Michael Weiner Talks Biogenesis

4:50pm: Furthering Passan's quote below, Knobler writes that players could be suspended for any number of games. Knobler quotes Weiner: "In theory, a player in the Biogenesis case could be suspended for five games or 500 games." Players will likely be able to negotiate shorter punishments by agreeing to serve a suspension without filing an appeal.

Knobler adds that it's not clear whether or not names will be released prior to the appeals process. MLB feels that a clause in the Joint Drug Agreement makes this possible, but the union disagrees, so the issue could end up going to an arbitrator. MLB will not rush to get suspensions announced prior to the trade deadline and insists that the investigation is not complete. The union maintains that it is not yet aware of all players that MLB will attempt to suspend.

Meanwhile, Shaikin writes that the commissioner's office and the union still need to discuss how to handle an unprecedented amount of hearings in an efficient manner. David Prouty, general counsel of the players association, told Shaikin that hearings are mandated within 10 days of a suspension's announcement, and the arbitrator's decision is mandated within 25 days of that hearing. However, because MLB will be using a single arbitrator, Shaikin reiterates that suspensions aren't likely until 2014 for players who wish to challenge their suspension.

12:12pm: MLBPA executive director Michael Weiner told reporters today he expects Biogenesis suspension announcement discussions to take place between the players' union and MLB within the next month with appeal hearings getting underway "as soon as September" (Twitter links).  Players are expected to be able to play while under appeal.  Meanwhile, Bill Shaikin of the L.A. Times hears it is unlikely suspensions will be announced this week.

Furthermore, Weiner explained that suspensions are subject to negotiations with the league office and without an agreement between the two parties, it's unlikely players will miss time in the 2013 season, tweets Danny Knobler of CBSSports.com.  The MLBPA chief added that 50-game suspensions may not apply to non-analytical positive results, with the length of suspensions open for discussion, Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports tweets.  

Last week, Weiner spoke out against the leaks that have come out in recent weeks regarding the Biogenesis situation.  The most recent leak was a sizable one as T.J. Quinn and Mike Fish of ESPN.com reported that the commissioner's office was planning to suspend Ryan Braun, Alex Rodriguez, and as many as 20 players sometime after the All-Star break.  Commissioner Bud Selig expressed displeasure with the leaks, adding that they "do not come from us."

On a non-Biogenesis note, Weiner opined that the current schedule "sucks" and said that it will be a big topic in the next Collective Bargaining Agreement, Knobler tweets.  The current CBA will be in effect until December 1st, 2016.

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