’s already have Ackley so they don’t value Wong too highly.  But I’d throw in another high upside pitching prospect.

        That deal would still leave the Cardinals with Taveras, Martinez, Rosenthal, and Adams who are all top 100 prospects.

        • The deal would also force the Cardinals to make Adams the starting 1Bman.  What if it turns out he’s not ready to take that role?  A team like the Mariners can take that chance because they aren’t expected to win.  A team like the Cardinals can’t.

          • stl_cards16 3 years ago

            When you have the chance to have a starting rotation of Felix, Wainwright, Lynn, and Garcia…..I’ll take it.  I can find a stop-gap 1B to split time with Adams for a season, just like the Cardinals have done in RF for quite a few years.

            Obviously this is never going to happen.  But everyone acting like the Cardinals shouldn’t pay that price is crazy.  If Felix were truly available, someone would top that.

  7. Aaron Steele 3 years ago

     Cardinals would have no interest in Smoak with Adams pretty much ready

    I think the Cardinasl coudl be looking hard at Vargas…who i think woudl do well in StL, but i think Mozeliak is probably also trying to get a guy like Furbush…a good lefty for our pen…i wouldnt be surprised if League is on the table too…dumping the 5million lefty between Vargas and League i am sure would be appealing to the Mariners as both are only on one year contracts…

    Tyrell Jenkins + Dickson + (probably another 40man guy)? + maybe one more decent prospect


    Vargas + League + Furbush

    after the year is over, the Mariners would still have all of them and the Cardinals would have Furbush

  8. Aaron Steele 3 years ago

    I hadnt thought about Ackley who although struggling woudl be a good get for the Cards… Wong is on his way but i coudl see the Cards moving him to get a guy like Ackley

    how about…Ackley, Vargas, Furbush for Jenkins, Wong, Tyler Greene, Dickson? not enough?

    im just spitballing

  9. Todd Driesse 3 years ago

    I really think the move for the Braves is bullpen.  They’re not going to trade top prospects for a middle of the rotation guy, and the only top tier guy available is Greinke, assuming the phillies wouldn’t trade Hamels within the division.  But they won’t pay 20 mil a year to extend Greinke, and they probably won’t trade for him if they can’t extend him.  So if they trade for someone like Brett Myers and they get Peter Moylan back, they can move Medlen to the 5th spot in the rotation. Then if they get to the postseason, move him back to the bullpen.

  10. RedsFanForever 3 years ago

    The Reds need a left handed bat off the bench. Time to let Uncle Walt do his job…..go get a bat or maybe a top of the order hitter.  Then again I would ride out the lead off hitter spot with what you have already.  Billy Hamilton is waiting in the wings. 

  11. stroh 3 years ago

    Wandy has pitched 29 consecutive starts of 5 innings or more (only CC and Verlander have pitched more consecutive starts of 5 innings or me), and has an ERA of about 3.5 over the last 5 years.   If a team wants Wandy, they will have to pay.   Luhnow has shown in three trades (Melancon, Quintero/Bourgeiois and Lee) that he will get good talent (Lowrie/Weiland, and 4 good minor league prospects) even for marginal players.   I doubt he is going to give up Wandy for a bucket of balls.    My prediction is that Wandy will be traded to an NL team (where his value is higher, because the other teams have seen him pitch), and where he won’t hurt the Astros in the future as they will be in the AL albeit it will be a few years before they will contend again.

  12. These kind of deals also backfire….Jarrod Washburn singlehandedly pitched the Tigers out of the 2009 playoffs -8 starts 7.33 ERA 1 win, 1 team win….now Aubrey Huff also decided to copulate the canine after his deadline deal to the Bengals that year too…120 PA of .189/265/302….but you get my drift. Vargas is a schmuck….

  13. oriema2002 3 years ago

    I can’t figure out why there’s no interest in Micael Bourn.  His numbers are fair to good and the Braves c;learly have signalled that they will be sellers. Besides Bourn will be a FA and unlikely to sign with the Braves.

    • Jeff 3 years ago

       Braves aren’t sellers period unless it’s a straight baseball trade like trading Uggla for an ace or something.

    • ryan22ward 3 years ago

      Braves have the 5th best record in baseball. How are they clearly sellers?

  14. stl_cards16 3 years ago

    If Vargas is the upgrade they’re looking for, I’m good with just riding out Joe Kelly.  He’s not pitching real deep into games or anything but he’s keeping the team in the game in every start he has made.  That’s basically all Vargas could be counted on to do.

    Jenkins value isn’t low, yet.  I’m guessing you’re looking too much into numbers.  Jenkins has an electic arm with all kinds of talent. He’s still not even 20. In fact, he looked very good last night with the scouts on hand.

  15. BranchRickeysGhost 3 years ago

    I’ve seen Vargas pitch a number of times.  He isn’t that good.  In fact “quality” is the last adjective I would use to describe him.

  16. His 4.45 ERA for his career leads me to believe that he’s a number 5 starter. His 4.09 ERA in 2012 doesn’t change my opinion on that. Kelly has been pretty good actually. And even though he can’t be counted on to continue this success, I believe he’ll give us more than Vargas.

    If we make a move how about for someone that will actually improve the team.

  17. He’s pitched to a 5.04 ERA away from comfy Safeco Field.

    The last three years he has been around 4.00. But, a contender shouldn’t be looking for a guy that will give them average/ok starts. They need at least a number 3. Not a number 5 starter. Those home/road splits scare me to death.

    Kelly is due for a regression, though I don’t feel it will be “massive”. He gets alot of grounders and K’s some people.

  18. He might be a 4 on some teams. Not this one. And IF he is AT ALL an upgrade, it would be extremely incremental. I just don’t understand your love affair with the idea of getting such an average pitcher.?

    Clearly your not a believer in Kelly, and that’s fine, but surely the Cards can do better than Vargas.

  19. Jason Vargas 2012

    Home FIP: 3.57
    Away FIP: 6.15

    Okay buddy

  20. The_Unnatural 3 years ago

     Last season Vargas was better on the road, dog.

  21. johnydrum2 3 years ago

    I would go with the term “flame thrower” when decribing a pitcher with high velocity.

  22. Todd Driesse 3 years ago

    yeah, i like that better

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