Mutual Interest Between Phillies, Ryan Madson

Though he's signed Major League contracts with the Reds and Angels in free agency over the past two offseasons, right-hander Ryan Madson has never thrown a pitch in the big leagues for a team other than the Phillies. That may not necessarily have to change this year, as Jim Salisbury of reports that there's mutual interest from the two sides in a reunion.

Madson inked a one-year, $8.5MM deal with the Reds in the 2011-12 offseason but underwent Tommy John surgery that spring and missed the entire 2012 campaign. He turned around and signed a one-year, $3.5MM contract with the Angels last winter, but setbacks in his rehab continually pushed back his expected return date and ultimately led to his release.

Now 33 years old, Madson hasn't thrown a pitch for a Major League team since Oct. 7, 2011 — Game 5 of the NLDS. Madson punched out Daniel Descalso and Nick Punto in the ninth inning of a 1-0 loss (the Cardinals had taken the lead in the first inning). It seems impossible to think that Madson hasn't toed the rubber in a Major League game since that day, but that is indeed the case.

A return to Philadelphia would mean a return to the city in which Madson broke out as one of the game's best relievers. From 2007-11, Madson posted a 2.89 ERA with 8.6 K/9 and 2.6 BB/9 in 329 2/3 innings out of the Phils' bullpen, racking up 49 saves along the way, including 32 in 2011 — his lone season as the team's primary closer. Any negotiating will be handled by Damon Lapa and Scott Leventhal of All Bases Covered Sports Management, as Madson left the Boras Corporation this past October.

Madson could be looking at a minor league deal after missing the past two seasons. If he secures a Major League contract from a club, it figures to be heavily incentive-laden with a minimal guarantee — perhaps $1MM or so. He'd be a nice upside addition to a Phillies bullpen that likely still needs some help even after the acquisition of Brad Lincoln.

Within that same piece, Salisbury notes that John Mayberry Jr. remains "very much available" after being in play at the Winter Meetings. The Giants showed some interest at that time, he reports, but they've since signed Mike Morse. Salisbury believes that Mayberry was tendered a contract with the intention of trading him and notes that teams will keep an eye on him in Spring Training if he hasn't ben moved by that point.

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  1. Jordan Zutski 2 years ago

    This is great news honestly for the Phillies. Ryan Madson was a GREAT setup man (even solid closer) for many years here and if he signs it will be for very little money. I would love a Papelbon, Madson, Bastardo, Lincoln BP and if Mike Adams comes back plug him in. And dont forget Diekman is finally looking better as a lefty specialist. Im stoked! I know the Phillies have many question marks but this could be a very solid signing.
    John Mayberry Jr. i would trade for nothing. Im happy they are looking to trade him finally. Maybe they sign another outfielder (backup), or maybe they give his spot to Tony Gwynn Jr. which i wouldnt mind cause he could be a speed guy (pinch runner) at end of games.

  2. Lefty_Orioles_Fan
    Lefty_Orioles_Fan 2 years ago

    Oh this is just too much!

  3. John Donovan 2 years ago

    Since he never threw a pitch for any other teams, would he be still be considered a life-long Phillie?

  4. Marky Mark 2 years ago

    He can’t get a major league deal off those 2 injury plagued years.. right… right?!

    • Steve Adams 2 years ago

      I’d call it doubtful, but if some team is confident in his medicals and wants to separate itself from other suitors, a guaranteed roster spot would probably be enough to make sure they get him, and something like a $1MM base salary isn’t really much of a risk for Major League clubs.

      We’ve seen Edgmer Escalona, Kelvin de la Cruz and Francisco Pena sign Major League contracts this offseason. Madson would be less surprising (to me) than those three.

  5. Cakes31 2 years ago

    If this happens then the Phils offseason is an utter failure, but only because they signed Hernandez and not Gavin Floyd.

