Projected Super Two Cutoff

The cutoff for super two players following the 2012 season now projects to be two years and 139 days of service time, according to CAA (Twitter link). Earlier in the 2012 season, the agency had projected a super two cutoff of two years and 134 days. 

Super two status entitles certain players to four years of arbitration eligibility, rather than the usual three. As a result, players who earn the super two designation generally earn more than their peers. Under baseball's new collective bargaining agreement, 22% of players qualify as super twos. This represents an increase from 17% and helps explain why the cutoff is lower than it was a year ago.

The following players will finish the season with less than two years and 139 days of service time: Justin SmoakDanny ValenciaMichael BrantleyJordan SchaferGiancarlo StantonStephen StrasburgDaniel HudsonDan RunzlerAndrew Cashner and Alexi Ogando. These players don't project as super twos. 

Michael Saunders, Alex Burnett and Esmil Rogers would qualify for super two status if the cutoff is two years and 134 days, but not if it's two years and 139 days. Meanwhile, Tyler Colvin should have exactly two years and 139 days of service when the 2012 season ends. All players that are tied at the cutoff get super two status under baseball’s new collective bargaining agreement.

A year ago CAA correctly anticipated that the 2011 cutoff would be two years and 146 days of service time. The official cutoff date can't be determined until the season ends.

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2 Comments on "Projected Super Two Cutoff"

2 years 11 months ago

Well, don’t matter for Madison because he signed a long-term deal just before the season. Runzler has been injured all year so this should not gain him much more pay, I would think. And for the one that does matter, Buster Posey is therefore Super Twoed, and I am hoping the Giants sign him to a long-term deal before that arbitration hearing comes up.

2 years 11 months ago

Seems like they would list prominent players that ARE super two’s vs who is not.