Notable April Extensions

Earlier this week, the Rangers officially signed Elvis Andrus to an eight-year extension with a vesting option for a ninth year that could bring the shortstop as much as $146.275MM. Of course, given the opt-out clauses that are worked in, it's more likely to become a four-year, $58MM extension if Andrus remains healthy.

A look at April 2012 and April 2011 in MLBTR's Extension Tracker shows that if recent history is any indicator, more notable transactions should be on the horizon. Let's take a look…

April 2012

April 2011

  • Red Sox, Adrian Gonzalez agree to a seven-year, $154MM extension. Gonzalez, of course, would only serve about 15 months of that extension in Boston before being shipped to the deep-pocketed Dodgers last summer.
  • Brewers, Ryan Braun agree to a five-year, $105MM extension. Braun was already under contract for four more seasons, but could be in Milwaukee through 2021 if both sides exercise his deal's mutual option. He could be a Brewer for life thanks to the biggest contract in Milwaukee history.
  • Athletics, Trevor Cahill agree to a five-year, $30.5MM extension. Cahill's deal guarantees his first free agent season and has club options for $13MM and $13.5MM for the next two. Like Gonzalez, he'll be serving out the remainder of his deal with a new team — the Diamondbacks.
  • Red Sox, Clay Buchholz agree to a four-year, $29.945MM extension. Buchholz's deal locked in his first free agent season and contained identical club options to Cahill's deal ($13MM and $13.5MM).
  • Giants, Freddy Sanchez agree to a one-year, $6MM extension. MLBTR was the first to report this extension, but I'd bet GM Brian Sabean would take this one back if he could. Sanchez was guaranteed a $6MM salary for 2012 but never played a game last season.

Clayton Kershaw and Robinson Cano are the first names that come to mind (for yours truly, at least) when it comes to extension candidates around the game, and both have the potential to eclipse the $200MM threshhold. Other players such as Matt Wieters and Ian Desmond have been mentioned in extension rumors lately as well. It will be interesting to see how the remainder of the month plays out on this front, as a few more are almost certain to follow.

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