    • Phillyfan425 2 years ago

      Hernandez has been the best signing of the off-season for the Phils. Hernandez was killed by a 20.9% HR/FB rate last year (his career numbers – even with that season – are 12.5%). There will almost certainly be regression there. Add to it that he increased his K/9 rates, while he decreased his BB/9 rates. And, possibly most importantly, he’s healthy. If you look at Fangraph’s Steamer projection, he’s slated for 130 IP and a 1.7 fWAR (if he does that, he only costs the Phillies $4.5 M). Meanwhile, there’s Gavin Floyd, who is coming of TJ surgery, and, at best, is projected to be back in the majors by early May. Floyd has the higher upside (although, not much) but he’ll also cost as much as $8.5 M (compared to Hernandez’s $6 M if he gets all his incentives).

      • Cakes31 2 years ago

        You obviously missed the joke between signing Marson, Byrd and showing interest in Madson. Floyd would have been a clean sweep of old faces.

        • Zak A 2 years ago

          They had an opp to sign Cloyd back. But Roberto Hernandez already played for the Phillies, so it’s 4 for 4 w/Madson.

          • antsal 2 years ago

            Right name, wrong Roberto Hernandez. Fausto (Robert Hernandez) Carmona never played for the Phillies before now.

          • Zak A 2 years ago

            Ya it was a joke. Internet takes the fun out of quick jabs. Two jokes in the same comment stream that needed explanation.

  6. Matt Mccarron 2 years ago

    Honestly, It wouldn’t be the worst thing it the world to give him a ML contract until Mike Adams gets back, and if Madson looks strong, you can demote DeFratus or Rosenberg.

  7. Jonathan T. 2 years ago

    At least he’ll be coming back to the same people other than the outfield and 3B.

    • Phillyfan425 2 years ago

      In other words, 50% of the starters have changed in 3 years.

  8. WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 2 years ago

    The Dodgers still need a closer for the 5th inning, better sign him!

  9. Marinersforever71 2 years ago

    The Seattle Mariners should pull off a big trade w/o involving Mike Zunino & Taijuan Walker by packaging Justin Smoak, Tyler Pike, Brandon Maurer, Julio Morban, and Nick Franklin for Cliff Lee or Mayberry, Jr., Papelbon, and Dominic Brown. Jack Z & Ruben Amaro should make this big trade after Mariners lost on signing Choo.

    • Zak A 2 years ago

      That’s a pretty big overpay by the Mariners.

    • Jeff Miller 2 years ago

      The Phillies and Mariners make sense as trade partners. The Phillies have what the Mariners are looking for in a power hitting OF and dominant SP while the Mariners have what the Phillies need in youth and big league ready prospects.

      How about this: Lee, Brown, Papelbon +$30M for LHP James Paxton, RHP Erasmo Ramirez, OF Stefen Romero, OF Gabriel Guerrero, RHP Carson Smith and 3B Patrick Kivlehan.

      I don’t see the Phils having any interest in Smoak or Nick Franklin given that Ryan Howard is signed for at least 3 years and Utley the next 2, possibly as many as 5.

      • Zak A 2 years ago

        Rather get Hultzen. Brown has some controllability still, and Walker is off the table buy Hultzen doesnt seem untouchable.

        • Jeff Miller 2 years ago

          Hultzen missed most of 2013 and is likely to miss all of 2014. Helluva prospect, but that’s a substantial risk taking on a player who will have essentially missed consecutive seasons with injuries to his pitching arm/shoulder.

      • Marinersforever71 2 years ago

        If Smoak is packaged instead of Guerrero, then the Phillies can ship him to the Pirates that needs a first baseman for either Jose Tabata or Travis Snider w/ a player to be named. Makes sense for both teams to fill some roster spots and change of scenery.

        • Jeff Miller 2 years ago

          I’d rather stick with Guerrero than take Smoak and flip him to the Pirates for a fringy big league player like Tabata or Snider. Unless the PTBNL was someone like Josh Bell or Willy Garcia.

  10. Dale Pearl 2 years ago

    Madsen is the perfect case in point as to why you do not want to pay big bucks for a closer. Not only are they injury prone but most closers are streaky in performance.

    Asides from that there is an abundance of closers this year. Seems like every team has at least one pitcher that is going to get 30 saves in 2014.

  11. Gothapotamus 2 years ago

    After being very patient with JMJ the past few seasons, I fail to see how he’d be of any significant value. He’s going to get a raise since he was tendered a contract and he’s no better than a 5th OFer who plays terrible defense and can’t hit RHP. He didn’t hit LHP that much better in 2013, either. Maybe swap him for another AAAA guy who didn’t pan out, again. I guess the Phillies did get the better of the JMJ / Golson trade.

    • Zak A 2 years ago

      He has declined against LHP each of the last 3 seasons… which is the Only thing he is supposed to be good at besides being a “stellar defender”. I’d trade him for cash considerations & a couple of NFL/NBA tix.

  12. Zak A 2 years ago

    Year of the re-tred. First Byrd, then Roberto Hernandez (pun), then Marson, now Madson?

    • Jeff Miller 2 years ago

      Madson is fine if he’s signed to nothing more than league minimum ST invitee.

      • Zak A 2 years ago

        just saying though, they could have brought Cloyd & Floyd back too before Madson.

        • Jeff Miller 2 years ago

          Floyd wouldn’t have been bad as a back of the rotation arm, had some good years in Chicago. He signed for less than Robausta Hermona.

    • Jeff Miller 2 years ago

      Madson is fine if he’s signed to nothing more than league minimum ST invitee.

  13. I Want My Bird 2 years ago

    Umm I would see if Madson could pitch a whole month of spring training, and then STILL sign him to a minor league contract!!!

    • Bruce Singer 2 years ago

      But then, if he pitched well, his price goes way up. Might be worth the gamble on a minor league contract. If he doesn’t pitch well, or even at all, then the money lost would not be significant.

  14. fatdaddy 2 years ago

    i would love to be paid $12 million to not work for two years.

  15. RallyMonkeyUSA 2 years ago

    Dude, Madson, give it up man. It’s over.

  16. chad 2 years ago

    This would fit right in with what Amaro is doing with the Phillies… consistently making them worse.

  17. Lionel Bossman Craft 2 years ago

    I thought it was the money too. But the Phillies figured if they were gonna pay a lot for a closer, why not get an elite level one so they signed Papelbon.

  18. Jacob Holton 2 years ago

    Good thing they let him go otherwise it would’ve been two years of injuries.

  19. Matt Mccarron 2 years ago

    Phillies made Madson a very, very rich contract offer, he left because the Phillies wouldn’t do 1 year because the closer market was very strong that year. (Papelbon, Bell, Madson, Rivera, etc) And they could get someone else for a decent price. Obviously they overpaid for Paps but he hasn’t been awful for us. The fact he let him walked was probably one of the best things he could of did. He hasn’t pitched in 2 years, and he would still be undercontract for 2/22M. Honestly, who would you rather have up then this Madson? Stutes? Amunte? Garcia? I’d take a risk he could but up 3.60-3.70 ERA in 50 games then let Amunte walk everyone and their brother, Garcia and Stutes get hammered, atleast until Stutes get his velo back up.

  20. Gersh
    Gersh 2 years ago

    No, its called going after one of the best closers in the game at the time. The Phillies just had a 102 win season we needed a proven closer, Madson only had really one year at being a closer, so thats why we went after Papelbon.

  21. Matt Mccarron 2 years ago

    Madson wanted a 1yr to build up more value as a elite closer, since he only had 1 year. The Phillies offered him 4/44M, i believe.

  22. KJ4realz 2 years ago

    No, he wanted closer money already. The phillies offered him a deal bit he turned it down because he wanted more. He settled for a one year deal to build value.

    Smartest non move the phillies made all things considered

  23. Lionel Bossman Craft 2 years ago

    Madson signed late because no one wanted to sign him at the price he was asking. That one year contact was the probably the best offer left on the table.

  24. Lionel Bossman Craft 2 years ago

    Duplicate post

  25. Zak A 2 years ago

    4 years 44MM was on the table right? RAJ almost was genius w/that one.

  26. JPH_GSG 2 years ago

    You never know what could have happened had he not gone to CIN and LAA. He could have been an elite closer had he stayed. Injuries are a strange thing.

  27. Zak A 2 years ago

    Pretty sure RAJ reneged on the deal of 4/44MM.

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